I've Been Tagged

Wendy and Leann Tagged me so I'm going to let you into my rather convoluted brain (remember the Egyptian princess thing? tip of the iceberg).

So here are six quirky things about me:

  1. I never read a book or watch a movie from the begging to the end. I always start at the beginning, read/watch the end to make sure it ends ok and my favourite characters are alive and thriving, and then read/watch the middle to catch up an get the entire story.
  2. I never open both eyes when I wake up. I always only open one eye and "extend" my sleep with one eye closed. Incidentally I might as well be a narcoleptic. I can sleep for longer than 30 hours without waking up and I can also somehow get a great power nap standing up.
  3. I am deathly terrified of snakes. I sometimes scare myself so much when thinking about how scared I am of snakes that I check every corner of my room before I sleep to make sure there are no snakes hiding there even though I know it's an impossibility.
  4. I look like someone everyone knows. Not really a quirk but just something weird. All my life people tell me I look "just like their cousin" or "just like their friend." I think it might be that I look stereotypically Indian but almost everyone I know has at some point said "you know you look like my... [fill in the blank]." It makes me feel very weird that I might possibly meet my doppelganger soon. Isn't there some foreboding saying about meeting your doppelganger and dying or something like that?
  5. I think the left side of my face is beyond fug in pictures. In real it looks fine and I think that pictures give me a "freshly beaten up" look.
  6. I'm terrified of losing my teeth. I obsess over them to no end and buy myself a little present every time the dentist ok's the health of my teeth.

The rules are as follows:
Link the person who tagged you. Mention the rules in your blog. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours. Tag six following bloggers by linking them. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

I tagged:
An Indian's make-up blog, I heart make-up, Some dances to remember some dances to forget, Make-up makes me happy, Eva diva's make-up bag, The anti-hair slave, Golden gluteus


Roselyn said...

Hey girlie! Thanks for the tag, I already completed it. I linked you also.


6:43 AM
Anonymous said...

My Vasanti Sayan blush arrived...it goes purrrrfectly with a Laura Mercier mocha lip stain that I also ordered referring to your blog. Thanks a lot Miss Anu!

9:42 AM
BeautyTalk said...

It's so great to find other desi bloggers! Everyone always says I look like someone they know! I live in New York City, but I always go to the Vasanti store when I visit my best friend in Toronto. I'm going in about two months, so I'll check out her blush.

3:56 PM
GG said...

Hey Hun,
actually the bunny hug would be for nessa from nessasarymakeup.com but thank you anyways. Gosh your #2 quirk sure is wonky, as for the snake fear come on, we're indian (just kidding, gotta love filmi stereotypes), and for the one where people say they know you from somewhere, that's probably because you look like a bolly beauty. I don't know enough bloggers to tag and for the ones I do know, I'm kind of shy and unaware of tagetiquette but I'll do my best!
Gotta go drill me brains for quirks



5:50 PM
evasitoe said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for the tag but I have been tagged on the same thing 3 weeks ago...check my blog..I have another tag for you...



9:40 AM
Anu said...

hey roselyn:
thanks :)

hey anonymous:
i'm so glad you liked the blush. It is such a great colour but i do wish it were slightly bigger but i guess i'm nitpicky.

hey beautytalk:
i forgot there was a store in toronto. i am really impressed with the line so far. i will have to update with some more of my reviews of their products. and *hugs* glad to see another desi blogger.

hey gg:
oops, sorry for the mistake :P. i'm so terrified of snakes it's not even funny. not even desi-style/sri-dev esque dancing will cure me of my snake phobia. and i think people just think i look like someone they know because i look so stereotypically indian (dark skin, big nose, dark under eye circles. not the good stereotypes but still). i get the whole 'you look so much like my ...' a lot.

hey evasitoe:
sorry for the re-tagging lol. will go and read your quirks.

12:22 AM

[a} said...

Oh, I get the "you look just like my auntie/cousin/best friend/girlfriend/neighbour's orthodontist" thing too! It gets kinda freaky after a while.

3:14 PM
ilovecheese said...

Hey babe, thanks for tagging me :D

We have so many common interests (gleeful) - LOlcats, Go Fug aaand..I get that "you look my cousin/friend/ etc etc" comment soo ooften! I really wonder if they "look" like me or"act" like me..anyway my standard reply is "You know Hindu culture believes in 7 alter-egos etc etc" when I really want to say "that's Eve-6 and once I find Eve-7 I'm going to take over the world." (reference to x-files, yes, I was a sci-fi conspiracy nerd)

5:36 AM

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