Femina Miss India Winners

In recent beauty news, the Femina Miss India came to an end a few days ago. I really liked last year's Miss India Puja Gupta, but it will be good to see what these three accomplish. Personally, I have nothing against pageants but I read an article a long time ago about the grooming processes involved in 'creating' Miss Indias that really put me off. I swear I'm not doing this just to be against Miss India, but I have a hard time supporting something that requires the contestants bleach their skin. In any case, here are the current Miss Indias, Simran Kaur-Mundi (l), Parvathy Omanakuttan (c), and Harshita Saxena (r).

image source: www.newkerala.com


laura said...

Hi Anu, my name is Laura and I am italian, I think that life is incredible: in India women bleach their skin to have a fair tone, here in my country we spend an amount of money in self-tan lotion to have a darker skin tone!!!
I hope that women can understand that they are incredible as God made them!!

PS: sorry for my bad english...

3:30 AM
ilovecheese said...

Anu, Laura, most women I know (average working women) bleach the facial hair, which we unfortunately are also blessed with (for eg me: unless I bleach my sideburns, I can rival Elvis in that dept). So that bleach is for hair on lips and sides of cheeks. But yes, Indians are overly concerned with getting fair. The number of fairness advertisements on TV, combined with the fantastic claims is really unbelievable!

7:27 AM
The Chappall said...

Lol. My Mom used to use Fair and Lovely (which claims to bleach your skin seven shades lighter) until my grandma told her it had mercury in it. But I understand how the drive to be fair affects Indian women. It's still a strong social stigma, espcially in the South.

9:09 AM
Anonymous said...

Anu, forget about that...have you seen Koena Mitra's new nose!!!

7:16 AM
Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this out..its PATHETIC how this fair skin stigma still stays put in India..,and that there's absolutely no public discourse that critiques it.Its simply engrained and naturalized in the entire country's mind set. Boooo!

1:56 PM
Anu said...

hey laura,
your english is great. i *really* hate when women are made to feel inferior because of something as dumb as skin colour. i mean tanning and bleaching are both not good for the skin. i always rant about this lol.

hey ilovecheese,
see bleaching facial hair is a different thing. these women get wxed/threaded/electrolysis done because in close ups you see the hair and it then costs more to get it airbrushed. in the article i linked to they are specifically talking about how they do all kinds of things to lighten the skintone. my favourite miss india, diana hayden, was also told to lighten her skin a few shades. i get o frustrated by this lol.

hey the chappall,
you won't believe the number of desi women, from the north or the south, who ask me to use the lightest or second lightest foundation carried by various companies because they can't believe they're 'so dark.' they get offended when i put something that matches their skintone. it's very saddening really.

hey alisha,
i feel so bad for her. she was a really beautiful girl before her nosejob/eyelift/lip injections/whatever else she might have done. i can't believe she made it to awfulplasticsurgery.com or that she still denies some of her obvious facial procedures.

hey anonymous,
like i said, desi women get so offended when i match their skintone/foundation. i try to go for their skintone exactly and they want the lightest or second lightest foundation when they say stuff like 'i'm not so ugly am i?' do they not realize what they're offending, i dunno, a gazillion other desi women? i get so mad about this because it's really time for desi people to move on from this stigma of skin colour. oh, and don't even get me started on the horrific fair and lovely ads. those i think ought to be banned (i'm being very honest about it. according to them no dark girl will get a good job, make her parents happy, or marry a decent guy until she lightens her skin. indoctrinating insecurity much?)

11:18 AM

Anonymous said...

Ugh...yes I I’ve seen that ridiculous cream add....I just feel ashamed about it all.

I never considered myself to be good looking when I lived in India, just because I have a darker skin tone. After coming to the US for my graduate studies, I started getting compliments and I've FINALLY started feeling confident about my appearance. Things like that crazy cream add really destroy the self esteem of millions of young girls in India.

4:35 PM
Dr Anthony said...

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9:06 AM

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