Basic Purple Eye-Look

I was playing around with the few shadows that I had brought along with me on vacation and I did this basic look that I quite liked. I will post more intense looks soon, but for now I hope you like it. Also, you can use similar colours from other brands. I did list everything I used without forgetting even one product. It's a proud moment for someone who once forgot her books at home and went to school with an empty bag. Again, these are all true stories.

This is the final look:

The brushes I used:

  • MAC 239 brush. If you have an eyeshadow brush you like to basically apply shadow on the lid with, you can always use that instead.
  • MAC 219 brush. I used this for the crease, smudging, and blending. Again, if you have a different brush you prefer, go ahead with that one.
  • Windsor & Newton 1/8 inch angeled brush. I used this for the gel liner.
The make-up I used:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYC loose translucent powder
  • MAC Beautiful Iris shadow.
  • MAC Satin Taupe shadow.
  • MAC Carbon shadow. I think any non-glittery or non-shimmery shadow would suffice.
  • MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
  • Hard Candy Buttered Popcorn. I used this to highlight, but I really don't recommend it. It's an awful shadow but it was the only one I had on me for the job.
  • CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara
Step 1:
I patted on the Primer Potion on my lids and waited for it to dry (about a minute is fine if you ask me).

Step 2:
I applied a very thin dusting of translucent powder over my lids. I find that Primer Potion makes bending difficult. A thin veil of translucent powder helps me blend my shadows better without adding any danger of my shadows creasing.

Step 3:
I applied Beautiful Iris from lashline to crease.

Step 4:
I applied Carbon in the outer "v" and along the lash line.

Step 5:
I then applied Satin Taupe over the Carbon and blended it into the crease. I applied the shadow all the way into the inner part of the crease, right above the beginning of the eye. Make sure to blend the Satin Taupe into the Beautiful Iris, especially at the inner corner. I also apply less on the inner corner of the eye.

Step 6:
If necessary, add drama at the outer edge with Carbon. Make sure to blend it well into so it doesn't look like a bunch of black shadow.

Step 7:
I applied Blacktrack along my lower and upper lashline. I lined my lower waterline and on my upper lashline, I made the line fairly thin. I blended out the Blacktrack on both lashlines with the 219 brush. You could use a q-tip for this too.

Step 8:
I again applied Satin Taupe over the smudged liner on the top and bottom lashes.

Step 9:
I applied Beautiful Iris on the first 1/3 of the lower lashline, starting from the inner corner.

Step 10:
I added some highlight with Buttered Popcorn on my brow bone and on the inner corner (I told you I didn't like this shadow. It only gives a hint of colour and some glitter that falls everywhere).

Step 11:
I applied a bit of Lash Blast mascara and voila, we're done.

Cream Blush Staple: NARS Montenegro

I know a lot of you like powder blushes, but I wanted to dedicate a moment of worship to a classic berry shade of cream blush that just does so much to make me look happy and not sallow (I once got asked if I had jaundice by a friend. In my defense, I hadn’t slept all night and was highly dependent on Dayquil to stay alive). I am also very much washed out in this pic as it was taken in natural sunlight, without flash, and at around 2:30 pm. However, the blush is still visible, and I hope, pretty,

NARS Montenegro glides on like a dream and blends even better. I can pat it on with my fingers, use a small stipling brush, or a foundation brush to add thin layers of colour. The blush looks like an uneventful cold purple in the pan but on my cheeks it transforms to a happy, delightful, flattering berry shade. One huge plus is that it really brings a sparkle to my eyes. Madness? Maybe. However, I will swear on the casing of my first lipstick that this blush can lift the tiredness and sallowness from my face ad make my eyes look so bright. It’s a gorgeous colour that is so underrated and would look stunning on desi skin.

Since the colour is so buildable, this blush would flatter a wide range of skintones, even if you happen to be darker than nc45 (my shade). It would look equally pretty on lighter skintones. Really, I don’t think this blush is meant specifically for lighter or darker skintones. It’s a great staple in my stash that I always fall back on to make me look human (again, I blame Dayquil for this partly).

I know that the clogging of pores is always an issue with cream blush, so I would really advise you to try it out in a store and see if you react unfavourably to it. However, I have no problems with NARS cream blushes although I break out immensely from MAC blushcremes. If it turns out to not break you out, you have a great prettifying staple here.

Rupa's Picks

I asked you ladies to share the products you use. So here's the first installment.
Rupa emailed me a list of products she uses and likes.

1. MAC Studio Fix (but only with a primer underneath it). Great color match, easy to apply, generous amt of product for the dollar.

2. Chanel Hydrabase lipsticks. I own only 2 - both are discontinued :( Great texture, lasts a long time on lips, fades evenly.

3. Latest fav: UD Zero pencil liner. Easy to apply, deeeeeep yet bright black, doesn't smudge on top lashes. Most importantly - DOESN'T irritate my super sensitive eyes.

image source:,,

Brands Used by Bollywood Celebs

I was browsing the internet, waiting to be struck by a metaphorical lightning bolt to jolt me into writing something groundbreaking, when I found interviews with desi celebs on their make-up habits. Now keep in mind they still don't seem to like divulging exact shade information, but at least it's a push in the right direction.

