Breakdown of Meghana Reddy for Iman

I came across this look done on Meghana Reddy for Iman Cosmetics. It's a very pretty look so here's the breakdown.

Second to None Luminous Foundation in Earth 5.

Cheeks and Eyes:
Sheer Bronzing Powder in Afterglow.

Luxury Lip Stain in Sultry.


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Anonymous said...

Which MAC foundation do you use specifically? I have the same skin tone as you so would like to know. Also, which brush should I get with it to apply the foundation? I'd like a cheaper foundation/brush option if you can recommend one. One last question--what concealer do you use for your undereye circles? Thank you so much. -Shakti

9:29 PM
Black cat said...

Stopping by to say hi. Just awesome!!! Great job Anu. I specially love the spring make-up.

Oh, and please please do tell us about red red lipsticks!!! Pretty please with sugar on top!

7:33 PM
[a} said...

This is my favourite look from all the breakdowns you have done. So simple and lovely.

p.s. I'm guessing they used a lot of illuminiser/highlighter also, to create this look.

2:43 AM
Anu said...

hey shakti:

i used revlon skinlights illuminating wand in medium touch. i love this stuff but it's sadly discontinued. i found mine at big lots. I also really like make-up forever's lift concealor and bobbi brown' under eye concealor.

If you want a foundation brush, you can find good ones from essence of beauty at cvs. i've heard good things about sonia kashuk's brushes at target too. however, i really like essence of beauty. For a vey airbrushed look, i put on foundation with a foundation brush and 'buff' the foundation in with a powder or kabuki brush very lightly.

i dont use mac foundations, but my skin tone is nc45. i love the look of their foundations but i prefer using translucent powder or a tinted moisturizer. also, mac foundations give me serious cystic acne. i really recommend you try mac foundations out to give it a test first. i find that they break a lot of people out. just a precaution, nothing against mac foundations :).

also, a for my tinted moisturizer, i LOVE covergirl smoothers. great stuff this.

hey black cat:
i promise you i haven't forgotten and will have the red lipstick look up soon. *hugs*

hey [a},
i LOVE the luminous look. so radiant and healthy.

10:17 PM

[a} said...

Anu: Aw, so nice that you reply to people's comments.

Yeah, the luminous look=gorgeous...but can everyone pull it off? Or only those with gorgeous even features. {Like Halle Berry. Like Meghana Reddy >sigh<}.

I'm only asking cuz I'm seriously considering doing that for prom. Or do you think it's too informal?

5:33 AM
Anu said...

hey [a},
everyone can pull off any look really. jut tailor it to your face and preferences. i'm not really one for strict rules in make-up. if you like it, do it. so go ahead and do the glowy make-up :). it looks great for summer.

11:45 AM

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