My Favourite Look with Red Lips

For me, red lips scream glamour. Not the over-the-top screaming from the rooftops kind, but the kind where it's effortless and lets the face shine. So here's one of my favourite looks I pair up with red lipstick. While the red is very bold, I purposely kept the rest of the face very nude.

I will do a separate review of the lipstick tomorrow. For now, it is such a creamy and moisturizing lipstick that wearing it is such a treat.

Make-up used:

  • CoverGirl Smoothers in medium to dark
  • Besame translucent powder
  • Revlon SkinLights Illuminating Wand in medium touch
  • Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in black
  • Maybelline XXL mascara in black
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • MAC Sculpt and Shape in warm light/definitive
  • MAC Harmony
  • NARS Torrid
  • NARS Albatross. This is really optional as you can use the highlighting shade from the sculpt and shape duo. I wanted to add a bit or punch to the highlight so I added this.
  • Lancome Red Stiletto
Tools used:
  • My fingers to apply the tinted moisturizer
  • MAC 129 to apply the powder and blush
  • MAC 239 to apply the highlight on the lid and the brow bone
  • MAC 222 to apply the crease colour
  • Smashbox fan brush to apply the highlighter on my cheekbones
Step 1:
I applied the tinted moisturizer, CoverGirl smoothers, with my fingers and blended it into the sides of my face. I also concealed where needed (my under-eyes).

Step 2:
I followed with translucent powder with the MAC 129 brush. I really like the brush because I like to get a lot of use out of my brushes and this one does a great job of applying powder and blush.

Step 3:
For this look, the brows have to be very groomed. I just got my eyebrows done, but if yours are unruly, tweeze away the strays and enhance them for maximum effect.

Step 4:
I patted on Primer Potion to my entire eyelid. I like using a prime that doesn't have any colour for this because I want to use the colour of my eyelids.

Step 5:
I applied the highlighting shade from the sculpt and shape duo on the entire lid with the MAC 239 brush.

Step 6:
I gave subtle definition to my crease with the contouring shade from the sculpt and shape duo and using the MAC 222 brush. Be sure to blend out the contouring shade. Don't worry if it's not a very dark crease because the look is supposed to be very natural (but better of course).

Step 7:
I applied Albatross to my brow bone and blended into the crease with the MAC 222 brush.

Step 8:
With a steady hand, I applied the Colorstay liquid liner from the inner corner of my eye to the outer edge. At the inner corner, keep the liner very thin. As you get to the middle of the eye thicken the line slightly. At the outer corner, extend the liner as far as you are comfortable. Keep the extended part of the liner thin.

Step 9:
I applied mascara to the top lashes only.

Step 10:
I added a basic brown rose blush to my cheeks from the apple of my cheeks to the temple with the MAC 129 brush. I chose a nude blush because I didn't want to overwhelm the cheeks.

Step 11:
To add a very slight pop of colour, I dipped only the top of the MAC 129 brush in torrid, tapped off the excess, and very lightly applied it on the apple of my cheeks. Be careful to keep this very subtle as it's meant to add warmth and a hint of colour.

Step 12:
I used the Smashbox fan brush to apply Albatross to the top of my cheekbones.

Step 13:
For the final touch, I didn't want to use a lip liner or gloss. I applied Red Stiletto to my lips. You can use a lip brush for precision if you like but I was a bit too lazy for this.


[a} said...

Thanks for giving the exact makeup brushes you used. So many people forget, even though brushes can make or break a look~

2:15 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
you look gorgeous as always. I know it sounds simple but i have trouble with putting mascara on my bottom lashes, how much should you put on compared to the amount you put on your top lashes? also if you want to apply 2 coats to your top lashes should you apply the 2nd coat while the 1st is still wet or when it has dried?
Thanks x

3:43 AM
Virtuous Blue said...

Wow, I love this look on you. From the flawless skin, to the vibrant lips, everything about it is radiant. You look absolutely gorgeous!


3:50 AM
i♥make-up said...

Wow Anu u look flawlessly beautiful, those red lips are stunning... <3

12:22 PM
Anonymous said...

Loving the red lips,you can really pull this off!!


5:56 AM
ilovecheese said...

Ah, you can really pull off this look! I could never have the confidence to wear red. I wore a red lippie at home over the weekend and my lil sister took one look and yeuuucched at me. Gosh!

10:47 AM
ilovecheese said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,..i really admire the way you pulled this look off.It is so difficult to find the perfect red for my skin tone..i have been trying different reds for ages but they are either too orange or too red or too brown.Can you recommend some reds for a wheatish indian complexion with a slight yellow undertone to it..does the natural color of the lips matter..mine are more brown than pink..Thank you,Kanchan

11:10 AM
Rakhee said...

Hey Anu,

I am a big fan of ur site...its so addictive.....

I loved the red lip on you....I am nc35....can u suggest a red shade for my lips are winey in color......THANKS so much..really appreciate any tip from you....


6:19 PM
Anu said...

hey [a),
glad the information helped. I sometimes think i go overboard listing everything i use but it's better to be safe than sorry.

hey anonymous,
i will do a tutorial on mascara if you'd like. i repply mascara while the mascara on my lashes is still wet.

hey kenya,
thanks so much :).

hey saniya,
thanks hun *hugs*

hey ranjani,
you're such a sweetheart *smooch.* i wasn't wearing red lipstick for that smooch btw so you're safe.

hey ilovecheese,
lol, poor you. i'm sure you look great in red lipstick. my mother screams when i wear red lipstick. in horror. as she tries to salvage her soul.

hey anonymous and rakhee,
i think red stiletto is a great red. i also really love clinique angel red, mac ruby woo (wear some balm with this one though. the colour is AWESOME), mac russian red, revlon certainly red, wnw diamond brilliance lip gloss in 615 tama's tiara (don't laugh, this one is such an easy red to wear), etc. look for the base of the reds to match the undertones of your skin. try reds with blue or orange undertones and see which of the two suit you best. i prefer something with a bit of blue undertones.

as for the colour of your lips, i find that i do have to take them into consideration. the colours come across as different on my lips than on others who have pinky lips. my top lip is much darker than the bottom one and on each colour the lipsticks react slightly differently. so unless the lipstick is very opaque i find that you do have to take the natural colour of your lips into consideration to some extent. if you want, you can create a base with lip liner.