Esha Deol:
I am very particular about my skin and trust only Mac as it suits my skin. I also like Clarins moisturisers as they are very light.

Neha Dhupia:

I am very particular about my makeup as we practically live in it for long hours when we are shooting. I only use MAC and Bobbi Brown as these suit my skin and they are in tune with the international trends in makeup.

Anchal Kumar (apparently she’s a model for L’Oreal in India. I have no clue who she is otherwise, but she looked so pretty in the pic I saw of her):

For skin care I depend entirely on Clarins as it suits my skin and works wonderfully. I use moisturiser, sunscreen, cleanser and beauty flush balm that hydrates my skin. For makeup, I use Mac shimmer powder and foundation. It acts as a great base for Indian skin. Christian Dior lipsticks and lip gloss are just amazing. For a change I use eye shadows and blushers from Bobbi Brown.

Nandana Sen:
Unless my films require I use very light make-up. For skin care, I use products from Clinique as they are not perfumed, lip balm and light brown eye pencil from MAC, Lakme kajal and Christian Dior make-up. When I was 16, my mom gifted me Christain Dior's Diorissimo, since then I mostly use this perfume. Perfumes from Schnell and Tresor by Lancome are also among my favourites. The fragrance can be described as light and floral with a tinge of sweetness.

Tanushree Dutta:
Make-up is another big domain I shop for. I like Christian Dior foundation and nail polish, Mac eye shadows and lip glosses. I also use Nina Ricci lip gloss and Revlon nail polish. I don't use Indian products as I am not too sure of their quality.

Ayesha Takia:
Blush-on, mascara and mocca lipstick from Mac and chapstick from Molten Brown is what I dig for. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera, Cheery by Christian Dior and True Star by Tommy Hilfiger are among my favourite brands in fragrance.

Shilpa Shetty:
I use products from Mac, Stella, Estee Lauder and Nars. I don't stick to one brand. If a colour suits my skin tone I may even go for a new brand. Before I go to bed, I use Johnson's baby oil to get rid of the makeup on my face and then dab it with a hot towel.

Amrita Arora:
I am not very fond of make-up. But if I use I am very particular about the brands. I draw on mascara by Estee Lauder, kajal by Revlon and fruity lipgloss and cheek tint from MAC. They suit my skin tone and are very soft on sensitive skin.

Perizaad Zorabian:
I use only Mac products as they have quality products. My makeup man uses them and maybe I am used to the look and feel. Red Earth is another brand I like for its colours.

Koena Mitra:
For my stage shows and shoots the brands I stick to for cosmetics are Derma, Krylol, Mac and Bobby Brown. I usually shop at Beautiful in Khar or from make-up artists Bharat and Doris’s make-up counter at Citi Mall. They generally have all the uncommon and latest stuff in make-up. When I am not facing the camera I dab Kohl pencil, Mac gloss and very little cream blush. I hate using a base cream unless it’s very imperative.



Hey everyone!
I just finished my exams and finally have the time to sort through everything. I will post a ton of stuff up soon and will get back to you asap. Thanks for being so patient.

NARS Tamango: A Great Winter Shade

I’m not really a summer person. I like the darkness of winter where it finally becomes ok for me to wear deeper coloured make-up. Little kids stop throwing stones as the “evil witch who has come for their souls” and just shrug me off as the moody make-upaholic. Winter cloaks all I tell you, and it even makes my love for darker colours tolerable. My newest love for the winter is NARS Tamango.

First off, let me start by describing to you how wonderful the colour is. It’s not a true red, it is a brick red with too much brown in it to be called that. However, the combination of the red and the brown form this gorgeous warm and glamorous colour. The texture too makes this lipstick very wearable as it is not opaque or matte. To me, the colour can be sheered out, but it cam be applied to have a strong impact as well. The formula is moisturizing so my lips don’t peel after a few hours (I face this problem a lot). To me, this helps me wear lipsticks in the winter since my lips really can’t survive under drying lipsticks.

Tamango is the perfect winter shade and while it would look great on lighter desi women, it would look particularly fabulous on us melanin-enhanced folks.

Review: Origins Wild Flower

For those of you who like to go for a happy, perky nude lip colour in the winter and want to stay away from intense reds and burgundies (not me btw. I’ve hauled out all my intense lip colours and wear them with abandon, not caring whom I scare), Origins Liquid Lip Color in Wild Flower is a great choice.

It’s a rather thin gloss, not too runny, that has a minty smell, taste, and tingle to it. I for one don’t like ay flavour or smell to my make-up so I was very relieved the tingling went away quickly and the smell became traceless soon enough. Although the texture of the gloss is thin, I find the formula quite moisturizing.

