I decided to put up an entire face tutorial/look. Don't ask me how I gathered the courage to put my pic here, but since many liked this rather simple look that I did, I took the plunge. Please link to the page rather than copy the image (I will take down the pic if this turns out to be a fiasco).

This tutorial is rather basic except the liner might need a bit more deftness than usual. Overall, it's a fairly easy look that's a bit on the dramatic side. I am using this as a testing ground to see whether full face looks/tutorials will be helpful or not. Let me know what you think.

Make-up used:

  • Yves Saint Laurent Complexion Enhancer #5. This isn't a foundation or a tinted moisturizer so it doesn't provide coverage. It does diffuse the light and gives me a polished and soft glow. Feel free to use the tinted moisturizer or any kind of complexion enhancer of your choice.
  • Besame Translucent Powder. Any good translucent powder will do.
  • MAC Cafe Matte lipstick.
  • NARS Turkish Red cream blush
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion. Feel free to use your favourite primer as Primer Potion can be a bit difficult to blend with.
  • Tarte Here's Looking at You eye shadow on the lid
  • MAC Mulch eye shadow in the crease
  • MAC Blacktrack fluidline
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara
  • Benefit High Beam to highlight
Tools used:
  • MAC 188 stipling brush to put on the complexion enhancer and translucent powder
  • MAC 239 for application of the shadow on the lid
  • MAC 217 for blending in the crease shade
  • Windsor and Newton angeled brush for applying the fluidline
Step 1:
Apply the complexion enhancer with MAC 188 by stipling it on first and then using small circular motions to buff it into your skin.

Step 2:
Apply a thin layer of translucent powder with the MAC 188.

Step 3:
Prep your lids with Primer Potion and let it dry. If you find blending very hard with this primer, I suggest applying some translucent powder over it so that it is easier to blend different shadows.

Step 4:
Apply Tarte Here's Looking at You on the lid with the MAC 239.

Step 5:
Define the crease and the outer corner of the eyelid with MAC Mulch eye shadow. I used benefit High beam to highlight my eyes, but if you want to add some extra oomph, blend in the shadow highlight of your choice on the browbone and into the crease.

Step 6:
Line your eyes with Blacktrack along the lower and upper lashline. Make the line on the top lid thin and starting short of the inner corner and make the line thicker as you get to the outer corner. Extend the liner slightly past the outer corners and connect the liner on the bottom lash line to the extend part of the liner (on the top lash line).

Step 7:
Apply a generous coating of mascara but be careful to comb out clumps with a spoolie brush.

Step 8:
Pat NARS Turkish Red on the apple of the cheeks and blend along the cheekbones to the temples.

Step 9:
Fill your lips with MAC Cafe Matte lipstick.

Step 10:
Dot Benefit High Beam along the top of the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose, on the browbones, on your cupid's bow. Blend it out by patting it out and thereby making it a sheer sheen.


yummy411 said...

yay! i'm glad you did cuz it's looks fab! more fotd's please!!!

10:11 PM
Anu said...

hey yummy 411,
I hope to take better pics and all that in the future. I'm still fumbling with my camera. I hope the look wasn't too blah or simple

10:15 PM

Anonymous said...

Wow youre stunning , and I dont mean that in a creepy way ! By the way I love your blog, its about time theres a place for us caramel girls to get make up tips !! :)

Merci !!

11:02 PM
Anonymous said...

Wow! Anu you are beautiful. I love your face cut...

4:06 AM
Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you should be a model. You're gorgeous! Thanks for the makeup tips- it's actually much more helpful to see the full face rather than sections. I love your eye makeup on this one!

8:35 AM
Anonymous said...


You look stunning!!! It really helps to see the eye makeup, blush, and lip color in relation to each other, so, a big YAY to full-face pics!!! Keep 'em coming!

I've been a silent reader of your blog for a while now...and a huge admirer....i'm just starting out with using makeup and you have no idea how much your tips/tutorials help me....i have a few questions...could you help please?

1. I am a MAC NC42 (in Mineralize SatinFinish foundation...that's the only MAC foundation i've tried so far...i know it's unbelievable, but i am kinda new in this field :)). What shade of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer would you recommend for me?

