Essence of Beauty Walnut Whip Body Cream

I didn't plan on making a section for creams, lotions, scrubs etc for the body. Since I love them and have just found the body cream that I humbly attribute the power to launch a thousand shopping sprees, I figure I ought to share this obsession with you too. The body cream in question is the Essence of Beauty Walnut Whip Body Cream.

I was slumming at my local CVS (the staff there knows me as the make-up cazy girl who haunts the aisles and goes "oooohhhh prettttyyyyyy" at all the colours) when I picked up the Walnut Whip Body Cream. This comes in a round, brown tub and weighs 205 grams. The cost is a little less than $5 but I think these go on sale once in a while too.

I've been using it for the past few days and I cannot believe how much I love this cream. The texture is medium to light and it feels very airy when you apply it. It doesn't feel greasy and moisturizes quite well. I've had body creams that moisturize better but this is nothing to sneeze at. My skin doesn't get dry during the day with this cream and since it's winter I think that's an accomplishment.

As for the smell, it smells like a warm walnut and vanilla mixture which makes it a fairly sophisticated and complex. It also lasts for a long time and doesn't disappear into thin air. If you like warm, vanilla food smells, the Walnut Whip Body Cream is a great choice. I love this smell so much I can't stop marveling at how great I smell. Yes, I know, I'm complimenting myself here but this cream smells so very good.

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mehia said...

i might try that. i have extremely dry skin.

11:04 AM
Anu said...

i hope you like it. you can mix a few drops of jojoba oil with the cream to help very dry skin (which is what i do when my skin is REALLY dry). works very well and absorbs quickly.

11:14 AM

Indigo said...

Omg I'm the Same wayy but at Walgreens LOL but Cvs is awwsumness 2 - anywho ~ILuvv ALL of ~Essence OF Beauty ~ body creamz N lotions 1 which I'm curntly using Citrus Coconut body cream ~ its like Heaven in A Tub :) the. scent is citrusy but not like A fake bodyspray made for Tweens citrusy - it act. resmbbles an Orange sherbrt smell N the texture is quite the same as wat u explaind b4 - I'm dieing 2 try The Passion Flower scnt in the body cream version ;) N' Gracias' añu for the jojoba oil tip - I've suffered. with vry sensitive N dry skin my whole Life Also I luvv Doves new Cream oil body lotion realy wrks great N the best part is , it not only rids u of ashy dry skin But continues to nurture Heal n softn with prolongd use ;) but u gotta stck with it : D N I luvv all of Doves Cream oil bodywashes 2 : D
k I'll stop rambling now on my Fav. Porducts LOL

6:31 PM
Anonymous said...

I am completly infatuated with this cream(walnut whip) The smell actually opens up something in my mind and I can't do without it. If I misplace it I go nuts until I find it. I could take stock out in this stuff. I loooovve it!!!!!

3:06 PM
Anonymous said...

They have discontinued this!! WAHHHH!

12:50 PM

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