I had the most hellish 2 weeks EVER! with the help of sheer will power, lots of tea, a bit of slacking off, and no sleep for 2 weeks, I finished up one HUGE assignment. I will upate tomorrow. thanks for your patients ladies.

Hope You Ladies Are Doing OK

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry I haven't updated in a while. You know how your finals can either kill you or just give you stomach ulcers for the rest of your life. I'm trying to keep it at the ulcers, but it seems like school is intent on killing me. I will be better at updating and will get back to all you wonderful ladies soon. I also have a few posts on wedding make-up. I also plan on putting up the message boards up and a bunch of different things. Just remember, technology hates me so don't kill me if the forums are as ugly as black eyeliner used as a lip liner with a frosty light pinky gray lipstick over it. It will get there I promise.

On another side note, I never know whether it's grey or gray. I read a book once where the main character's last name was Grey and ever since then I have never been able to keep the two spellings apart.

Next Blush Installment: Nars Lovejoy

So to continue my blush installments, I have decided to head this one with a classic. Just don't be scared by the shimmer you see in the pic as I'm also wearing a highlighter over it (NARS Albatross to be exact). In case you didn't know, I'm something of a highlighter-addict.

Lovejoy on its own, without the added highlighter, is a very versatile rosey bronze colour with slight golden shimmer. Slight shimmer mind you that is very natural looking when worn. The colour itself veers a bit more towards a brown tinted bronze on my skin and the rose undertones help the colour from not making me look like I was dipped in some liquid metal.

The blush is a great neutral that has great pigmentation and stays pretty much all day. It is also a very versatile shade that I keep reaching for when I do a various number of looks. On my skin I found that I didn't need to use a special brush for application and a regular blush brush would do. If you're fairer and want a sheerer application, then I think a stipling/skunk brush might be the way.

The beautiful thing about this blush is that I can imagine it flattering wide range of skintones, especially ones that have warm undertones. As I am practically green/olive undertoned this blush helps chase away the sallowness I can get if I haven't slept or am tired. For an added pop you can always add a brighter colour on the apple of your cheek. However, I think this blush is quite near perfect on its own (can you tell it's one of my favourites).

If you find this pic irritating (the albatross is really gorgeous and much more subtle in real life) let me know and I will put up a better pic. On a side note, I am deathly in love with NARS Albatross.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Riche. Not Very Complicated, But An Amazing Staple

I have very, very sensitive skin as you might remember from my rather frequent complaints about it. The winter especially is hard and my skin really gets dry and takes a beating. I am also a little reluctant to slather on a very heavy moisturizer as I am also prone to break outs. Enter La Roche Posay’s Toleriance Riche. I know I praise a lot of things by this line, but I promise I only praise things that truly work for me and don’t irritate the hell out of my skin.

Toleriance Riche comes in a ridiculously tiny squeeze tube and in my opinion the company really could afford to give customers a bigger size. That is my main pet peeve with this moisturizer. Other than that, it is a truly amazing thing. It doesn’t contain any preservatives and is quite no-frills. It doesn’t have an anti-aging or free radical killing properties. It’s basically a rich moisturizer that has a very minimum amount of ingredients. And that is precisely why it has turned out to be such a life saver for me.

This moisturizer sinks in quickly but it’s quite rich and leaves my skin dewy. It doesn’t irritate the skin and helps so wonderfully to calm the redness I get from harsh wind (told you my skin was sensitive). Redness and peeling are diminished greatly if not gone when I remember to use this moisturizer every night.

The moisturizer is also great as a spot treatment for very dry skin during the day time. I alternate between this and Neosporin if I am in danger (or am already perilously close) of my skin getting onion-like and peeling in layers. I can’t rave enough about this miracle in a tube. If you’re looking for a good (night time) moisturizer that essentially is meant to hydrate your skin, look not further.

Make-up For Attending a Wedding: Day

In honour of Closet Diva and anyone else who might find this helpful, I'm making a post on what to wear when attending a wedding. This is more geared to a day look and you're free to tweak it as you want. Also, Let me know what you ladies think of this. I will post more about the subject, just point me in the direction of your concerns.

Some general guidelines:

  • What I really like doing is looking around for inspiration before any big event. I scour magazines and looks on celebs or from make-up lines. You can get tons of ideas this way and maybe decide on elements from particular looks and mesh them to create something unique of your own.

  • Try not to be too matchy-matchy with your make-up. I don't go for make-up colours that clash too much with my outfit, but try thinking of your make-up as needing to suit your face. You want to flatter your face, not necessarily your outfit. I know this sounds weird, but if you subtly enhance your features you stand out. If you coordinate you make-up with your make-up, you're enhancing your clothes.

  • Don't try out any new skincare things less than two to three weeks before the big event. Just imagine, you have two weeks to go, everything is finalized, and you try a new facial and you break out. Give your skin enough time to heal if heaven forbid you react badly to the new skin-care addition.

  • Get a friend who will give you an honest opinion. Sounds so basic, but sometimes you just need someone to say "that does NOT look good, don't go with it.
Some make-up tips:
  • Find a primer that works for you. By this I mean a foundation primer and an eyeshadow primer. A good foundation primer will make your make-up glide on better and help it stay on longer. A good eyeshadow primer will help bring out the shadow and liner colours and it will make them last.

  • Find your foundation-concealor-powder combination. More than anything you want your skin to look good, so finding a combination of the products will really go a long way in fulfilling this goal. Some foundations contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and these give a whitish cast under flash light. Also, foundations and powders that have a dewy finish will look oily. Look at the ingredients and look for a satiny to matte finish rather than other finishes.

