How to Get a Good Makeover

This post has been long in the making. A lot of people come to me and ask me for a makeover and have a vague idea of what they want. Vague, especially in a world where acid green can subjectively be called a neutral, is really of no use to you or the make-up artist.

The ubiquitous "do whatever you think will look good on me" is not going to cut it. No matter what, you take a huge risk asking the make-up artists to "do whatever." Your version of smokey eyes might be the artist's version of drag queen with a hangover or vice versa. So here are a few useful things you can do to help the make-up artist tailor your make-up to your liking:

  • Determine what kind of a look you want. It really helps the make-up artist to know which colours are a no-no, what you definitely want incorporated, whether you want it tailored towards a daytime or a nighttime look, etc. Seemingly small specifics can really help out the artist.
  • Pick out the colours that attract you together with the artist. I've found that it really helps women feel more in control of their makeover and happier with the direction it is going if they can approve beforehand the colours the artist will use on them.
  • Let the artist know whether you have any specific concerns and need help with them. I have had a few women come in and they, in their own words, have no idea what to do with make-up after they buy it. So you don't want the artist to work their magic, buy the product, and be clueless when you get home. Ask the artist to explain application and they (really ought to be) should be willing to oblige.
  • Check the progress every so often to see whether everything is going according to plan. By this I don't mean check whether the artist has applied every stroke properly. For example, check whether you like the shadow combination on your lids, whether the completed eye make-up is what you wanted, or whether the blush is too bright. When you point out things you want changed early enough they are easier and quicker to correct.
  • Remember that what looks good on others might not necessarily look good on you. It's not just a question of skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, etc. but it is also about the comfort level of the person wearing the make-up. If you really like something you see used on someone else, ask the make-up artist how to incorporate it into your look.
  • Don't jump from look to look during the makeover. Changing the direction of the look from a natural look to a green smokey eye to winged eyeliner with red lips every ten minutes will not only make the artist want to kill you but it might also end up in an amalgam of things. It's ok to change the direction of the look, just don't do it more frequently than you blink
I will add more such posts as I go along so you can really get the maximum out of your makeovers and consultations.


ilovecheese said...

Oh, wonderful post Anu. How I wish, repeatedly, that I knew of your blog before I got married! She did such a basic job (I feel, in retrospect) that, I swear, I would have done better had I only looked around properly for ideas and solutions in the beauty blog world. I sometimes and confused as to which colour truly suits my face and I can carry out in office, cos you know there are no guidelines to that out here in India. Some girls wear really thick eyeliner, which I feel is not as work appropriate as wearing metallic glimmering e/s. So that would be a point I would certainly ask the m/u artist.
I feel the rules about certian colours being off-limit for some skins is just too limiting. We have to judge for ourselves whether the colours tends a gray hue to the skin or enhances our skin etc..

11:40 PM
Anu said...

*big hugs* i really hate the rules about what colours look good on certain skintones. to me, it's more a question of what YOU want and what you're comfortable with. if you want bright fuchsia shadow or a very pale shimmery champagne, then wear it by all means. if you're happy with it for the occasion, then just stick to it. to me, there aren't very many 'shoulds' and 'musts' in the world of make-up

12:40 AM

Precious said...

Great post!

Before anything, I always ask my clients what type of look they want me to achieve and let them pick the colors. If they don't know what they want, I ask them questions til they come up with something they would like!

Once again, great post!

12:22 PM
evasitoe said...

Great Post! You need to make a poster of this and ask Kim if she can display it at MAC Pentagon...coz you know how many times you get these customers that just ask you to do anything and then...

1:02 PM
ilovecheese said...

Hi Anu,
I think you shd submit this article to or, or even e-howto, it is really a very well written and informative post!

11:43 PM
Virtuous Blue said...

This is such a great post idea Anu. I think if most people walked into makeovers with the advice you gave, they wouldn't walk away feeling overwhelmed.

And Evasitoe must be a mind reader lol. I know on a few occassions, my blogmate Teneasha has gone to that particular MAC to get ideas on how to make certain shades work for her, and left the store feeling like a drag queen. As artists, it's easy to get caught up in the "expression" of it, and forget that you're working on people who have to live normal lives lol


12:56 AM
Anu said...

hey precious: i agree. when the person getting the makeover participates (benignly lol) it makes the process so much easier for both sides.

hey evasitoe: lol, i know those situations all too well. i think people just might be intimidated by all the choices too.

hey ilovecheese: i'm going to sound like an idiot, but i dont whether non-regular contributors can do that.

hey vittuous blue: my sentiments exactly!

11:17 PM

Anonymous said...

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