8:39 PM

ilovecheese said...

ROFl Anu, your mom and my sis could be twins!

11:29 PM
Anonymous said...

As an nc35-40 another great red is NARS Red Lizard.

9:47 AM
Anu said...

ooo, yes. how could i forget red lizard. fire down below is amazing too.

10:40 AM

Anonymous said...

Add Nars Indian red to that list too! I'm inspired to go to work wearing that red lippie, maybe replace the old power suit!
You're posts inspire me to take risks Anu, you're starting a revolution.
You just look so GORGEOUS in it!!
Muah, red lippies and all:)


11:54 AM
Seymone said...

Oh my lady.. That red lip looks great on you.

6:33 AM
GG said...

Hey Anu,
as usual gorgeous (sigh), why aren't you in movies and magazines??? Anyways this one is for rakhee who's nc 35 like me, I like Maybelline's Desert sunset, WnW coppershine (it's actually red), NYX plush red lipgloss is fantastic too.

7:49 AM
Anonymous said...

Please could you do the mascara tutorial if you get a chance. thank u x

7:50 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
Great tutorial! Could you please do a 'natural look' tutorial(something a la Halle Berry)sometime in the future?'re the best!

8:55 AM
Anu said...

hey ilovecheese,
lol, i think my mother would chant spirit-exorcising mantras around me if the red lipstick i was wearing was bright enough. let's make a mental note and not have your sister and my mother get together to raid our lipsticks :P.

hey ranjani,
i LOVE all of nars' reds. you should totally wear red lipstick to work. it would look soooo hot. i love red lipstick on desi women.

hey seymone,
glad you liked the red lipstick and didn't go away fleeing for your life :P.

hey gg,
*hugs* you're such a sweetheart to say that. i have been DYING to try nyx glosses but i can't seem to find an outlet here.

hey anonymous,
i will absolutely do the mascara tutorial

hey anonymous,
no problem. i'll look at her pics for inspiration and do such a look for you.

11:42 AM

Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

thanks for the suggestions..i wrote them all down and am gonna go hunting for my perfect red tomorrow..: )..perfect weekend activity..What a pity though,i live in germany and we dont have Nars here,but will check all the others out..I tried a limited edition red from Mac..its called Ramblas Red..looks quite good.anyways,i went through most of your posts last night and now have a shopping list a mile long..: ) certainly inspired me...!!! keep writing

3:05 PM
Anonymous said...

oh yes,and i have a request for you too..please please can you do a tutorial to show how to conceal pitted scars..that are also hyperpigmented..?? or is that mission impossible...i have almost given up..but perhapy you can help ???
thanks !!!
have a nice weekend,Kanchan

3:14 PM
Black cat said...

WOLF whistle!!!!!
OMG (Janice-like). You look amazing. Why oh why, can't I look that good in red lipstick. Please add my friends to your mother and the lil sis... I recently tried NARS jungle red and I was told my lips arrived 2 days before me... The only one I can safely wear without any smart a** comments is MAC dubonnet. But I soooo want to try the ones you guys mention!

11:43 AM
Anonymous said...

hi Anu,

Can u pl. do make up break down of any of recent Kajol's look? I tried emailing u one picture but it is failing.

1:10 PM
Rakhee said...

Hi all,

You girls are sooo funny....:) I like wearing dark wine colored lips (magneta color) and my intern ( a conservative desi guy) commented on that all he can is my lips....god...imagine what will happen if I wear RED...He will rush for his sunglasses...:)

Anu and anoynomous....*hugs* thanks so much for your suggestions..I have a looong list of possibilities for red lipstick...

Anu, I have one more request for you...I am just getting into eye makeup..I have deep-set eyes and from what I have read, the rules are different....since my eyelids are darker .:(....Suggestions....

7:35 PM
Rakhee said...

Hey GG..thanks for the suggestion...I will try it...T

The sad part is..the drugstore brands are cheaper but cant try them....:( Well...cant get everything....:)

7:39 PM
Anu said...

hey kanchan,
i just remembered, do give fresh moroccan from MAC also a try. i find it a little less intimidating than other reds. also i will do a post on pitted scars. you can't get rid of them completely but you can do a bit to help them become more shallow (i've found. but again it is very dependent on personal experience).

hey blackcat,
lol you can whistle? if i try doing this i end up with a bunch of saliva on my hands. yeah i really needed to share that i know. i'm sure you looked great with dunonnet though. i think it is just a different look so people aren't used to it but if you like it, wea it with confidence and the rest of the world can get sunglasses to shield from your hotness.

hey anonymous:
i will absolutely do a breakdown of kajol's look soon.

hey rakhee:
i will do a post on deep set eyes and see if i can't get one of my friends with deep set eyes to lend me their eyelids for photo experimentation.

10:49 PM

Natasha said...

I just found your blog and its AMAZING that now indian woman are included in makeuptips. I'm awful and useless at make up.

Just need to ask a really quick question - what's a good long-lasting lipcolour/stain/etc that lasts for you?

5:02 AM
Anonymous said...

Hey, just found this post. Have to say you are very very beautiful! Can you do a tutorial on how to find red lipstick on brown skintone?

6:31 PM

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