New Layout

I hated my previous layout and really had no time to create a new one. Thanks to no sleep (I suppose it's repetitious hearing this from me now), lots of iced tea which wasn't all that iced, and the t.v. to keep me awake, I changed the layout. It was a lot of hard work for someone who breaks out the calculator to add 3 + 5 +2, I'm not gifted with technical things, and my recollection of the past 24 hours is very hazy. I still have to tweak the layout a lot but bear with me, it should be up and running optimally tomorrow.

Also, going through the previous posts I realize that my scatterbrained state makes me forget to reply to comments. I am very sorry about. I don't do it on purpose, and I can't give you a more pathetic example of how clueless I am after the calculator one (a true story too) so just refer back to it.


Indian Girl said...

Yay!!! New Layout, its Awesome! I LOVE the Indian Mango design!

9:31 AM
Nabila said...

Hi Anu
this is my first time commenting. i Love ur blog and now i love it even more! Amazing job on the new layout!! From one student+makeup addict to another - keep up the good work :)

3:54 PM
worship-elle said...

the lay out looks great!

4:49 PM

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