I Proudly Claim The Title of "Worst Public Speaker, Ever"

Hey ladies!
I am just updating to let you know that I'll have a bunch of things up tomorrow/this weekend. I have a presentation on Wednesday and as God/fate/life/luck/my big behind/anything else you can think of would have it, I am possibly a worse public speaker than George W. himself. Make-up will be my refuse and if not Depends will when I am in front of my class presenting.

Not Technically Bollywood, but Great Make-up for Fair Skinned Desi Ladies

I got a request recently for Kin Kardashian's make-up and I figured I'd post it here too. Whatever you think of the girl (and trust me, I'm always on gossip blogs getting the latest scoop), she seems to have great make-up usually. The thing is that I could easily see the shades she uses look great on fairer skinned desi ladies. So for you fairer skinned desi (or not) lovelies out there, I present you Kim Kardashian's make-up recommendations from an article I read a while ago.

It's All About the Lips

Looking at Kim on the red carpet, one would instantly notice her kohl-rimmed dark brown eyes and olive skin. She also has great, natural eyebrows. She doesn’t sport the overly-plucked L.A. brow. But Kim’s lips are really the feature she pays attention to.

“In my make up bag, I always have MAC blush in ‘Pink Swoon,’ along with their travel size blush brush. A MAC lip liner in ‘Stripdown,’ with MAC lipstick in ‘Angel.’ And Nars lip gloss in ‘Turkish Delight.’”

Her blush, lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss are all in the soft pink range. Nothing strong or too bright for her lips.

MAC Blush- Pink Swoon– Clearly Pink (Sheer tone Powder)

MAC Lip Liner- Stripdown-Naked Nutmeg (Pencil)

MAC Lipstick- Angel- Soft Pink (Frost)

Nars Lip Gloss- Turkish Delight- Pink Sorbet

As far as the one beauty item she could never live without, that’s the Nars lip gloss in ‘Turkish Delight.’ Kim isn’t alone in her praise of Nars. Many women call it the best lip gloss around, although not at the cheapest price, either. And it comes in a luscious array of shades. The ‘Turkish Delight,’ is described as pink sorbet, or better yet, a strawberry milkshake. The color is that pretty and soft.

These two products can’t fit in a make up bag, but we were curious how Kim keeps her long, raven locks so shiny and healthy. She told us she is a big fan of these two shampoo lines: Clairol’s Herbal Essence and Pantene.

source: http://blogs.glam.com/glamblush/2007/09/11/exclusive-qa-kim-kardashian/

Blush Installment 3: Mac Dollymix

For my next installment of blush, I would like to introduce one of my favourite blushes. It scares everyone in the pan, but I always seem to get compliments ranging from 'you look so awake and fresh' to 'you look so soft and girly.' MAC Dollymix always seems to jolt up my eyes and make my face look alive.

Do not be scared of the way the blush looks in the pan. It looks like a screaming blue-toned bright pink that has a slight shimmer. When worn, the shimmer is very subtle and the colour of the blush itself is very sheer. For some of my NARS blushes, I dare not use a normal blush brush. However, Dollymix goes on sheerly so I don't need to worry about bringing out the stipling or fan brush.

I love using this blush to give me a fresh and girly look. It's also great for that 'just came back from making snow angels outside' kind of glow. The good thing about it is that you don't have to be overly frightened that you will overdo it on the first go. A regular blush application will do the trick. The blush is also very long lasting and stays put for a long time.

Dollymix is great for lighter skinned ladies as well as us more melanin-rich folks. It's buildable in intensity so you can calibrate it depending on how much you need to show up on your skin. It's such a pretty, happy colour which I can even pair with only kajal and lipbalm (mascara optional).

Best Body Moisturizer and Overall Multi-tasker: Jojoba Oil

I started off trying Jojoba oil as a night time moisturizer. It was not a huge success. Yes, it made my skin look and feel like a baby's bottom but soon I started getting bumps and my skin looked like a baby's bottom when the diaper needed changing. I was crying not only because it made my skin bumpy, but because I didn't know any other product that made my skin so incredibly soft, smooth, and hydrated. My skin was radiant every morning. I had a huge tub of Jojoba oil, but since I couldn't use it for my face I was determined to find some use for it. Well let me tell you, I've found that use.
The skin on my body is extremely dry and can looked like the parched, cracked desert earth if I don't moisturize properly daily. I have been using jojoba oil for the past four weeks and I cannot believe the difference in how my skin feels. I know jojoba is a wax and all and closely resembles the sebum of your own skin, but I never expected it to work wonders on those rough patches I had.

