Look: Grey Eyes

So here I am again with a full face look. I like using a cream eyeshadow and then top it off with a similar coloured powder eyeshadow. This helps hold the shadow longer, stop creasing, and intensify the colour. I like using medium grays and one darker gray as an accent. Also, feel free to substitute the products I'm using with similar shades from other brands. The blush I used in this look was a limited release for a collection that came out last year. If you're looking for it, you can still find it on ebay and at outlets (at a much nicer price too).

Make-up used:

  • Besame translucent powder
  • Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Galaxy
  • Tarte The Real McCoy eyeshadow
  • MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow
  • Hard Candy Buttered Popcorn powder eyeshadow. Again, the crappiest brow highlight out there, but I was too lazy to dig into my stash for another shade.
  • Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink gel liner. For this look, I think a simple pencil liner would actually be the easiest option. I used a gel liner because... well, I'm a predictable creature who clings to her habits.
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara
  • Bobbi Brown Pink Rose
  • Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip liner
  • Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip gloss
Tools used:
  • MAC 129 brush to apply the translucent powder
  • MAC 242 brush to pat on the cream shadow
  • MAC 239 brush to apply the powder eyeshadow
  • MAC 222 brush to apply the crease colour
  • MAC 219 brush to line my lower lid with the crease colour and to smudge the gel liner
  • Windsor and Newton angeled brush for applying the gel liner
  • Bobbi Brown Face Blender brush to apply the blush
Step 1:
I didn't use any tinted moisturizer, complexion enhancer, foundation etc. for this look. However, if you want to use something to even out your skintone, I'd recommend a light tinted moisturizer. Keep the skin looking as natural as possible. Then apply translucent powder to set your make-up.

Step 2:
With the 242 brush, pat on the Bobbi Brown Galaxy cream shadow on the lid.

Step 3:
Apply Tarte's The Real McCoy on top of the Galaxy cream shadow with the 239 brush.

Step 4:
Define the crease by applying the MAC Knight Divine eyeshadow in the crease with the 222 brush. Blend out the crease colour with the same brush.

Step 5:
Line your lower lash line with Knight Divine using the 219 brush. Keep it as close to the lash line as possible. You don't want to make the line too thick or it will look too raccoon-eyed otherwise.

Step 6:
Apply the Bobbi Brown Espresso Ink gel liner with the angeled liner brush. On the top lid, make the line of medium thickness and on the lower lid make the liner very thin. You can line your lower waterline if you feel comfortable doing so.

Step 7:
Make sure the 219 brush is clean and blend out the liner on the top and bottom lid until you have a smoky result. If you want a little extra definition, you can line your top lash line as close to the lash line as possible (make sure the liner is not too obvious since you want it to look soft and smoky).

Step 8:
Blend the brow highlight on the brow bone and into the crease with the 239 brush.

Step 9:
Curl your lashes if you need and generously coat your upper and lower lashes with the Cover Girl Last Blast mascara.

Step 10:
Smile and apply the Bobbi Brown Pink Rose blush with the Face Blender brush on the apple of the cheek. Blend out towards the temple. Since the eyes are fairly dark, you want to make the blush subtle so be sure to use a light hand.

Step 11:
Line your lips with the Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip liner.

Step 12:
Finish the look by applying the Bare Escentuals Wearable Rose lip gloss.


princess052091 said...

U r sooo pretty!

1:31 PM
Anonymous said...

im just so jealous...youre so gorg!!!

3:36 PM
Visha said...

Hi do you have any tips on maintaining silky locks like yours. I really need help.

7:44 PM
Anonymous said...

beautiful!! i saw in a previous post of yours that you mentioned having two-toned lips. is it that your lower lip is lighter than the top one? if so, i have this issue also. in this picture, did u counteract that by filling in the top lip with liner? this look turned out very nicely and you look so pretty! i'm always a little chicken about getting my top lip to match my lower lip..it makes me more conscious of my lips!

3:13 PM
Anu said...

hey princes052091:
you're very sweet for saying that

hey alisha:
trust me when i say i have my share of greivances. my dark circles kill me every day. and that's just one of the gazillion things i wish i could change. *hugs* you're so sweet though.

hey visha:
i'm a huge fan of rubbing a pea sized amount of chi silk infusion before blow drying (rubbing in the silk infusion it works best when my hair is very wet, dunno why). also, multivitamins help a lot.

hey anonymous:
i do have two toned lips. my top lip is this weird purple colour and my bottom lip is very pink. first of all, don't be conscious of your lips. i spent so many years hating my two-toned lips and to be honest no one really gives a hoot except yourself. it's always more present in your mind than everywhere else. im sure you're absolutely gorgeous so dont feel bad (i feel passionately about this, can you tell? LOL). i counteract the two toned-ness with lip liner. i dont bother with foundation and powder on my lips but when i do that my lipsticks look much more different than what i'm used to. a lip liner usually does the trick. i then top it off with different lip products.

hope that helps and i hope i wasn't too preachy

11:05 PM

Anonymous said...

