The Vogue Cover Controversy

The cover of Vogue for April 2008 features LeBron James and Giselle Bundchen. It seems that LeBron James is the first Black man to grace the cover of the magazine. Simple enough right? Apparently not. There's been a controversy because of this cover.

The cover is being described as racist:
"magazine analyst Samir Husni believes the photo was deliberately provocative, adding that it 'screams King Kong.' Considering Vogue's influential history, he said, covers are not something that the magazine does in a rush."

However, the cover was supposedly intended to "celebrate two superstars at the top of their game."

I can't make up my mind on this. There is so much stereotyping and exoticising that I feel become internalized and accepted as the standard. Why all this philosophising and what does this have to do with desis? Well, I still see quite a few photos, high fashion or not, that when they refer to us desis there is still an extent of exotification. And while I don't think all of fashion needs to be PC per se, it could still be sensitive to stereotypes like in this case.

I just told my roommate about this and she told me I object to everything as a matter of principle. I don't care, I'm still objecting to this.



Anonymous said...

i dnt really get what youre trying to say about how it applies to desis

12:14 PM
Mehia said...


11:07 PM
Anu said...

hey alisha,
what i meant to say was deis also get exotified so much that such exotification becomes adapted into our sense of self and we accept the exotification. however that exotification can be very degrading at times. i find, given the history that vogue should have been a bit more sensitive.

hey mehia,
thanks, i'm glad you like it.

11:53 PM

Jillian said...

In my opinion, I think the entire issue is about excercise, health, working out, etc. That's probably why they included the basketball player athlete and Gisele, since she is like extremely tall, and in shape.

8:06 PM
Jillian said...

Oh, and no I do not think it is about race. I think maybe they may be trying to get away from that stereotype with this issue. One thing I do not like: the basketball player's ugly expression, heh, and Gisele's dress. Come on, there are much better dresses to wear on the cover of a magazine, hehe..just my two cents. :) I would prob. still wear that dress though.

8:08 PM

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