Benefit High Beam: My Cult-Like Devotion Never Seems to End

Some people are aficionados of very dark lipliner with a pale, frosty lipstick. While I firmly believe that there is a time and place for all make-up trends, I sincerely hope that trends such as the aforementioned one remain closeted. I know I sound awful, but I am about to redeem myself. My favourite trend, nay cult-like persuasion, in make-up is that of a dewy, glowy complexion. I want that youthful radiance and have tried countless number of ways to get it. You might remember, I ranted rather bitterly and vehemently against Kevyn Aucoin’s White Shimmer Liquid. I want something that will give me a gentle, lit from within glow that doesn’t look like sweat or oiliness and doesn’t look chunky and obvious. Which is exactly why I love Benefit’s High Beam. Also, the pic is ridiculously crappy since my camera is evil.

High Beam is a light pinky liquid that gives me a soft pearly glow. The consistency is not water or runny and it is easy to dot it on my cheekbones, browbone, the bridge of my nose, etc and blend it with my fingers. I’m not one for science (in my defense, I haven’t reached Sherri Shepard’s “Is the world round? I thought it was flat” delirium yet), but I feel like since I can warm up the liquid with my fingers, High Beam “melts” into my make-up better and doesn’t sit as a layer.

Another benefit (see the pun? I’m feeling awfully clever today) of High Beam is that it doesn’t give you a chunky shimmer. It doesn’t look obvious because it gives you a soft sheen rather than anything. I can’t see the individual particles that give me a glow. I find that this is what helps the dewy look I get from High Beam look natural and radiant.

One thing I must mention is that I think most desi skintones from nc45 to lighter can definitely pull off both, but if you’re much darker I’d recommend Moon Beam as it has a goldish sheen.

I haven’t ever broken out from this product before, so that is always a plus. As always, I recommend you try it out at a counter and walk around with it for a day to see how you react to it if you’re very concerned about clogged pores. For me, this is one of my favourite and most used highlighters along with Albatross (that love affair will never end).


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
hope you are recovering well from your cold.
I was wondering if you could recommend a brown lipgloss, i have dark red/brown lips and whenever i try a brown lipgloss on it ends up either looking white or too dark (like iv just smeared melted chocolate on my lips). Thank u x

8:51 AM
Anonymous said...

hey Anu,
have you ever used benefit's blushes?would you recommend any of them?
i also have a really bizare question,iv almost reached the bottom of my bottle of foundation and need to get some more but lately iv noticed that my skin colour changes throughout the this normal or am i just wierd?and should i get a different shade of foundation or stick with the same one? :S thanks x

9:13 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous..even i have dark lip color and i use Bobbi Brown shimmer lip gloss in Spun Gold. Its a brownish shade with slight golden shimmer. It worked well for me (got compliments!!) ..hope it works for you too :)

8:35 PM
Anonymous said...

thank you for the recommendation, it sounds lovely. I’ll definitely check it out soon.

7:08 AM
mehia said...

you have BEAUTIFUL skin... the green eyes monster is popping up lol happy new year!!!

7:26 PM
Anu said...

hey anonymous,
try looking for a brownish lipgloss with an undertone that looks good with your skintone. one of my favourites, stila's brown sugar, is a gorgeous sheer (but it has enough pigment, don't worry), brown with a lot of plum in it. it is a great neutral/nude brown lipgloss. it also depends on your skintone of course, but you can always use a lipliner underneath to give it an undertone so it doesnt look so flat and brown. let me know what your skintone is and i will def. recommend a few shades.

hey anonymous
i have to confess i've tried almost all of them, and since i'm an nc 45, i dont like georgia, dandelion, etc. i do love benetint, which is gorgeous and gives me a blush from within (if brown people could blush that is). i found dallas a bit too shimmery and not enough pigment, but maybe i should give it another try.

also, it sounds like your foundation is oxidizing if the colour change happens throughout the day. the oils of your skin etc might also throw off the colour of your skin/foundation. if you like the formula, i'd say test a lighter shade of foundation throughout the entire day. If you're open to trying other foundations, I would try looking for one that doesn't oxidize. also, you could try using a primer before foundations to help with the oils from your face, although that won't do too much if it's your foundation that i oxidizing.

hey mehia!
thanks so much :). i do have my regular battles with my skin. i hate how temperamental my skin is.

9:57 PM

Anonymous said...

hey Anu,
thank u for getting back to me about finding a brown never have managed to find the right one on my skin tone is nc42 hope this helps.
thanks again x

11:21 AM
anitakrishlee said...

Hey Anu,

Love the blush colour you have on. Was wondering, what shade of lisptick/lipgloss you usually wear? Also, would be nice to know what sort of cleansing routine and products you use for your face. I think you've got great complexion!

5:05 AM
Tatva said...

Hi Anu,

I was wondering if you have tried the MAC Studio Mist Foundation yet? If yes, what color have you used?

I did try the Dior AirFlash at the Sephora store, it looked great - on the back of my hand, didn't have the nerve to try it on my face! I may have used the 'Honey' shade. I just didn't feel like shelling out 60 bucks a pop for it!! So I was wondering if the MAC one was good..

Any thoughts welcome..

2:35 PM
e said...
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Anonymous said...

me parce Muy bonito El iluminador Pero Creo q te pusiste q parece q demaciado Hayas transpirado bueno besos

4:26 PM

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