Our First Lowlight in a Long Time

With all the amazing support I'm getting from all of you, I feel like I've lost my fangs, claws, and venom. It was high time for me to unleash my honed eagle-eye that can spot erratic eyeliner abuse, paler-than-a-corpse-lips, and ghastly brassy hair. Fear not, for I turn human and semi-nice right afterwards. So without further ado, here's our lowlight for this session.

I am not sure who exactly this woman is, other than that her name is Parmeshwar Godrej, she's very wealthy, and she attended the Balaji TV awards that were held on Feb 2nd . If I were as wealthy as she is rumoured to be, I would spend my time trying to look my best and, most importantly, find a stylist who wasn't trying to make me channel Donatella Versace. With all due respect to the latter, I think she's proven that the human-leather-handbag-look is a combination of the following: a. unattractive, b. (horrendously) frightening, c. emulating the look of a pair of well-worn faux croc pleather shoes I saw once. Whatever combination you come up with, it's not a good one I am sure.

Coming back to our Desi-Donatella (I think it's a catchy nickname don't you think), where do we start with the obvious flaws? Is it the overly drawn-on eyebrows, the ill-fitting gold blouse that makes her otherwise flattering hair colour seem brassy, or the bronzer that was applied in the dark by a aging and legally blind make-up artist? Again, I challenge you to come up with a flattering combination because I can't come up with one.

On an objective note, this woman could look elegant if her look were tailored to bringing out the best of her face and not obscuring it. She seems to have great eyes, lips and general bone structure. The only thing she doesn't seem to have is a stylist with a working lamp so he or she can see what they're doing


An Indian's makeup musings said...

Hahhaa...well you havent seen nothing yet! I grew up looking at her pics almost everyday in the page 3 column of Indian newspapers.She is known for her slightly off - sense of style and makeup.She is neither "off" enough for people to notice that she is different and let go of her nor is she normal enough for people to think her as one among us ;)

I like the way you write :)

2:22 PM
Black cat said...

LOL!!!! Where DID you find this?

6:39 PM
Anonymous said...

I read an article a few years ago where she claimed that her best friends were Donatella and her brother Vercace (can't recall his first name!), who was alive at that time. No wonder she has started to look like her with all that gold and bronzer!

7:31 PM
Kat said...

OMG too funny!!

6:21 PM
30 days ago said...

That Gold blouse makes me recoil. Are you sure she didn't get that from the Teeny Bopper section of Burlington Coat Factory?
Hey Anu. Been busy since I last read your blog. Glad to see you're thriving!

2:43 PM

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