Magazine Excerpt: Foundations Recommendations for Kajol, Priyanka, and Amisha

Browsing around the internet in search of a clear picture of Kareena Kapoor at the Film Fare Awards, I found this picture on I am very grateful to whoever uploaded this image because we learn more about the mysterious make-up of the stars. So next time you read that they state "I wake up looking this good, in fact I don't even know what foundation is; I'm this naturally pretty," you can smirk with the knowledge of a seasoned cynic knowing at least the foundations of three different stars.

Kajol uses Guerlain Divinora Compact Powder Foundation. Although I am pretty sure they use a liquid one of appearances etc. Priyanka uses Clinique Super Balanced Compact. Amisha Patel uses Giorgio Armani Designer foundation. Take it for what it is and let me know what you think.


Mehia said...

hey anu have you ever heard of prescriptives custom blend foundation? I'm sick and tired of looking too chalky or too yellow so I've decided to have it custom made. I've read a lot of reviews on it on makeupalley and I think it hte way to go. You can alter it to your needs (more moisture if you're dry or even add vitamins c) They make it right in front of you just for yay!!! Its a little steep about 68 bucks but I've read they give you a whole lot so it last a long time. I'm going to get mine tomorrow wish me luck on a good blend!!

9:50 AM
Anu said...

hey mehia:
i'm so excited about the custom blending thing. do let me know how you like it. i know of a couple of people who've had it done and they got a huge amount of foundation from their custom blending so it's definitely worth it if you are tired of trying to match your skintone. just make sure an experienced person blends your custom creation.

11:19 AM

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