Make-Up for Darker Skin Tones

Khamila sent me a very sweet email of her favourite products which I will post in a bit. Her email got my few remaining braincells spinning (my textbooks aren't just mind numbing, they're quite lethal to gray matter it seems) because I do a lot of make-up for darker skinned African American women an desi women. So here's my post on some of my favourite products for darker skintones, by which I mean ranging from my skintone, nc45, to nw55. Feel free to suggest shades and combinations.

La Roche Posay Biomedic Vitamin C Powder
I've been raving about this all over the place for the past few weeks now. I find that darker skintones have hyperpigmentation issues when we encounter pimples (I'm looking in the mirror and giving my skin a deathly look right now). I hate the length of time it takes for any discolouration to fade on my skin. This product speeds up the healing time for blemishes and reduces any discolouration greatly. I mix 2 spoonfuls (you get the tiny spoon in the box) with my moisturizer, mix, and then apply. This way it doesn't degrade in sunlight, the product is always fresh and effective, and it boosts the effectiveness of your sunscreen. Yes it tingles a bit but you can build up to the 2 spoonfuls. And did I also mention that it is much more affordable than many of the other serums out there.

I also liked this better than vitamin c serums because the sunlight can cause some of the vitamin c to degrade during the mailing process. The serums also caused me to break out, while with this you are only mixing it with your trusted moisturizer. I know skincare is very subjective but this has helped my skin so much and so I just had to rave about it. One little bottle will also last a very long while. Also, you can get it at 20% at with the discount code MUA20.

Nars Exhibit A
I really couldn't leave this one out now could I? It is a screaming tomato red in the pan, but when worn it is possibly the most gorgeous blush on every skin tone. Be warned, it is very pigmented and a little will take you a very long way (think marathon). On my skin, it is a natural reddish flush that looks very girly and natural. It works great on such a huge variety of skintones, but I especially love how it brings out darker skintones.

MAC Teddy Eye Kohl
I know this is an eye kohl, but it is incredible on really dark skin tones as a lip liner. I like to balance it out with a lighter gloss, like maybe MAC Viva Glam V, or intensify the colour with a deep red. Either way, the smudgey texture and the softness of the eye kohl make it a great multi-dimensional lip liner. I don't like to use it alone but it is great to help intensify and dramatise colours.

Milani Antique Gold
I have a hard time convincing darker skinned women to go for colours other than golds and rich browns. However, I love dirty khakhi greens with gold in them to highlight brown eyes. The texture of the shadows is great and I have a bunch. The only problem is that I haven't seen them around my CVS for a long while. The Milani website still has them up so they should be available. I know I'm out of the loop on this one but I got backups the moment they were on clearance at CVS. I'm desperate like that but I digress. I love pairing it up with MAC Handwritten or Milani Java Bean in the crease, a thick swash of eyeliner, and some serious mascara for an easy dramatic look.

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Alexzandra said...

Speaking of Dirty-green with gold sparkles, I also really like Clinique's cream shaper in Egyptian, as well as Nars Lovejoy, Nars Casino, and Maybelline mousse shadow in Tranquil Rose.

10:34 PM
Anu said...

I love clinique's cream shapers in general. Egyptian is a great liner :)

9:53 AM

Nats said...

What about darker skin tones with uneven complexion and dark circles with small swollen eyes?

2:53 AM
Naz said...

Hi Anu, I just found your website last night and I'm hooked. You are a beautiful woman and your make up tips are amazing. I need a little help - I have very uneven skin on my cheeks and dark circles under my eyes, as is very common for Asian skin. I use Mac NC45 studio fix which is great for day time but I feel I need a little more coverage, I have tried using my Fashion Fair concealer (which is great round my eyes) on my cheeks but it looks really caked on. Any suggestions - perhaps the Mac foundation range has something with a bit more coverage. Also some advice on a very natural looking blusher I can use during the day (UK based)

Thanks Anu, good luck with the exam and hope to see many more video tutorials --please.

11:47 AM
Anonymous said...

... i need make up tips that are fun & bright and cute but my skin tone is nc50. am i obliged to use earthy tones?

6:25 AM

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