Besame Noir Red: Deep, Dark Red Lipstick

This is not quite a full-on FOTD, but bear with me while I get to that. I know some of you wanted reviews on red lipsticks or a look incorporating red lipstick. I have a review here of Besame's Noir Red. So put on a pair of sunglasses (it makes my teeth look W-H-I-T-E and I couldn't help showing it off. I'm not concerned about your ability to see, I'm sorry. Not when my teeth look this white.)

First off, let me start by saying how incredibly irritating the size of Besame's lipsticks are. They are the same size as a sample lipstick I once received at the Shiseido counter. The company states that the formula of the lipsticks is very richly pigmented so you use less. I'm not sure how accurate I would say this assessment is, but I do agree that the lipsticks are very pigmented. The lipsticks are also rich, creamy, non-drying, and long lasting.

Noir Red is an intensely pigmented deep blackberry red. It's not for the faint of heart but it is fairly easy to wear since it's not a straight-up, screaming red. This colour would suit a wide variety of skintones, but I think this was made for us darker skinned ladies. Furthermore, if you also have the problem of two-toned lips you'll find that Noir Red does a good job of fooling you into thinking your lips are both the same colour. This never happens to me unless I'm wearing a generous dose of lip liner.

All you nc45s of more should definitely try out this colour if you ever get yourself over the ridiculously small size of the lipstick (can you tell that this is an issue for me). The colour is so glamorous and so pigmented that I feel like the tiny size of the lipstick is worth it.


Arabesque said...


You so have got to tell me how you got your teeth to look that white! I hesitate to wear red, coz it makes my otherwise fairly whitish teeth look yellow - very irritating, and a killer for the confidence.

The colour is awesome, though.

Have you tried this brand: by Terry. I found their lip gloss and blush really nice. xx

6:17 AM
Mehia said...

That looks crazy sexy. I'm an nc45 I need to try that!!!

4:16 PM
Black cat said...

This looks great but I'm not whipping out my CC yet. I want red-red, movie-star red, not burgundy red!!! marilyn Monroe red for desis! {Black cat is throwing a tantrum because she tried some red NARS lip stains and was duped into buying a crappy one by SA and shop won't do return or excjange but would gladly show her how to add other products to modify the color. WT*? }

6:37 PM
Black cat said...

P.S: Teeth look fab - what are you using?

6:40 PM
Anu said...

Hey arabesque:

This isn't a very orangey red so it makes my teeth look super white. Try a blue-toned red to whiten the teeth so to speak. I haven't tried by terry but i've heard great things about it.

Hey Mehia:
it's a geat colour. my only gripe is that the lipsticks are ridiculously small. I believe the company is coming out with bigger lipsticks soon. I have to add that the lipsticks are very pigmented. This particular one plays a great stain.

Hey black cat,
I have a red coming your way. A more true red which I will put up a pic of soon. And i tell you, it's the lipstick that's making my teeth look so white :)

3:02 PM

Black cat said...

Sounds great sweetie. Can't wait. Has to top Duboneet though!!! ;-)

2:05 PM
Anonymous said...

Hey Anu!

I love this lipstick on you, it's really hot!
I recently bought Nars Indian red, and I think I've found my HG red lippie!
I want to send you a note of all my HG's, should I mail you with them?


12:16 PM
Rakhee said...

Hi Anu,

First, I love your blog! Thanks so much...

I was wondering if you could help me find a red lipstick for my NC35 skin tone...Any suggestions....Thanks !

7:29 AM
Alexia said...
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Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful and such an inspiration to women of colour! I'm a biracial (Cameroonian-French) girl and I read your reviews religiously. I am also looking for the perfect lipstick in red and I found another brand specialized in lipsticks Julie Hewett. She's very helpful for us because on her side, she has a part "what red are you' and the colours look so beautiful. The lipstick case are regular, not sample size as Besame's. I do wanna try Besame but it's so small for its price! So try Julie Hewett and tell me what you thought of it!

You are drop-dead gorgeous, girl!

2:23 AM

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