While I Want to Kill the Blog Layout, Take a Moment to Fill Out this Survey

I am losing it. I want my blog issues to go away and I want some carrot halwa while I'm in a wishful thinking mood. While that's not going to happen soon, please take a moment to fill out this really short survey. It's only four questions but it should be fun to look at the results.


Georgia said...

Hi Anu,

Just a quick message to say i love your new look web site - its great!

Hope you get some halwa asap!!


4:08 PM
Anu said...

I'm glad you like it. I still have a way to go with the tweaking but hopefully the road ahead wont be too hilly.

i NEED the halwa. you don't understand :'(. I went to visit my parents and the temple near their house sold carrot halwa. I have never tasted anything like that. EVER. forgive my irreverence but the carrot halwa was a DIVINE experience. it was the best carrot halwa i ever imagined could exist on this earth. ever. and now i cant get it and i want it.

11:50 PM

10-C said...

Just a quick comment because I wanted to leave a longer one on your foundation post.

I eat halwa too! I think I've only had the carrot one a few times, we mostly have the one made of jaggory. Have you had it? I think it tastes best cold, instead of heated up.

7:13 AM

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