Lara Dutta's Style

I found a little blurb on indiafm where Lara Dutta talks about her style and decided to post it. I generally always like her make-up as she seems to know what looks good on her and what doesn't. The pic of Lara at the IIFA awards ceremony a while ago has nothing to do with the blurb but I just like the make-up and overall look there.

Party wear: “My dictum is - less is more. When in doubt, I always prefer under dressing. I stick to browns and blacks,” Lara reveals.

Style quotient: “I feel style is very personal, it is what suits you and keeps you comfortable. My style is totally classic - I go for smart cuts and fits,” she smiles.

Accessories: “As you can see, I subscribe to minimalism. My best accessory is a nice bag and a neat pair of shoes to match,” adds the style diva.

Cosmetics: “I favour the nude look when it comes to make-up. Of all the cosmetics, lip balm or a lip tint is a must-have for me. I won’t leave home without it,” declares Dutta.

Not Christmassy: “The biggest fashion faux paus for me is to dress up like a X’mas tree. You know, that grunge look with loads of rings, chains and bracelets! I am absolutely horrified by bling,” she admits.



Kiss Kiss Beauty said...

I love her eyes! And they go great with her nude lips. Anu, do you have any eyeliner recommendations to replicate this look?

9:44 PM
Anonymous said...

I think Lara has been cranking up the tranny factor in her look. She is a BIG boned girl so she needs to rethink her clothes and makeup a bit.


8:03 AM
[a} said...

Her eyes remind me of a cat's. I've always loved the way she does More than lip balm, I would have thought her must-have item would be kajal, since you never see her without it. But maybe for desis, eyeliner is a routine that it doesn't even count :)

3:08 PM
yummy411 said...

so pretty! so rings, bracelets etc. is a grunge look?

10:59 AM

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