Great Make-up: Deepika Padukone

I know this is a bit late with the look but here it is. I actually did this look on a friend and she really liked it. I hope you like it too.

Since everything is understated you want the skin to really make the look. Apply a medium coverage foundation in thin layers until you get a flawless finish. Building up coverage allows you to use the right amount of foundation necessary to make your skin look perfect. Conceal problem areas if necessary with a creamy concealor that matches your skintone. Apply translucent powder to set the make-up.

To keep the eyeshadows from creasing and disappearing, apply primer on the lids.

Recommendation: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Deepika's brows are fairly thick, defined, and neat. So pluck away any stray hairs and emphasize eyebrows with a deep brown eyebrow pencil. I don't recommend using a black eyebrow pencil because I find that too harsh. Brush brow gel through your brows to keep them in place.

Recommendation: MAC Stud, Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator

Apply a shimmery peachy gold from lash line to crease.

Recommendation: MAC All That Glitters

You want to use a soft crease colour that's not too jarring and stark compared to the lid colour. Apply a medium brown shadow with gold shimmer in the crease and blend into the lid colour and towards the brow bone.

Recommendation: MAC Mulch

Apply a shimmery champagne on the brow bone and blend into the crease colour.

Recommendation: MAC Ricepaper

Keep your hand steady when applying liner as the entire top and bottom lash lines are lined but it is very thin. With a black cream or gel liner and starting at the inner corner of the eye, make a thin line and progress to the outer corner. Do this on the top and bottom lashes and connect the eyeliner at the outer corner of the eye.

Recommendation: L'Oreal Hip cream liner in Black

Mascara and False Lashes:
Deepika is wearing a full strip of false lashes. If you don't want to use false lashes, apply a primer and a volumizing mascara to give length and volume to the lashes. Comb out any clumps with a lash comb. For added drama, apply a full strip of false eyelashes.

Recommendation: L'Oreal Voluminous, Clinique Lash Building Primer

The blush for this look is very delicate and soft so be very light handed when applying blush. Dip your blush brush into a soft peachy pink blush with light gold shimmer, tap the brush gently to get rid of the excess blush, and apply to the apple of your cheek and blend towards the temple. Remember, you can always build intensity so use a light hand.

Recommendation: NARS Deep Throat

Apply a neutral, medium pinky nude lipstick and top it off with a soft apricot lip gloss.

Recommendation: for fairer skin tones I really recommend using MAC Hug Me (which I'm willing to bet my life was used on Deepika). If you're darker like me and get a bit too washed out if there isn't enough warm tones to a lipstick, I recommend using Prescriptives Bare Cream. Either way you get a very accurate interpretation of Deepika's lipstick when you use the gloss over it. MAC Love Nectar lusterglass.


Indian Girl said...

ooh Awesome make up, aint it!!
I totally agree with you on the skin thing. This look is all about the skin. Need to be patient and get the foundation/ concealer right.
If your friend agrees, you must post a pic of hers with this make up on! Will be fun :)

7:07 PM
Sombol said...

hi! i just discovered ur blog and i must say i'm in love! all ur tips/tricks are awesome, and i cant wait to try them! :)

9:17 PM
Anonymous said...

HI, I Really like the stuff you post about, I was wondering if you could also mention the tools you use in the breakdowns, especially for foundation.
You could also try posting your friends picture (if shes ok with it) so we could see how the look looks on her.
Also, I think Deepika Padukone always uses a really good highlighter, was wondering what that is? Like in the pink dress in Om Shanti Om, or the scene where she dies. Do u know who her makeup artist is, or what kind of highlighter she uses? techniques, etc?

5:45 AM
Arabesque said...

Anu, you're awesome. Thanks a heap :) Good luck with exams and all, ya?

11:50 AM
Precious said...

I love how you broke down the look and did product recommendations.

Have to try this look.

Great post!

10:11 AM
Shruthi said...

Hi Anu! Love Love Love your blog! I check it everyday like checking my email! I was wondering if you could do a break up of the ultimate diva of em all...Ash Rai! Her make up is always impeccable! Pretty Please! :)

11:34 AM
Sania said...

Hi Anu! Love the post! Could you give us a break down of how Megan Fox (the actress from transformers) does her makeup? Her eye make up is incredible!!! It's very sexy without being over the top or trampy.

