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Anonymous said...

hi Anu,
Thanks for all your great tips. Could you please share the hair products that you use?
Or suggest products for my type of hair - My hair is wavy, pretty dry and frizzy, in short, very tough to maintain.

11:41 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu!

I've been regularly checking out your blog and enjoy your posts.. especially because I'm Malaysian Indian myself and have a hard time finding makeup that suits my skin color.

I was just wondering, what is your skin-tone in the MAC range? Just wondering if the colors you use would suit me :) I was told I'm an NC42 myself.

Thanks! Kristy

2:37 AM
Anu said...

Hey anonymous:
I'm not too good with hair (I'm a make-up freak, but hair... I'm still learning). I use redken all soft conditioner, Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo once a week to clarify, chi silk infusion when i blow dry (this stuff is amazing. it leaves my hair soooo smooth and shiny and silky). I think you might like chi silk infusion, but i recommend trying it once before commiting to it. like I said, i'm just learning when it comes to hair.

Hey anonymous:
you can absolutely use the colous i suggested. I usually add whether I would use the colours would suit lighter or darker skintones than mine (nc45), but i think almost everything i noted would suit you beautifully.

12:11 AM

Anonymous said...

hi Anu,
Thanks for sharing and suggesting these hair products. I am still wondering as to which shampoo to use on a regular basis.

Usually, I put warm oil (coconut + olive) for a good 2-3 hours and then shampoo. I am looking for something that takes the oil out and yet doesn't dry my hair. I have tried the local brands like Johnson's baby shampoo and pantene but they all leave my hair dry and brittle.

I know you are not an expert, but I would appreciate any help.


1:11 PM
Anonymous said...

Forgot to include in my earlier reply - Would definitely try CHI silk infusion.
Thanks babe.

1:16 PM
Black cat said...

I personally like Aveda shampoos (mostly for the smell) and Ojon is nice too. I use Shampure from Aveda and it easily removes any grease from oils etc.

6:41 PM
maymay said...

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12:10 AM
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