2. I read great things about the Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - what's your take on it? And what shade would you recommend for NC42 complexion?

3. I breakout easily in general, and have a few past acne spots that need coverage...is there a better foundation in MAC than the Mineralize SatinFinish for people like me? I did have a few breakouts after using MSF, but i'm not sure yet if it's entirely due to MSF.

4. Could you post a tutorial on applying the BobbiBrown shimmerbrick as a blush/highligher and eyeshadow? And also a review of the Rose shimmerbrick?

Thanks a ton!

10:17 AM
Anonymous said...

youre simply stunning Anu! -Alisha

10:43 AM
Anonymous said...

Your blog is so helpful (its the best website for desi looks by faaaarrr), and you look absolutely beautiful!

10:06 PM
Preeti said...

I love your looks! I am Indian and have the same skintone as you and so your FOTDs are really helpful. I like the full face tutorials a lot better because it is easier to see the whole look. Also you mentioned that you liked Bobbi Brown Apricot blush. Could you post an FOTD with that? I am trying to decide whether or not I need it.


1:51 PM
ChibiGrind1080 said...

thanks for the tutorial, and youre gorgeous!

2:55 PM
a-hem said...

I agree with everyone here.. you look gorgeous! Quick question on this look... When you wing your eyeliner a bit (like you've done ever so subtly and beautifully) is there a simple way to make sure both eyes look similar? It'd be useful for this and for a cat-eye, and I'm rather terrible with both. Thanks for the tips, though!

4:38 PM
Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Love the look, and you are beautiful:)


5:18 PM
Selina said...

you have fabulous cheekbones! it's nice to finally put a face to the blog!

8:26 PM
anitakrishlee said...

Wow Anu, you are very beautiful.

2:05 AM
Arabesque said...


Great make up, and you look lovely, masha'Allah.

I keep trying to do the eye-shadow thing, but it never turns out as precise and professional looking as yours. Help :(

2:50 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu!
You look very pretty, I love your lips. Your blog is great, but I never know which looks will be good on me. It would be awesome if you would put "makeup consultations" on your blog from pictures of real women who read The Indian Make-up Diva...
Keep up the great work!

10:07 AM
Anonymous said...

hi anu ,lovely pic n u r fab ........nice to get full face pic coz helps to know color cordination.keep up the good work......and yeah more such tutorials plz..........

3:48 PM
Anonymous said...

I love, love your blog.

I am running right out to buy everything you suggested, and am trying it out tonite!


11:14 AM
Nisha said...

I love browsing through your blog for beauty product ideas. There are so many out there that its nice not having to try them all on your own.

Any how, I had a quick question for what you would recommend for healing a breakout. I tried a full-face threading the other day (my first) and have bumps all over the right side of my face. Have you ever experienced this and what would you suggest?


2:41 PM
lipglossgirl said...

Hi Anu,
I love the full face tutorial. You are so pretty, and the makeup is fantastic. I am going to try some of the eye shadows. What concealers do you recommend?

9:09 PM
Shireen Afzal said...

Hi Anu, thanks for the great tutorials and pics. It's really good to see what kind of products suit Desi women.
I think you and I have the same skintone, would you mind mentioning what MAC NCx etc you are?

1:12 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
you look stunning and this look is great on you.It's really good to see how all the colours work together to create an overall look.

p.s i was wondering what you think of MACs N collection, i love the look of it bt i dont know if the colours would show up on my NC42 skintone.


7:46 AM
Yoli said...

Hi Anu! Great tutorial- you look fantastic and like everyone else has said, its so helpful seeing all of your wonderful tips all together. I LOVE love your eyeliner in this pic- so gorgeous! thanks for all of your tips and advice!!!

2:17 PM
Chic Mommy said...

wow, you're beautiful! Like a desi Angelina Jolie, just gorgeous!

7:54 PM
Anonymous said...

hi Anu,
Thanks for all your great tips. Could you please share the hair products that you use?
Or suggest products for my type of hair - My hair is wavy, pretty dry and frizzy, in short, very tough to maintain.

11:39 AM
Black cat said...