3:08 PM
Anu said...

hey indian girl:
my friend would kill me (although she has her pics up on facebook... no i swear i can't put up her pics) but i did try it on myself too since i loved the look so much. i could upload that if it helps.

hey sombol:
i'm glad you like it. please let me know if there's something specific you'd like to see.

hey anonymous:
i can add my pic and step by step tutorial on how to get her look if you want. i will add the tools used and all that if it helps.

she does use a good highlighter. some of my absolute favourites are benefit high beam/moon beam, nars albatross, mac strobe cream, vasanti eye and cheek putty. i have no idea who does her make-up but whoever it is does a great job. let me know if there's a specific look of hers you'd like me to do a step-by-step tutorial of and i'll try to get it done asap.

hey arabesque:
glad you like it. :)

hey precious:
glad you liked it :).

hey shruthi:
glad you like the blog. is there a specific look of hers you like? she has variations of her look and maybe you'd like to see a breakdown of a specific look? let me know and i will get to it.

hey sania:
absolutely. i will get to it.

12:02 AM

Indian Girl said...

Yeah !! I would LOVE to see this look on you. Do put it up...
Thanks girl!

8:41 AM
Anonymous said...

What brand of contact lens does she use?? What color are they? Can anyone tell me please??


11:09 PM
jan said...

Hey. I have the same skin color as Deepika and i was wondering if you can tell me what color foundation she wears PLEASE! I am desperate!

10:15 AM
Dr.TamGirl said...

Hi Anu,
Love your blog and just discovered it recently!
I am a bit of a makeup newbie in my late 20s and do not go beyond the basics of lipstick, lipliner, eyeliner and mascara. I started using Bare Minerals and find it reasonably good at concealing/evening skin tone.
I have a couple of requests for you.
1. Can you recommend a good, yet cheap, eye cream? I tried a couple of drugstore brands but am not convinced any of them work at all (reducing fine lines? dark circles? moisturizing?).
2. I used Bare Minerals' primer called Bare Vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper, which I liked. But I'd like to try a different skin prep if you have suggestions?
3. You dont mention sunscreen in your looks and I am uncertain about how to layer it under: moisturizer/skin prep/powder foundation. What order should I go in? Or should I use one product that is a moisturizer and skin prep and sunscreen in one?

Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to being a regular reader/commenter!

5:49 PM
Anonymous said...

Hai Deepika I am Sinchana. you are looking so beautiful.

12:36 AM
Novice said...

Hi Anu,
Just happened to chance on your blog yesterday and 'm thoroughly enjoying it. I have no words to describe how happy I'm to stumble upon this blog of ur's and even more happier that somebody has done this to help all the make-up amateurs like myself. So wanted to thank you and also pick ur brain.
I'm terribly double toned on my lips and have a very tough time finding lipsticks that suit me as my skin might be a tone or two lighter than NC45 (yet to figure out my foundation as well, but with all ur help that should be a piece of cake). Now coming back to the lips part, I'm tkaing all ur suggestion on lipsticks and want to try them out and see if they suit me as well ( hopefully, crossing my fingers !!!). So far I've loved all ur looks and ur tutes are awesome. In this particular Deepika's look u mentioned "Prescriptives Bare Cream"...not sure what this is ? Could you please elaborate? Thanks a ton !!!

1:15 PM
Anonymous said...

Heyy!!! omg Ive been searching for all kinds of tips everywhere nd discovered ur blog!! Its great, keep it up! I lv her makeup especially!

8:20 AM
false eyebrows said...

Great article. Friends say I have lovely eyes and I make it a point to emphasise them. With the help of your makeup tips, I can do a better job at doing my eyes. Thanks!

6:32 PM
Anonymous said...

i want to know which color of contact lenses i should choose?

12:00 AM
Anonymous said...

hi anu,
its a fab article for a fab celeb.
i too want to know which brand and color deepika uses for her eye lens.

n what makeup will suit me

8:49 PM
Yasmin said...

This is brilliant! might take some tips for my blog if that's okay. Personally a big Mac fan but also love Nars! Deepika is stunning.

7:39 AM
Anonymous said...

That Lipstick is not Mac Hug me. It's closer to Mac Jubilee.

10:09 AM

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