Oh Bipasha... Words Cannot Express My Horror

I named this picture whatwasshethinking.jpg on my computer but I should have named it whydoesyourstylisthateyou.jpg or whyisyourproducerlettingyourstylistsmokecrack.jpg. I know it's a lot to read but give it a try. You will find the names accurately descriptive for Bipasha's look in her movie Race.

First of all, why does she have the Nicole Ritchie hair extensions circa "The Simple Life" episode 1? Are Bipasha and her stylist trying to channel the League of Skanks? That too on Purpose? Or maybe I have it all wrong and they're trying to go with the really long hair some anime characters have (I know this by virtue of my anime obsessed brother). The hair's not the worst part of my rant so restrain your anger towards me if you disagree. There's a lot more to hate me for.

Let's talk about the outfit. Is it the skirt that has me foaming at the mouth from apoplexy or is it the heinous jean jacket tied right below the chest area to highlight/show off the results from Bipasha's reported plastic surgery? Or is it the boots that are potentially very cute but here dot the i's and cross the t's on this skankerrific ensemble? I have so many questions every time I see this photo. So much so that I am going to ponder about them tonight while gazing at the stars and maniacally screaming at the empty sky asking the powers that be just one question: "WHY?" I'll let you know if I ever get an answer for why this outfit ever had to exist.

image source: www.rediff.com


Anonymous said...

hmm... that looks like Rakhi Sawant not Bipasha?

10:41 PM
Anu said...

it's a still from her movie race. i think it's a case of bad taste all around lol.

10:17 AM

Anonymous said...

I actually feel sorry for her

11:08 AM
Anu said...

she's a gorgeous girl don't get me wrong. i just wish her stylist chose better clothes. she's got such a great figure too so it must be easy to make her look good.

11:19 AM

Anonymous said...

Yeah its Rakhi Sawant not Bipasha.

11:37 AM
Anu said...

it's her i swear lol. i watched the movie a couple of days back and this scene was there in it. btw, i was so excited to watch it and it turned out to be one muddled mess. please tell me i wasnt the only one who thought this

2:57 PM

Anonymous said...

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