I have very rough, thick, ashy skin on my elbows, knees, and ankles (you know, that bone that jutts out on your foot near the ankle, I have no clue what it's called). I also am prone to eczema if the air is very dry and air conditioning is death to comfortable skin. Jojoba oil moisturized my rough patches, got rid of the white and ashy look and feel of my skin, thoroughly kept my skin comfortable so I had no eczema flare-up. The best thing about it is that it doesn't feel the least bit oily or heavy like you'd expect it to. I can slather it on and I don't have to worry that it gets absorbed right away. Just the other day, I looked at my elbows and couldn't believe how smooth it felt.

Jojoba oil is also very versatile. It's an amazing and cheap make-up remover that gets rid of every smidgen of make-up on your face. It's also a great hair oil and I use a tiny droplet to get rid of fly-aways after I blow-dry my hair. Also, jojoba oil is such a great cuticle oil that helps keep my nail beds moisturized and without any raggedy skin.

I might not have found the best option for a facial moisturizer, but jojoba oil has proven to be liquid gold as a body moisturizer. It's such a worthwhile purchase and I know that my search has ended for a good body moisturizer.

image source: www.eczemafriends.com

Tutorial: Easy Threading

I know a girl who threads her own eyebrows by using her feet to hold the thread. That's how she described it to me. Ever since then, I've been experimenting and although I haven't actually threaded my own eyebrows, I've become fascinated at how I can mummify my own foot with thread alone. However, I can thread my own upper lip and other such densely forested areas. Forgive the pictures, lighting was not my friend. Lots of excessive shadows and a bit dim if you ask me, but otherwise I can't get the thread to show up in the pics.

What I used:

  • Pure cotton thread.
Step 1:Cut off some thread. Try seeing how much thread you are comfortable handling beforehand. Try lassoing your hand with the thread so to speak, so that you have the thread around your hands and have enough thread in between your hands that you can keep them at a comfortable distance. I don't like to have the length of the thread be too long since it becomes hard to maneuver,.

Step 2:Tie the ends of the thread together.

Step 3:Place the ring of thread around your the thumb and the rest of the fingers of each hand and twist it a few times. I like to do that around 5 or 6 times. Too few twists won't get rid of hair properly and too many makes it hard to thread as well.

Step 4:
Place the thread on the spot you want to thread and do not lengthen your index fingers on either hand. Keep them bent and the thread taut. For your upper lip, you can keep the area taut bu pushing your tongue against the area inside of your mouth.

Step 5:
Lengthen your index finger on one of the hands in a swift motion. You're pushing the twists in the thread to pick up the hairs in the scope of the stroke and pulling them out.

Step 6:
Alternate between lengthening the fingers of each hand and make your way around the area you want to thread.

Nars Albatross: The Elusive, Perfect Glow

Once in a while, when the planets are aligned properly and after you've completed a make-up dance (it's like a rain dance, but for make-up), you come across a product that does everything you want it to. I love highlighters, however, I don't want to look oily or sweaty. I can just pretend to exercise for that (you cannot begin to imagine how much I hate exercizing). It's been a while since I've been in love with a product the way I am smitten with NARS Albatross.

Albatross is a deceptively boring white in the pan, but when worn it's a beautiful warm shimmer with a hint of gold. When I say hint of gold, I mean it's such a subtle warm colour that adapts to the yellow undertoned in my skin. I have a hard time wearing highlighters that don't have a warm undertone. This is when I begin to look sweaty.

Shimmer is such a tricky thing. You wouldn't think it but sometimes companies mistake shimmer with a chunky, glittery texture(Kevyn Aucoin, I'm looking at you) and the essence of the subtle glow is lost and you have teeny bopperish party make-up. Albatross has no chunky elements in to it at all. It's very fine and its shimmer is a soft, grown up candle-it glow. Simply perfect if you're searching for a youthful glow that is subtle and gives your a lit-from-within look.

