Ardell Lash Growth Accelerator

I have phases where I go through the dreaded ‘bad eyebrow’ stage. It’s where I decide to grow out my eyebrows for a month or two and then go out and get them done. Usually, I’m happy with the results, but stylists sometimes get the need to thin out my eyebrows too badly and I burying my head in the mud for a month until things grow back. And they never seem to grow back the way I want them too either. Another complaint I have is that mascara can make my lashes weak and makes them fall off. It’s actually quite alarming waking up in the morning, rubbing your eyes, and having a chunk of lashes stick to your hand.

Ardell’s Lash Growth Accelerator has done a very good job of strengthening and regrowing my eyebrows and eyelashes. The Lash Growth Accelerator is a milky white, thin gel in a clear tube and mascara wand applicator. It is important to be consistent with applying it. I applied it every morning before doing my make-up and every night before sleeping. The formula did tingle, I won’t say it stung, and the feeling was very mild and disappeared quickly.

It is important to spread the product across the roots and to the skin, so be gentle but work the product to the roots/skin of your eyebrows. For the lash line, really make sure to wiggle the applicator into the roots of the lashes. I moistened a q-tip with the formula and made sure to cover the skin at the base of my lashes. I know I should say wait a few minutes until the Lash Growth Accelerator is dry (probably best for the effectiveness of the product), but I was sometimes too hurried to wait and it didn’t seem to deter too much from the effectiveness.

The results I got from the Lash Growth Accelerator were quite amazing. I was hoping it would help regrow my brow hairs and within a week of not plucking my brows and using the Lash Growth Accelerator faithfully, my brows were growing back quite heavily. In fact, after three weeks I couldn’t stand how much hair I had grown and I had to get my brows threaded. Now you might think this is the normal “weaning-off plucking phase” when you resolve to not touch your brows, but that is untrue. The hair grew back quite ferociously and much thicker than my normal regrowth. I am not sure what the results would have been if I had kept growing out my eyebrows, but judging from the speed and quantity of the three-week hair growth, I would have become Cousin IT’s, well, cousin.

The best thing about the Lash Growth Accelerator is what it did for my lashes. Thankfully, they’re not brittle anymore and I don’t loose more lashes than according to the normal cycle of my lashes. My lashes also feel much stronger with regular use. I have also started sprouting a few new lashes above my lash line where I had never had any growth. I can’t say whether this has made a difference in the length of my lashes but they are definitely healthier and thicker since they don’t break off. This itself makes a big difference in their appearance.

On a final note, Ardell’s Lash Growth Accelerator is excruciatingly hard to find. I scoured every drugstore within a 50 mile radius and never found it in any store. Finally, I just gave up an ordered online (why this didn’t occur to me before still needs demystifying) at where I got it for approximately $3.99.


lipglossgirl said...

Hi Anu,
Love your blog. Can you make some recommendations on good basic eyeshadow colors (browns)and brands? My skin color is MAC NC44 or 45. Thanks!

9:43 AM
mehia said...

i have to pick this up!! i'm such an eyelash freak. i must have this!!!

3:31 AM
Lalitha said...

Sounds good! I don't like the idea of a mascara wand applicator though- might try what you said about using a q-tip. On a similar note (may be easier to find?) are Mavala Double Lash and Talika Lipocils (the eyebrow version of this - apparently identical formulation but separate marketing - has a hoof shaped applicator which is easier to manipulate into eyelash roots). I've had good results with Talika and am just starting out wth the mavala (much cheaper). Will try the Ardell's when I'm done with that, thanks!

10:04 AM
Anonymous said...

hi try Rum Spice eyeshadow from Clinique. Its gorgeous on NC45 skin tone :)

9:21 PM
Anu said...

Hey Lipglossgirl,

i adore brown eyeshadows so you're come to the right place. Milani Java Bean is a priceless addition to my make-up and i've used it up quite a few times (imagine). mac mulch, mac sable, mac patina (not precisely brown, but brownish nonetheless), bobbi brown sable, mac cork, milani rich chocolate, and the milani touch of brown quad has such great brown shadows. also, the nars kalahari duo is divine. Hope this helps :).

Hey Mehia, let me know how it works out for you.

Hey Lalitha,
i tried talika before but unfortunately my lashes didn't retain the awesomeness they had while i used it and they went back to normal once i stopped using it :(. did you experience this too?

hey anonymous,
thanks for the tip

10:14 PM

Anonymous said...


6:30 AM
Anonymous said...

Can any1 tell me, where can i buy this product in India? any online shops?

8:39 AM
maymay said...

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