I Haven't Forgotton about the Breakdowns, I Promise

I will have the breakdowns you ladies requested of Deepika (a long time ago, sorry I'm such a scatterbrained person), Kajol and Rani. So Sorry it's taking so long, it's just been a hectic time with school and all. My finals are around the corner and I constantly forget things.


Jillian said...

hey there, this is my first visit to your web log, and I'm loving it. I will be a returning reader! :) Have a safe weekend.

8:10 PM
ilovecheese said...

yeehaw! You are back :D All the best for the finals and waiting to read more of your posts babe

12:18 AM
Anu said...

hey jillian. I'm glad you like the blog :).

ilovecheese. I'm not talking to you. after seeing that pic you posted of the dosa, I have been craving (a crispy and well made) dosa ever since. Today, after my would-be presentation I went home. Finally I couldn't bear it anymore and got myself a semi decent rava masala dosa. I forgot to tell them i wanted an onion rava masala dosa though :(. i wolfed it down within 3.41 minutes. VERY sad that i know this. so for those of us who dont live in india... STOP POSTING THE YUMMY FOOD!

11:12 PM

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