Blush Rave: Vasanti Sayan

When I read in magazines that a blush is universal I let out a mocking laugh full of "I know they paid you to write that, I just wonder how much." Or at the very least I have a private chuckle full of smugness. Sure a blush is universal. It is as likely to flatter every skin tone as an eye cream is going to magically make my under eye circles disappear. So I'm not going to proclaim a blush as universal but Vasanti's Sayan blush comes incredibly close to gaining that status.

The first thing I remarked when I received the blush was that the packaging is almost exactly like the packaging for Scott Barnes' eyeshadows. The only difference other than the name on it is the colour. Vasanti's blush comes in a silver case whereas Scott Barnes' is a goldish brown. The size of the blush is quite small, but they're much bigger than Besame's blushes and are around the same size as a Scott Barnes' eyeshadow. However, for the price it is not an outrageously small amount.

You're probably wondering why I love this blush so much. Well, it is a great blush every girl should own. Vasanti describes it as a beautiful sheer peach but I'd add that it also has a fair bit of brown to make it a no-brainer blush. It's pigmented enough to show up on much darker skintones than mine and the colour is soft enough to not be difficult to apply even on much fairer skintones. Of course, I'd recommend not applying it with a trowel, but the blush doesn't require a lot of finesse in application.

Vasanti Sayan doesn't contain any shimmer and blends into my skintone and doesn't look chalky or artificial. It goes on smoothly and rivals quite a few high end brands, stays on all day, and most importantly, looks fabulous on desi skintones. I've tried this on so many people after getting it and both I and my victim have loved it each time. If I were to suggest a great blush for someone who had never worn blush before, I'd recommend this one. For those who have tons of blushes, I'd say this is a great staple that you can dress up or down with different make-up looks. I'm very impressed with this blush and I would call it as close to universally flattering as a blush can get.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
I'm new to blushes and trust your judjment so much that I ordered this thru amazon. Thanks for all the professional advice!

3:55 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu, (or should I say gorgeousness!)

This blush and lip gloss look fab on you, as everything always does:)
I LOVE Sayan, it's been one of my all time go-to blush, as well as Chanel's Mocha blush.

I need to send you a list of my HG's!

6:04 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
i hope you like the blush. let me know when it arrives!

hey ranjani:
you ate the sweetest person ever. you should see me now though, it's not a pretty sight. i havent slept in ages so i was careful not to get the rest of my face. this gorgeousness thing is alllll in the cropping. trust me. but a big fat hug either way. and i got chanel mocha recently. i had been wanting it for an insanely long while and it's sooo beautiful. i also love all the other chanel blushes that show up on me (rose bronze is another favourite). i remembered you mentioned you loved chanel mocha ages ago and i was like 'i hope i can find email ranjani somehow to let her know i FINALLY got it and i adore it too.'

6:28 PM

Ranjani said...

Hey Anu!
You have no dark circles at all, so I'm not falling for your whines anymore!
I knew Chanel Mocha would work on you, I'm very close to your skin color-NC42, so I was sure it would looks scrumptious! Do you like Peachykeen, or is too shimmery for you?I bet that would look really hot on you too, since it has a slight glowy feel, so you can skip wearing a highlighter with that altogether.
You've inspired me to start my own blog, do check it out!

Sorry for leaving such a long comment....too much time to kill at work:)

5:55 AM
Anu said...

peachykeen didnt work for me. it's in the same famly as nars orgasm: looks great on others but makes me look like i've just been beamed up by aliens and have had some x-files type tests conducted on me. not good. and i just went to your blog. i'm definitely adding it to my favs/blogroll... the only thing i i'm SUCH a huge foodaholic and i'm also vegetarian... and you know what happened when i saw ilovecheese's dosa photo right? i'm just anticipating more such obsessions :(. anyways it looks great and you know i'm going to leave an agonizing comment on how yummy everything is. btw, i have been on a diet since last august and i havent touched sugar an i have eaten out only 10 times since then... it's more of a 'must age well must eat healthy' kind of thing.

9:01 AM

ranjani said...

Hey Anu!
I forgot you had this crazy fear of shimmery makeup! That x files comment had me rolling.
Thanks:) for leaving the first comment on my blog!
I will add you to my blog roll too, I obviously have way too much time on my hand since I created all this stuff this morning. I'll post some pictures of the food tonight.
Diet's don't work, don't deprive yourself,eat what you like, just cut back on portion size and run an extra mile, and quit agonizing! Life's too short and bitchy to cut back on the sugar!

10:09 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu ,
ur blog has become my daily fix. this blush looks lovely on u , btw u have a beautiful bone structure :-).
I love ur tutorials and blush reviews. I am an NC44 , I really liked lovejoy, dollymix and montenegro and now sayan on you. But the lady at the counter insisted torrid looked best on me. got that and albatross ( which I love).
I have some redness on the top of my cheeks ( also around the nose), I tap a little concealer on it , but once I apply the blush it seems to show up ( if that makes sense) , maybe I just need to work on my technique.

I heard a lot abt vasanti want to try their concealers , yes the bane of dark under eye circles again :-( , and also their lipstick esp nepali next.
ps: ur tip abt castor oil was grt , eyes are more mositurized and certainly thickens the lashes. thnx


11:07 AM
Rakhee said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks to you I am not addicted to your blog..can't wait for a new posting...and now looking for new sources of monies to able to buy everything...:)

Anyways, I cant seem to find castor oil, sweet almond oil and rose essential oil...Where can I get them? I want to try out all those yummy home-made masks...My Mom would be soo proud of me...She will be like " I have been telling you to use natural aka home-made skin care for YEARS but you dont listen to me"..hehe.....Sorry Mom, I only listen to ANU these

Keep up the good work...and yes THANK YOU....

7:44 AM
Anonymous said...

okay there are quite a few commentors mentioned NC 42 and NC 44 family.May i know what it is and how do i know which family of color shade(i am guessing its color palette) i belong to.

6:42 AM
Praveena said...

NCXX or NWXX refers to the color of foundation from MAC. This has sort of become the benchmark for 'what skin color are you?'. Just go to your closest MAC store and get them to try foundation on you and then you'll find out what number you are.

3:30 PM
Anonymous said...

Thanks Praveena !!!

10:23 AM
Visadiaries said...

I was sure it would looks scrumptious! Do you like Peachykeen, or is too shimmery for you?I bet that would look really hot on you too, since it has a slight glowy feel,

11:58 PM

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