Aishwarya's Mascara Ad

I think we can all agree that mascara commercials are misleading. When I was an innocent, uncorrupted soul, I used to believe that masacara commercials would mirror the lashes I'd get from using the mentioned product. A lot of frustration, tears, and not to mention clumpy lashes later (imagine 8 coats of thickening mascara on my poor lashes), the truth dawned to me in one of my Photoshop classes. A while ago, L'oreal was called out on its misleading mascara commercial featuring Penelope Cruz. Looking at Aishwarya's new mascara commercial, methinks not much has changed. She still looks great though and I'm very tempted to try out the shadow she's wearing.

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Anonymous said...

do u know what is on her lips?or can u suggest something? Thanks

4:20 PM
Anonymous said...

OMG! How is it possible to be so beautiful! She's perfect!

5:45 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous:
prescriptives bare cream with some balm or clear lip gloss for shine looks a lot like what she's wearing.

hey anonymous:
she sure is gorgeous

10:59 PM

Anonymous said...

So what colors is she wearing on her eyes?

2:13 PM
Anu said...

Hey anonymous,

The ad says she's wearing L'oreal's Colour Appeal shadow in Platinum Silver and Dazzling Khaki.

9:58 AM

kurdi said...

she is so beautiful im;e kurdish and kurdish girls are not up to that standard why isshe so beautiful

10:11 AM
Anonymous said...

My lips are really dark (btw i'm brown) and i dunno what do, i know i should wear lip gloss and all but that barely helps, is there some sort of a remedy, plus I love Aishwarya Rai's makeup in the Simi Garewal shows (the one where she wears the black dress) can u tell me how I can achieve her eye makeup?

6:35 PM
Anonymous said...

wow this is WAY belated, but in case u check ur new comments, Anu, I just saw the Aishwarya interview with Simi garewal (with Ash in the black dress) and would also love it if you could give us some pointers on her eye makeup, especially the highlight. Hope this catches your attention! And thanks for all the great work with the blog, it's become one of my staples now!! Thanks!

3:44 AM

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