  • I tend to make my eyes the focal point for a big event. Why? Because talking, eating, drinking, and eating again makes me lazy and I don't reapply my lipstick/gloss as much as I should. Make sure your eye make-up wears like steel. I adore Urban Decay's Primer Potion as it makes my shadows so vibrant and wear for a long time. If you have trouble blending shadows on it, try powdering your lids after applying the primer potion. I also like MAC's Fluidlines instead of traditional liners. For mascara, waterproof is a good choice. Another step I take if the occasion calls for it is Ben Nye Final Seal. I do have to make sure this doesn't go into my eyes but it is industrial strength when it comes to making my eye-make-up last.

  • For blush, I want it to last but at the same time look natural. I like to layer blush so that it lasts longer. I look for a cheek stain and powder blush that compliment each other. A sheer cheek stain lasts for a long time and gives depth to the powder blush. This way, you will still have a hint of colour at the end of the day if the powder blush ever fades away. It is important to not overdo the blush. TheBalm has great cheekstains. I recently got TheBalm's Stainiac in Prom Queen. It is more of a gel than a liquid. It doesn't set the instant you put it on your skin so you have enough time to blend. After it sets, it holds really well until I wash it off at night.

  • Stay away from shimmer. Shimmer is really exaggerated in pictures. If you want to add shimmer, take some pictures with your digital camera so you can calibrate the amount needed. However, less really is more.

  • For lips, my biggest guidelines are to test drive the lipstick/gloss combo. What I mean here is that some lipsticks really dry out my lips eve if they're not long lasting formulations. For example, some MAC lipsticks kill my lips and I end up with ugly flakes. My lips can get so dry that not even gloss or balm can make the flakes disappear. Some really comfortable lipsticks are Clinique's Buttershines. I also really like lipsticks by Prescriptives and Origins because I find them so comfortable to wear.

  • Don't go overboard on the gloss. Too shiny lips can break a look so just be careful with this.

Great Make-up: Sonam Kapoor

I'm not sure whether it's her make-up or it's her huge smile, but I love the clean, young make-up on her. I tried the make-up out on myself and while it did look like hers, the young , girlie thing is all her own. Sad, but it's a personal grievance.

Good, healthy skin is essential to this look. I wouldn't recommend using a full-blown foundation for this look but a dewy tinted moisturizer should give you enough coverage, moisturize your skin, and let your own skin shine through. If needed, apply a bit of concealer on problem areas and blend into the foundation. Apply translucent powder to set the tinted moisturizer.

Recommendations: Aveda's Inner Light Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, Shiseido The Make-up Enriched Loose powder, NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder

Even though the shadow is very subtle, I would recommend using a good primer to make the shadows last.

Recommendation: MAC Paints in Bare Canvas

The brows are very natural looking for this look. Brush your brows with a spoolie brush and set them with some lash gel.

Recommendation: Maybelline

Apply a shimmery peachy gold shadow on the entire lid till the crease.

Recommendation: MAC All That Glitters

Crease/Outer Shade:
Apply a shimmery coppery rose shadow on the crease and on the outer third of the lid. Extend the colour to slightly above the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Falling Star, Milani Flare

Apply a light, shimmery beige shadow that has a hint of gold for warmth onto the browbone and blend into the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Ricepaper

The liner for this look is very clean so I recommend using either a liquid or gel liner. Alternatively you could dip a wet brush into a black shadow and use that to line the eyes. Start from the inner corner of the eyes on the top lid, staying as close to the lashes as possible and thickening the line slightly as you get to the outer edge. Extend the liner slightly past the outer edge. Line the lower lash line and connect it with the extended liner.

Recommendations: Wet 'n' Wild H20 Proof Felt-Tip Liquid Liner, Mac Blacktrack (gel liner)

Apply two coats of a thickening mascara on top and bottom lashes. Comb lashes with a lash comb if necessary.

Recommendation: L'oreal Voluminous

Apply a soft slightly coral pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your temples.

Recommendation: NARS Portofino Multiple

Apply a rich pink lipstick that has a coral note (to warm it up of course) and top it off with a mauvey pink gloss that has warm shimmer.

Recommendations: MAC Fresco, MAC Viva Glam V lipglass.

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Teamine Eye-Cream: Not Quite the Miracle In a Jar

I got the Teamine eye-cream last year after asking my derm for something against my dark circles. A lot of people had told me how good it was for under-eye circles. I forked over the cash, and let me tell you the price hurt (especially after I found out has it at little more than half the price), and I went home expecting the answer to my dark circles to be magically contained in the jar. First off, let me say I've been using the eye-cream every single day for more than a year so I think I'm giving you a pretty balanced idea of what it does.Of all the eye creams I've tried, I feel as if this did the best job in moisturizing my under-eyes. It was light, sunk in very quickly, did not feel heavy or greasy, did not sit on top of my skin, and moisturized my skin very well. I often stay up late studying and it does a fabulous job of destressing my under-eyes the next day. It keeps my under-eyes looking as happy as they can under the circumstances. Now here's the million dollar question: was the hype true and does it really get rid of dark circles?

I have no noticed my under-eyes getting any lighter. They are not noticeably lighter, and they haven't disappeared magically. However, I will say it's one heck of an eye-cream and in doing its job, my under-eyes look brighter simply because they are well moisturized. I didn't expect my dark circles to disappear and I don't think the hype is true. It doesn't make them go away so don't fall for that one (I fell for it again, I really ought to know not to hope by now). But if you need an eye cream that will moisturize your under-eyes, get rid of ashiness, brighten the region as much as possible, then this could be a worthy investment.