Make-up Crisis of the Moment: Lead In Red Lipstick

As you might all know, a recent study found varying quantities of lead in red lipstick. Different brands had different levels. I am posting this after some thought because I don't know how alarmed I should be. However, I'm posting the gist of the finds here and the list of lipsticks that were tested.

Here's an overview of the test:

  • More than half of 33 brand‐name lipsticks tested (61 percent) contained detectable levels of lead, with levels ranging from .03 to .65 parts per million (ppm). None of these lipsticks listed lead as an ingredient.
  • One‐third of the tested lipsticks exceeded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 0.1 ppm limit for lead in candy – a standard established to protect people from directly ingesting lead. Lipstick, like candy, is ingested directly. Nevertheless, the FDA has not set a limit for lead in lipstick – which fits with the disturbing absence of FDA regulatory oversight and enforcement capacity for the $50 billion personal care products industry.
The side effects of lead:
Lead is a proven neurotoxin that can cause learning, language and behavioral problems such as lowered IQ, reduced school performance and increased aggression. Pregnant women and young children are particularly vulnerable to lead exposure because lead easily crosses the placenta and may enter the fetal brain, where it interferes with normal development. Lead has also been linked to miscarriage, reduced fertility in both men and women, hormonal changes, menstrual irregularities and delays in the onset of puberty. Lead builds up in the body over time and lead‐containing lipstick applied several times a day, every day, combined with lead in water and other sources, could add up to significant exposure levels.

Lipsticks with less than 0.02 parts per million (ppm) lead (lower than the FDA‐recommended limit for candy
Avon Ultra Color Rich Cherry Jubilee
Body Shop Lip Colour Garnet
Clinique Long Last Lipstick Merlot
Dior Replenishing Lipcolor Red Premiere
Estee Lauder Maraschino
MAC Matte Lipstick Viva Glam 1
Revlon Superlustrous Love That Red
Revlon Superlustrous Bed of Roses
Revlon Colorstay Lipcolor Red Velvet
Tarte Inside Out Vitamin Lipstick
Wet N Wild Mega Colors Cherry Blossom

Lipsticks with detectable levels of lead but less than 0.1ppm lead (the FDA‐recommended limit for candy)
MAC Matte Lipstick Viva Glam
Revlon Love That Red
Cover Girl Queen Collection Ruby Remix
Clinique Long Last Paprika
Dior Replenishing Lipcolor Red Premiere
Body Shop Garnet
Wet N Wild Cherry Frost 0
Clinique Angel Red
Burtʹs Bees Lip Shimmer Merlot

Lipsticks with lead levels higher than 0.1ppm
Maybelline NY Moisture Extreme Scarlet Simmer
Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor Maximum Red
Peacekeeper Paint Me Compassionate
Maybelline NY Moisture Extreme Midnight Red
Maybelline NY Moisture Extreme Cocoa Plum
Dior Addict Positive Red
Cover Girl Continuous Color Cherry Brandy
LʹOreal Colour Riche True Red
Cover Girl Incredifull Lipcolor Maximum Red
LʹOreal Colour Riche Classic Wine
LʹOreal Colour Riche True Red

If you ladies have some extra info about this, feel free to share. I'm undecided. It's scary, but should I start panicking? I'm very paranoid about these things and I don't know if I should start weeding out my stash.

source: www.safecosmetics.org

Wow! Koena Mitra Made it to Awfulplasticsurgery

I know this is not completely make-up related and I don't want to turn this into a celeb-bashing blog at all. I was browsing the net and I saw that Koena Mitra made it to awfulplasticsurgery.com. Desi news and sites, fine, but I do believe Koena's plastic surgery got her at least some of what she wanted: lots of fame. I do feel very bad for her. The pressure must be very tough to deal with.
My slightly perverse sense of humour is celebrating that a desi woman made it to awfulplasticsurgery.com (I used to visit this site often, gave it a break, and now am reading it again thanks to koena).
No, its not a long lost member of Jackson member, its Koena Mitra

Great Make-up: M.I.A.

Yes, I am alive and I truly will put up everything I promised to. Let me just share my frustration for a moment before I do M.I.A.'s make-up. My car broke down, the battery is dead, and I am stranded at home. It's something of a less glorified deserted island (at least you ate the occasional coconut). So now I am stuck with my worst enemy: all the homework that needs to be done.

