How to Emphasize You Eyebrows

This is a very easy and quick tutorial on how to emphasize your brows. The method is great even if you have a strays that need to be tweezed like I do. It does a great job of defining your brows and making them look immaculate.

Make-up Used

  • Revlon Skinlights IllusionWand in Medium Touch. What you need is a concealor that blends in with your skin perfectly. You can also use a slightly lighter concealor on the bottom of the brows. A wand or stick concealor is really handy for this technique but you can use a brush to apply concealor from a pot.
  • MAC Stud eyebrow pencil. You will need an eyebrow pencil that suits your brows.
Tools Used:
  • My fingers. Alternatively you can also use a concealor brush or even a q-tip.
  • A spoolie brush.
Step 1:
Brush your eyebrows into pace with a spoolie brush. I grow really long antennae like hairs at the inner corner of my brows, so if you suffer form this trim the long hairs that spike up.

Step 2:
Apply concealor along the upper and lower edges of your brows. Make sure to apply the concealor as close to the hairline as possible.

Step 3:
Blend the concealor on the upper hairline outward. Don't start near the eyebrow-hairline, rather start at the outer edge of the area where you applied concealor. If the concealor is very obvious at the eyebrow-hairline gentle tap to blend it in. You don't want to blend the concealor away completely there. Make sure there is a subtle gradation of concealor from the eyebrow-hairline outward.

Step 4:
Tap the concealor on the lower hairine outward. The same thing applies here and you want to blend from the outer edge of the area with concealor. Gently tap away too much concealor at the hairline but do not blend it all away so that nothing remains.

Step 5:
Go over the natural shape of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Keep the strokes short and light. If you hairs are slightly more sparse in the inner corner of your brows, don't fill them in completely. Rather, darken the area slightly so that it doesn't look too harsh. Brush your brows with a spoolie brush when you are done. This softens the brow pencil, blends your brows and the brow pencil together, and makes the result look more natural.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
I know my post isn't really related to this particular tutorial, but today I bought a Sheseido quad compact for eyes from sephora. I know I read somewhere in your blog last year that you like their hydro eyeshadows but I have ever really seen you use them ever in your tutorials for eyes- your favorites seem to be Mac, bobbi brown, tarte, hard candy and urban decay. I need to buy basic eyeshadow for daywear and I am almost out of my favorite eyeshadow from dior and they don't carry those peachy orange shades anymore. Do you have any suggestions about eye makeup? I've so much unused eyemakeup and any suggestions would be helpful.

11:49 PM
Anu said...

Hey anonymous:
I get lazy soemtimes and reach for the same primers and shadow bases. I'll do a quick eye look with the shiseido hydro powder shadow if you want. I like this one much more than mac paints, pain pots, or bobbi's cream shadows. Shiseido REALLY lasts on me. For everyday make-up, I'd recommend a good primer. Urban Decay Primer Potion is amazing but so is the shiseido hydro powder shadow as a base. The UD one is clear which is a plus or minu depending on how you look at it. As for the shadows, are you looking specifically for peachy orange shades and how many shades do you usually wear. I think a good basic shadow for your lid, if you have a few minutes extra a very easy to wear crease shade, and a browbone highlight are a great basic set. I like MAC ricepaper or shroom a lot to highlight. as for a basic lid shade, i like MAC all that glitters or honey lust, with MAC Mulch in the crease. This is pretty much a no-brainer combination for me. Let me know what family you want the shadows to be in though. Then we can tailor it better to your needs :)

12:02 AM

Anu said...

and honey lust and all that glitters are both versions of peachy gold imo

12:03 AM

10-C said...


I really like the shape of your brows. Who does them? Do you get them waxed or threaded? Can you explain or do a tutorial on just eyebrow grooming?

5:48 AM
Anu said...

hey 10-c
I get my eyebrows threaded by an indian lady. I hate getting my brows waxed. too painful and too much redness. I will definately add a brow grooming tutorial.

3:20 PM

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