The MAC Store in Mumbai Hates Me Now, but Here's Some of their Favourites

I'm not sure I can walk within a 50 km. radius of Mumbai after bugging the make-up artist I got on the phone when I called the MAC store in Mumbai. However, here's a brief look at some of the products customers seem to love at that location.

ME: What colour lipglosses do you sell often?
Make-up Artist Who Now Hates Me (shortened: MAWNHE): Revealing and Lust definitely.

ME: What colour lipsticks are very popular at your location?
MAWNHE: Umm, Hug Me, Taupe, Touch, and Double Shot.

ME: What colour blushes do people tend to favour?
MAWNHE: Well for fairer complexions it's something like Sincere and for darker complexions I'd say blushes like Coppertone.

Hope you enjoyed this and found it entertaining.


Indian Girl said...

LOL!!! U actually called them !!! Well, I appreciate all the pain you went through to bring us this post :)
I could bet Taupe would be on their top list. Looks like I am the only one on whom Taupe looks awful :(

8:50 AM
Anonymous said...

good info !
thts something I do too when in India , last time I did the same in the Lush and Mac stores. :-)
unlike abroad , since skintones and hair , skin probs are relatable to folks there, it helps knowing what the bestsellers are.


2:33 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu,
thanks so much for this post it was a great idea and really useful

7:01 AM
Anu said...

hey indian girl:
lol, yes. he was very surprised but helpful. and i seriously had to LOL afterwards. i love taupe but it's definitely not my favourite but i could have predicted everyone wold love it. it's such a ... desi shade.

hey bharati:
i am so nosy and always want to know what other people use. glad it finally paid off :)

hey anonymous:
just protect me if they ever come after me.

6:31 PM

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