You are soooooooo gorgeous!!!
What "dark circles" are you refering to? You're a billboard for an expensive luxurious moisturizer:)
(And I mean that in the most complimentary way ever!!)
Btw what can you reccomend for dark circles? I look like a walking zombie lately, since I've been working over 11 hours a day:( My under eye area is sooooo dry, this is after I slather copious amounts of Kiehls caffine eye cream. Sob sob


6:16 AM
Anonymous said...

Do you have any recomendations on lip plumper (I was wondering because your lips look so nice and full in this FOTD)!

8:40 PM
Isha said...

OMG, finally u post ur pic up...ur so gorgeous, I love ur nose, its so cute (i know wierd compliment) and ur lips!!! I want lip injections, now that ive seen ur lips...gorgeous girl

12:57 PM
Anu said...

Hey ranjani,

trust me, those dark circles are there and thriving (and resisting any treatment). the only one eye cream that has done anything remotely noticeable for my undereyes is the teamine eye cream. my undereyes looked a bit brighter after using it for a year. however, castor oil at night also helps because it keeps the area really moisturized. other than that combination, i have never had any eye cream work on my dark circles.

hey anonymous:
i don't use lip plumpers because i would look even more like mr. potato head (i love disney movies. ignore if needed). however, keeping your lips moisturized really helps in not making them look smaller. i will get back to you on lip plumpers (just don't try mac plushglass. nothing plumping about it).

hey isha
thank you so much for your kind words. trust me, i'm glad this whole full lips thing is in because growing up i thought i looked like... drumroll... mr potatohead. *hugs*

10:05 AM

Anonymous said...

Can you comment on a good concealer for Indian skin?

4:54 AM
Bali said...

Hey Anu!

You look fabulous.

I'm getting married this August & I need some serious help =(, I have the same skin tone as you (medium brown with yellow undertone), I have a tough time finding the right concealer & foundation (my skin is not as clear as you though I have some acne scars on my cheeks). The issue I'm having is I'm just unable to find the right foundation/concealer , I have tried clinique, presceptive..they all come with red or orange undertone. Since I have oily skin, after couple of hrs the makeup looks even worse on me =(
Can you pls pls pls suggest me some foundations you use.

10:45 AM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
what exactly do you want to use the concealor for? under eyes or facial discoloration or acne marks? i like make-up forever's palette concealor, their lift concealor, bobbi brown's corrector is awesome, bobbi brown's concealor, and mac's concealos because they have a vast range of colours. let me know what exactly you're looking for in your concealor.

hey bali:
try using a foundation primer before your foundation. i know it's an extra step but it really helps the foundation stay on longer and go on smoother. also, you can try to balance out the yellowness of your skin (i love this about primers) if need be. make-up forever has great primers. again, see how your skin reacts to using primers. and then comes the foundation. how much coverage do you need from your foundation? also i understand how frustrating it must be for your foundation to oxidize or be too yellow or pink based. i've hears amazing things about dior forever foundation. I tried a sample of this (i have a very long but very amusing story about how i received this sample. if i want to embarrass myself i will post it) and i must say it has a great finish for photo and looks very natural in real. the colour choices might be limited but the sales assistant was able to match me. if you're around my skintone i think you will find a match.

try looking for a foundation that's perhaps a tad lighter than your skintone if you find that foundations oxidize on you. walk around with it for the rest of the day before buying it. see which shade matches your skintone and how it wears, especially if you're going to use a primer underneath. i hope this helps

11:30 AM

Lalitha said...

Heya - has the 126 brush changed name or something, that you know of? i can't find it on the mac website... thanks

4:52 PM
Anu said...

hey lalitha,
that was completely a mistake on my part. i meant to say the 129 brush. i like it a lot more than the 150, which i find is very prickly. certainly not my favourite powder brush. the 129 i love because of its size and versatility. again, i apologise

5:27 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi Annu, Thanks for changing the background color of your web page.
I am wondering what color are you wearing on your lips in this pic, is it lipstick or lip gloss?
Again, great blog!!

7:59 AM

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