Happy New Year Everyone

I'm one of those people who finds out things much later than others (I was just filled in on gossip that was relevant 2 years ago) so forgive me for being late with wishing everyone a happy new year! Hope your Christmas (if you celebrate it) and Eid (again if you celebrate it) and any other festival you celebrated were fabulous.

I will write back on all the comments tomorrow. I am feeling a bit ill since I walked 2.5 hours in the cold after having washed my hair and not dried it completely. I was also not dressed for the long walk or the coldish weather. If you're thinking I'm an idiot you're probably right at this point. Good news is Dayquil is saving me.


Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you and thanks for the lovely blog of yours ,have been saved many times from makeup disasters thanks to your good work.Just wanted to share a little homemade tip for lessenig facial hair.Equal parts of ATTA (wheatflour) and Maida and oil .Make a small ball of this paste and rub over your face ( not on eyebrows ).Should work.People with dry skin do not rub too much as it might dry your skin.Not like facial wax but this is age old grandma receipe so y not try.

7:04 PM
Anonymous said...

I really like your website since you can hardly find any dedicated to indians and make up. I know you are not very fond of celina jaitley's make up since it doesn't always turn out looking great, but in some pictures she does look very pretty. Do you think it is possible that you could create a post on how to acheive a look similiar to hers?

9:42 PM

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