Make-up for Lighter Skin Tones

Along with the post on make-up for darker skin tones, here's some of my favourites for lighter skin tones. Ignore the craptastic pics of blushbaby, seedy pearl, and porcini. I will get better pics up soon. Again, feel free to add your picks to the list.

MAC Blushbaby
This blush is so beautiful and makes the process of putting on blush very dumbed down. It's a fool proof neutral plum with a bit of brownish undertones to it. It's not screamingly bright in the pan and goes on sheer but there is enough colour-impact for it to show up on nc45 skin tones. It chases away the sallowness or olive undertones desi skin tones can have and brightens up the face and brings a sparkle to the eyes all without being too overpowering.

Almay Spice
First thing's first: be kind enough to ignore the dying zit. I recently got this blush and am very happy with it. I think the whole Almay line is aimed towards fairer skin tones so I was surprised it was well pigmented and showed up on me. This is a warm nutmeg colour with a bit of pink to keep it from looking muddy. I tried it on a friend whose skintone was much lighter than mine, think nc25, and it gave her a sunkissed look. I will say that my MAC blushes last longer on me but this one lasts a good 6 hours. Nothing to sneeze at my any means.

MAC Seedy Pearl
I know a lot of desi girls love pink and mauve eyeshadow and this is my version of pink. It's an iridescent mix of pink, purple, blue, and white and is great as a quick wash applied on the lids if you're in a hurry. It's also a great go-to shade to bring out brown eyes since it has such complexity.

Essie Porcini Nail Polish
I know this is nail polish but this one looks fabulous on your lighter ladies. This is a very misleading pic, so bear with me. It is a warm rosey shade with gold shimmer to it that stops it from being blah and boring. I admit it's not your wild vampy shade, but it's such a great every day color that looks very polished.

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Anonymous said...

What lipstick are you wearing in the Almay spice picture? I love it!

8:36 AM
roji said...
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Anonymous said...

please could you recommend a good peach blush from MAC for nc40 skin tones.I tried peaches but wasn't that impressed and the MUA wasn't being very helpful. I was also wondering if you knew which celeb's (if any) have nc40 colouring so that i can get some ideas from their looks.
thanks so much

8:43 AM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
I'm wearing almay mocha lipstick with Bare excentuals wearable rose lip liner and bobbi brown rouge pot in raspberry. I think you'd bet the same effect with a very mauve lipliner added to the mocha lipstick.

hey anonymous:
mac gingerly is a great peachy blush or even peachykeen. both are great blushes but are different enough that you can see which effect you like better. those are two of my favourite of mac's peachy blushes. as for celebs, i find that their skintones change a lot. however, some celebs who sometimes seem to have a nc40ish skintone are soha ali khan (at times), celina jaitley, neha dhupia etc. they do have varying skin tones though :(

10:16 AM

Anu said...

add aishwarya to the list too. she seems to go even deeper at times but i do think she has an nc40ish skintone at times. (and sometimes lighter too)

10:18 AM

Anonymous said...

Based on this post, I went out and bought Blushbaby and Seedy Pearl. Love seedy pearl! Blushbaby is lovely on me too, but I am still trying to figure out the best technique, since it seems to show up very differently in different lighting.
Thanks for your fantastic blog!

2:07 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
I've been following your blog for about a year now and think that you're doing an AMAZING job! I'm south Indian with similar skin tones and so your recos are really helpful!
I remember reading that you're engaged--congratulations! I'm getting married in August and have a make-up artist but I'm not completely happy with the trial. I wanted something more dramatic for my eyes for the reception but was advised that anything dark won't look as good because of the darker skin tones. Do you have any recos for a good reception look for girls with south Indian skin tone? Thanks so much!

9:16 AM
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