The colour is a great medium pink-rose that has a hint of brown to make it wearable. I will say that the shine is not overwhelming and gives my lips a rather wet look rather than intense shine. For my nc45 skintone this is a great variation of the nude lip-look. I tend to favour beiges (watch me look like a corpse every time I try this), but this lip gloss gives me a jolt of “pretty” and “alive” in addition to a very subdued look.

Headstart for Next Week: A Request from Me

Hey Ladies,

I have been wanting to make a post on what works for you guys. Just email me if you'd like to make a post on what products you live by etc. (yes I truly have been reading feedback and don't just say this). I would love to start a weekly guest-blogging post about what works for all of you. Just let me know and we'll go on from there. My email is Meanwhile, wish me luck. Another 3 more days of no sleep, lots of research, and stressing out.

Great Updates Soon to Follow

Hey Ladies,
I am so sorry for the late blogging/responses. I have one last final on Thursday and then I am DONE! So bear with me until Monday next week. I have been reading all your comments and am definitely planning on bringing you lots of different things. Wish me luck!

Essence of Beauty Brushes

I wanted to dedicate a post towards affordable, but very good brush sets. Feel free to add on information about other good, inexpensive brushes that you like.

Before investing a bunch on my current brushes, my brush stash consisted of Essence of Beauty brushes I had bought at CVS. I love most of the brushes I have from this line. They’re very soft, durable, and apply make-up so well. My favourite brushes from the line are the eye shadow brush, the crease brush, and the angled blush brush.

One good thing about these brushes being so cheap is that I know I wouldn’t be devastated if I used them roughly or they lost their shape. So I really use the heck out of them. And throughout my continuous abuse, the brushes have held up so well and are still in their initial shape.

I was my brushes regularly and even after a few years, the brushes are not scratchy and they barely shed. In fact, the EOB angled blush brush shed less than my MAC 136 brush. There are a few misses in the line, for example I’m not crazy about the eyeliner brush (it’s still decent though. I think the angled eyeliner brush is supposed to be better), but this is such a great line of brushes to explore.

Great Make-up: Madhuri Dixit's New Look

I think studying has made me not able to sleep at night. I feel sleepy at the weirdest times. That issue aside, I adore Madhuri's look in her new movie so I figured let's start with her make-up breakdown.

Moisturize your skin with a light moisturizer according to your skin type. To make make-up last and not make it settle into pores and fine/expression lines, I'd recommend using a primer for this look. However, feel free to skip this step. Apply a satin finish medium coverage foundation to your skin in light layers. Conceal under the eyes if needed and set your make-up with translucent powder.

Recommendations: Dior Forever Foundation, Revlon Botafirm Foundation, Make-up Forever Lift Concealor, NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder in Translucent. I would really recommend using MAC's 188 brush to apply the foundation as it gives a flawless finish and deposits light/thin layers of foundation.

This look has a slight glow to it and if you want to enhance that you can always add a touch of a pink-beige highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, and on top of your cupid's bow.

Recommendation: MAC Strobe Cream, LORAC Oil Free Luminizer in Pearl L1

As always, I recommend using a good primer to keep shadows from creasing or fading.

Recommendation: Ueban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Don't overpluck the eyebrows for this one and keep them groomed as as full as possible. Fill in brows with a brow pencil.

Recommendation: Milani Easy Brow Pencil

If you're using Urban Decay Primer Potion as your shadow primer, I really recommend dusting a sheer veil of translucent powder over it. This really helps with blending which is otherwise difficult to do with this product. Apply a shimmery, peachy-gold shadow from lash line to crease.

Recommendation: MAC All That Glitters

Apply a dark shimmery brown from the outer corner of the crease to just short of the inner corner. Line your lower lash line from the outer corner to the inner corner of the iris with the same shadow.

Recommendation: MAC Mulch

Apply a shimmery, very light beige gold shadow on the brow bone and blend slightly into the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Shroom

Apply a thin line of black gel or liquid liner on the top lash line. Don't thicken the line too much as you go outward and always maintain a thin line as close to the lashes as possible. With a black pencil liner, line the lower lash line to the outer edge of the iris. Use a q-tip or smudge brush to blend the liner into the brown shadow.

Recommendation: MAC Blacktrack, Wet 'n' Wild H20 Proof Felt-Tip Liquid Liner, Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner

Apply a generous coat of a thickening mascara on top and bottom lashes to give you as much volume as possible. If you want, apply an extra coat at the outer edges. Brush with a lash comb if necessary to get rid of clumps.

Recommendation: Cover Girl Lash Blast (I love this stuff. I know, I know, so much hype, but I got asked three times already if I was wearing fake lashes), L'Oreal Voluminous

Apply a medium duty rose blush with slight shimmer lightly on the apple of your cheek and blend towards the temple.

Recommendation: LORAC blush in Soul

Fill in lips with a a creamy medium brown-nude lip liner. Top it off with a pigmented mauve lip gloss with brown undertones.

Recommendation: Sephora Lip Pencil #115, Laura Geller Parfait Lipgloss in Chilled Maple