WOW Anu, you are gorgeous! And here I was secretly hoping you were just very smart. Now, I'm gonna have to hate you! ;-) Seriously this is a great look and a fabulous tutorial, as always. Thank you.

I have a request for red lips but not trashy red and pairing the lipstick with blush (powder, please).

Hugs and good wishes!

7:04 PM
mehia said...

O...M...G... you are seriously so beautiful

1:36 PM
Anu said...

Hey everyone:
thanks so much for your support and encouragement. I'll definitely try and take some better pics next time (my camera HATES me).

as for the specific questions:
hey anonymous:
1. I have never tried laura mercier's tinted moisturizer but I was matched with the shade almond. try something lighter than that maybe?
2. I've head HUGE raves on armani's LSF. I have yet to see this on someone or to try it on someone myself, but i have also heard that it can clog pores a lot. I would definitely try it out and walk around for a while before you commit if you have acne prone skin (like me, ARGH!)
3. from my experience with using mac's foundations, many people have noted that it clogs pores pretty badly. true, some have no problems with it, but a lot of people seem to find mac's full-coverage foundations quite heavy and pore-clogging. I's advise you to do this: quit using everything you might break out from, go back to the basics (moisturizer, sunscreen, eyecream, cleanser). then introduce one new product and use it for a week and see if it breaks you out. this way you can eliminate the cause of your breakout and see if the foundation is causing this.
4.I will absolutely put up a tutorial on what you requested :).

Hey preeti:
I will do a look soon with bb's apricot blush. Another question: would you rather the look be dramatic/colourful/natural? let me know :)

hey a-hem:
I make small dots with my liner brush so that I dont do the entire thing in one go. I make small dots extending fro the outer edge. then, when i know both sides are similar, i connected the dots and i can make a clear line. i hope this is clear and will do a tutorial on it soon. i will try and put it up asap.

hey arabesque:
what problems do you face when you apply eye shadow? let's see how we can help that :)

Hey nisha:
of course my skin reacts violently, it would have it no other way (well duh, if my skin can react badly to something, why wouldn't it :(). I put some neosporin on the affected area overnight and it usually helps calm the skin and make the forming zits smaller

hey lipglossgirl:
i LOVE make-up forever's lift concealor and bobbi brown's corrector is also very nice.

hey shireen:
my skintone is nc45. hope that helps :)

hey anonymous:
I had HUGE hops for the n-collection but alas, it failed me I honestly like only 2 of the lipglosses and the only lipstick i semi-liked was 5N. I was hugely disappointed but if you're around nc40 or lighter, you might find the collection more suited to you. on me, the colours looked nothing but ordinary and dupeable.

hey blackcat,
I will absolutely do a red lips tutorial. god, i LOVE red lips.

12:37 AM

Anonymous said...

Hi Anu. I have read your blogs and admired your FOTD's on MUA for years now, you are by far the most beautiful MUAer I have seen, ever. Just a question: How do you get your eyebrows SO perfect? Do you get them shaped by a salon, or do it yourself? They are perfect! Thanks...

2:24 AM
Black cat said...

Looking forard to the red lips tutorial and please pair with blush (and bring me coffee too!!!). I'm excited. The only red I own is MAC Dubonnet. Everything else is brown/wine/burgundy.

I recently got NARS Casino, which I pair up with Sin and also Albatross - LOVE it!

Now, on to the lips.... Please promise never to discontinue the blog.... AAAHHHHH!

6:52 PM
Kat said...

I love the blog!! Your FOTD is beautiful.

6:24 PM
Rakhee said...

Hi Anu,

I recently found your blog in my search of finding eyeshadow shades that will suit my complexion...I have a couple of requests for you
- Can you post a tutorial on applying eyeshadows
- Tutorial on eye-liner especially on the lower lind
- Shades of eye-shadows that will suit us desi woman....:)
- I use bobbi brown foundation..do you have any suggestions on a good foundation..I have acne prone skin.....


7:25 PM
preetsy said...

Wow.. you look lovely .. I'm glad you got the courage then to post the pic ;-) And thanks for all the information on this and other posts ! So So Useful ! Keep on the good work :)

6:04 PM

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