Another Great Find: Sephora Lip Gloss in Sugar 'n' Spice

I loved the colour of Sephora's lip gloss in Sugar 'n' Spice inside the tube but didn't expect it to really show up. I often come across scrumptious looking lip glosses that look like nothing on my lips and I might has well have applied a bit of clear vaseline. Lip glosses that are too sheer don't do the trick for me in case you haven't picked up on my innate bitterness regarding this subject. The Sephora lip gloss in Sugar 'n' Spice is such a great find that I had to post about it.

First thing's first. Exactly how much shortage of Kool-Aid is there because of the production of this lipgloss? It smells overpoweringly of Kool-Aid and it made me not want to finish the rest of my iced tea lest I really fuel the advent of the diabetes I am genetically prone to. I was pleasantly surprised when wearing the gloss didn't end in a migraine because of the smell as it waned very quickly in a few minutes.

What makes this gloss so exceptional is that for the price, you get a gloss with shine that is just right (not the liquid plastic look but not useless either) and the perfect amount of bronze colour flecked with gold shimmer to make it a great choice for summer. Above all that, what I love most about this gloss is how it feels on my lips. The formula feels very plush and moisturizing and I would compare it to Bobbi Brown's lip glosses in consistency, feel, and stickyness. For the price, the quality feels much more luxurious that you'd expect.


Indian Girl said...

OOh awesome lipgloss and sexy blush! Guess what, yesterday I got a lipgloss and a blush too. I loved the gloss and will put up a review on it ...
The blush I got it coz I thought it looked like somewhere between NARS Luster and Tajmahal. Will let you know how it works :)
Loved the post!

8:49 AM
MsJamie said...

I am definitely going to be trying this gloss! We actually have the exact same skin colour (MAC nc45) and it's funny...I was looking at your tutorial where you show how to put on foundation and I noticed how your upper lip is darker than your lower lip... and this gloss looked great on you because it gave you a little bit of colour without looking too sheer!! So yea, I am so excited to try it!!

I was just wondering what sunscreen do you use?? :D

6:34 PM
ilovecheese said...

Awww babe, I tried posting my comment yday but Blogger acted up! This colour is F.A.B. on you, love the light sparkle!

12:21 AM
Anu said...

hey indian girl:
looking forward to the review. what blush is it? i'm something of a blush fanatic. that sounds GORGEOUS both taj mahal and luster are absolute must haves for me.

hey msjamie:
i love this gloss. it feels so... plush and luxurious. i do have one lip darker than the other. it's the bane of my existence. horrid beyond words and just so annoying when i want to try new lippies.

i use la roche posay dermo pediatrics spf 50+. amazing stuff really.

hey ilovecheese,
you know, i just finished my leftover sambhar from the other day. you're not good for my waistline lol.

5:37 AM

Precious said...

Surprisingly, Sephora Brand cosmetics aren't that bad in quality. Some of there lipglosses and eyeshadows are pretty good.

That lipgloss looks great on you,
I have to get that gloss =)

9:31 AM
Mehia said...

i love you <3 i've been looking for a nudish lippy and you have answered my prayers. One question though is it really thhhhhhhaaaaatttt sticky? I cant stand that feeling.

4:13 PM
[a} said...

Oh, this looks BYOOTEEFUL! The only other product you've reviewed that I've wanted so badly was Clinique Red..

Luckily a brand new Sephora's has just opened in Jeddah!~Can't wait to purchase it :)

BTW, I came across Too Faced's Starry Eyed liquid liner at that Sephora's a few days ago...tried it on my wrist...and fell in love. It was a bit too expensive for me, tho.

I'm wondering (if you've ever tried it) is it worth the price tag? Thanks.

9:32 AM
Arjumand said...

Darling, love, love, LOVE your blog. Thought you might have some thoughts on where to turn now that Sephora have discontinued Sugar & Spice. I think their attempt at a replacement is something called Irish Coffee (they've not only changed the color but the formula), which is not only too pink and has lost the gold/brown, but is also far more sheer; it's fuchsia, and it's really quite horrid. Thoughts?

7:10 PM
Anonymous said...

is it still available?

11:58 PM
Anonymous said...

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