Nixie Eyeshadows

I got a Nixie eyeshadow a while back and held off reviewing it until I was satisfied I had tested the product and I liked the results. I used the shadow in the Spring look and have been using it for a while. Here's my take on it.

The colour I got was called Nixie. I checked the website and Nixie Cosmetics is more original with its names for the other shadows. The most gorgeous thing about this shadow is its texture and feel. At first I thought I was in a daze of hallucinatory school stress but this shadow goes on so softly and smoothly. The website says that the shadows are "infused with Italian cashmere talc to provide a silky, luxurious feel," and while I have no idea what Italian cashmere talc is, the feel of the shadows has spoiled me somewhat.

The pigmentation of the eye shadow and its lasting abilities are also very good. With primer I find that it lasts throughout day. Take note, my lids are very oily and all shadows, even when layered with primer, will end up fading. This shadow faded evenly and I had a fair amount of colour at the end of the day. Without a primer, it lasted slightly longer than my MAC shadows (is it still a mystery why I'm the primer-nazi?). Again, this is probably eyelid-specific.

The packaging is practical with a plastic circle through which you can see the colour and the surrounding black plastic has a rubberized finish. I haven't figured out how to depot mine yet but I will let you know when I do. The size of the Nixie shadow pan is larger than the MAC and Urban Decay shadow pans. Nixie's shadows are 3.5 grams whereas MAC and Urban Decay are 1.5 grams. The Nixie shadows do cost $1 more than MAC but they make up for it in quantity.

All in all, I'm very happy with the eyeshadow. As for the exact description of the colour I have, Nixie (the shadow, not the entire brand. I'm so glad they have better names for their other products) is something in between MAC Aquadisiac and Zonk Bleu.

You can find Nixie eyeshadows on their website.

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Anonymous said...

Hi annu, I recently start visiting your blog and enjoying every bit of it.I am wondering if you can add tips on hair colors(dyes)?

Lastly, i have a suggestion with regards to black background of your web page.Its really hard to read as when i move from one line to another i can feel the words from the line above floating :) weird eh?.If its possible please decrease the contrast and it will save some eye strain.

6:11 AM
Anu said...

Hey Huma,
I realize the layout was tough to read so I'm busy changing it. keep me notified as to whether it's working.

I will try my best on the hair dyes, although I'm not an expert on those. I will actually go and interview a couple of stylists on this. that might help you out more.

11:20 AM

Anonymous said...

Hi i was just wondring if you could put up some tips on eyeshodow because applying it on isnt simple as it looks somtimes it turns into a big mess thanks Aliya

4:37 AM
Anonymous said...

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