So as per the promise, here is an overview of M.I.A's make-up breakdown and I have also added a few product suggestions. Let me know if you have any product suggestions of your own.

I know magazine excerpts are never really reliable, but as always (I am boring and repetitive, but that's what happens when you don't have a deserted-island-bring-on-the-coconut-partay), I highly recommend moisturizing your under eyes and face with the moisturizers of your choice. Let it sink in for around 10 minutes. Apply a dewy, medium coverage foundation and blend it into your hairline, neck/jaws etc. Then spot conceal where needed. Apply powder to set the make-up.

As always, I recommend using a primerto make the eyeshadow last longer and be more true to the pan colour. Two of my favourite primers are Urban Decay Primer Potion and Mac Paints. I prefer the Paints because they last as long as the Primer Potion but they allow for better blending.

M.I.A.'s brows are thick and prominent but very neatly manicured. Tweeze away stray hairs and if needed, brush your brows to place. If your brows are unruly, use an eyebrow gel to hold them in place. With an eyebrow pencil, fill in your brows using short strokes.

Product Rec: Milani Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown.

Apply a medium mauvey brown shadow from lash line to crease.

Product Rec: Bobbi Brown Fawn Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow.

Now, apply a dark gray (with a slightly blue undertone) shade of eyeshadow with shimmer from the lashline to halfway to the crease. Blend the area where the two shades of gray meet so you have a subtle gradation of colour: the dark grey is strongest at the lashline and it becomes a medium gray at the crease.

Product rec: MAC Knight Divine.

With the dark gray shadow, line the entire lower lid. Blur the edges of the shadow.

Apply a thin line with black pencil liner as close to the top and bottom lash line as possible. Blend out both lines, concentrating slightly more on the upper lash line.

With a soft bone colour shadow, apply the highlight from brow bone to crease. Blend the two shadows together at the crease.

Product rec: The shimmery shade in the NARS all about eve duo Milani Almondine (this is matte, but works really well with shimmery or matte shadows).

Apply a single coat of lash defining mascara.

Product rec: CoverGirl Lash Exact.

M.I.A.'s blush is barely there, so apply a matte medium deep pinky brown blush sheerly to the apples of the cheeks and blend towards the temple.

Product rec: MAC Blushbaby

Apply a deep grape coloured lipstick and top off with a sheer lipgloss with a cool-toned sparkle.

Product Recs:
MAC Del Rio lipstick and Milani Innocent Crystal Gloss.

Forgive me, I slept pretty much all day

I know i was supposed to put up the tutorial and I had everything ready. However, I had an important assignment on Wednesday so I stayed up for as long as humanly possible throughout the week. I came home and died. I will put the tutorials up tomorrow. Sorry ladies!

Little Tiny (Personal) Rant While I Get the Pics for The Tutorials Ready: Rude Sales Assistants at Counters

I know I promised to put tutorials up, and I will in a couple of days. School and work are killing me rather quickly I might add. I will also comment back to you wonderful ladies tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I have to get this off my chest or I'm afraid I might line my lips with a black lip liner and fill it in with a frosted light lilac lipstick (for all those who are not in the know, this the make-up world's equivalent of the phrase "if I don't rant about this, I think I might kill someone"). Why am I this mad you ask? Well, here goes.

I was at a make-up counter recently (it shall remain unnamed) and I encountered very rude and pushy behaviour that just really repulsed me. Let me add that some sales assistants are gifts showered onto the make-up obsessed subspecies of the Human race. The ones that listen to your concerns and help you look for things you love pretty much occupy the role of priests and priestesses that lead us to our destined shimmery mauve blush. When this is not the case, however, it becomes a problem.

At the fateful counter, a woman in her mid 20s happened to come by looking for skin care and make-up ideas. I, in my ever-present curiosity, happened to catch their conversation. The sales assistant bullied the woman by telling her that her face crinkled when she laughed and that good skin doesn't "scrunch up the way hers did" when people laughed. She then proceeded to point out that if her skin looked this bad at the age of 26, she had no hope of looking halfway decent ten years into the future. Charming, and this is just the condensed milk version of it (that would mean short and sweet). The poor woman was flustered and intimidated and I don't know what she ended up buying, but she didn't leave the counter a happier or more confident person. In fact, her face just looked dejected when she left the store.

I will just say that it is such a shame that this sales assistant was such a jerk (there are other words that come to mind, but you will no longer want to read my blog if I said them). She was such a disservice to all the great sales assistants I have met in the past (one of whom I trust so blindly that I might as well worship her divine speech, and let me also add that I am not being sarcastic here just bluntly honest).

Am Adding a Trial Make-up Forum

You ladies seem to have a lot of knowledge over products so I figured I would add a message board for a while, see how it is, and then decide whether to keep it or not. I added a link at the top of the page and we will see how this endeavour goes. I realize the layout of the forums is also quite ugly, but I will change that if the website proves to have more than just me as the member. Hope you ladies like it!

Second Powder Blush Installment: NARS Taj Mahal, Scary in the Pan, Perfect on the Cheek

I have a thing for pigmented blushes because they suit such a wide variety of skintones, last forever, and really show up on my skintone. There are two NARS gems that I think feel make me glow and they are Exhibit A and Taj Mahal. This is a review of the latter.

Taj Mahal is a bright burnt pumpkin shade with gold shimmer. And with that description alone I'm sure you're ready to write me off as the sister of the with in Hansel and Gretel who regularly bullies little kids into giving her their candy (the last part might actually be true, but I'm not sure I was to own up to it yet). However, let me assure you that this blush just needs to be applied sheerly and it gives the most amazing warm glow on my deep olive skin. The shimmer in this blush is not overwhelming and when worn, it's very subtle.

The blush itself glides on flawlessly and a little goes a very, very, very long way. It also lasts through an entire day without budging so that is always a plus. The trick with this blush is to apply it sheerly and I can easily (actually very often) overdo it when I use a regular blush brush. I use a stipling/skunk brush and so the application in general is very sheer and helps me get a glow using this blush rather than looking burnt.

This blush is really gorgeous in the summer and autumn because it compliments my deep olive skintone very well during this time but I see no reason to not wear it year round (for me, it's because I have far too many blushes). One thing I'd like to add is that it looks fabulous with desi clothes and jewelry. The gold in the clothe and jewelry seem to enhance the colour of this blush.

All in all, this is such a unique, pigmented shade that when worn is one of the most flattering, warm blushes. It might take a minute to digest the colour but don't pass up trying it because it looks intimidating.

Pout Make-up Sales Spotted

Rumours are circling about Pout closing business. I am not 100% sure if they're completely shutting down or if there's something else afoot. However, Pout make-up has been spotted at pure Beauty stores and such at 50% to 75% off. Also, the following Australian website has Pout at discount prices and their shipping charges are supposed to be reasonable (don't quote me on that, it's what I've heard). I know Sephora is pretty much out of stock on most thing, but I am glad there are other sources of Pout sales.

Bollywood and Fashion. Some Great Finds

As you might have guessed, my sleeping schedule is so messed up right now that you can rename me as Vampira, a.k.a. she-who-never-sleeps-until-dawn-and-is-thirsty-for-make-up. I know I'm trying to make light of it, but I wouldn't be surprised if I sprout fangs soon and then I'll be in a lot of trouble. Until then, however, I have a new feature to add. Some style/fashion finds I can find on bollywood. Let me know what you think of this new feature. If it's a no-no, I will axe this feature. I also promise you that I will have a few tutorials, breakdowns, etc up by this weekend.

I know the current craze in Bollywood is to show off one's handbags (I'm sure you've seen the pics of stars with huge sunglasses and the logos on their handbags blinding the camera lens), but I kind of liked this feature I found.

In case you can't see it properly, here' what everyone's wearing.
Sheetal Mallar
Top & Capris: No Entry, Australia
Sandals: Barefoot
Bag: Malini Ramani

Diandra Soares
Top: Zara
Shorts & Bag: Australia
Shoes: Aldo

Ujjwala Raut
Top: Marni
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent
Bag: New York
Sunglasses (I refuse to call them glares): Oakley

Indrani Dasgupta:
Vest: Guess
Shirt Dress: Zara
Jeans: Levis
Shoes: Nine West
Sunglasses: Gucci

image source: www.ujjwalaraut.net