Dewy Blush and Nude Lips in One

Stila Convertible Colour in Peony
Yes, I am still bringing you the promised threading tutorial, but before do that let me tell you of this fabulous find. I just scouted the perfect lip and cheek product, Stila Convertible Colour in Peony, that gives me a natural and glowy dusty peachy-pink flush and the perfect "JLo" nude lips.

I had given up on multi-tasking products long ago. Either they're a great blush but too dry for using as a lip product, or the texture is too waxy-feeling to use on my cheeks as well. I used to much rather prefer to buy a cheek product and a lip product separately. However, Stila's Convertible Colour made me retract my previous notion. Peony is a highly pigmented creamy blush and lip product that gives me a great glowy, natural flush. It looks rather dull in the pan, but it's so easy to blend and adds such a warmth to my face that I plan to hoard more of these. There are no sparkles and glitters but I get a soft glow from this product. Also, as hard as I tries to overdo it (this was in the name of research), this blush did not make me look like the clowns you see in horror movies with garishly painted blush.

The Convertible Colour also is creamy enough to work well as a lipstick. However, if I feel like it is bit drying I just add a dab of Carmex and this problem is solved. Peony gives me a great nude, "JLo-esque" lip that goes really well with my two-toned lips and compliments dark, smokey eyes very well. All in all, there will be more shocking, cutting edge products out there, but this is such a great find that has a lot of potential.

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Desi Beauty Books

Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet
Another interruption in bringing you my tutorial! I was browsing through and I came across the following book.

Let me start off by saying that I haven't read the book and it doesn't have the "peek inside the book" option I love so much on. To make matters worse, there are no reviews. However, the title itself is so enticing that I wanted to blog about it. The book says that it is about Indian traditions in health and beauty. Sounds quite interesting, as I've been looking for a good book about desi beauty traditions. If anyone has read this book, please let me know what it is like. I am dying of curiosity but I don't have time to read extra books at this moment.

The Book of Natural Skin Care by Supara Trikha
This book I have heard of, and, even better, I own it to boot. I've had it for quite a while and it has some great natural remedies and has an index with a brief description of natural ingredients beneficial to the skin. There are times where I raise my eyebrow in question, or even in squeamishness, because she recommends using sperm, yes you heard that, as an under-eye treatment. I'm not too sure I would ever do that, but her other tips, such as her papaya face mask or her strawberry face mask, are great. I must add that these tips are similar to the many books by desi authors on natural skin care. If you've read any such book, you'll find the approach Suparna Trikha takes very familiar.

Dear Celina Jaitley's Stylist. How Could You?

Before I post the tutorial on how to thread tonight I thought I would interrupt my absence with this rant. Before I start being critical about coloured lenses, let me just say that they look great on most ladies. It's a different look that I can appreciate. However, Celina Jaitley is in my bad make-up books because of her use of coloured contacts. Take the following picture in as an example.

This was at a recent PETA photo shoot. What bugs me about her or her make-up you ask? Well, she always seems to immerse herself in make-up to the point that she doesn't even look remotely natural. Her blue contacts make her pupils look "off" as the left contact has shifted a bit and doesn't show the black of her real pupil but the brown of her natural eyes. I don't really care whether an actress wears coloured contacts and states that her eye colour is the colour of the contacts. It doesn't keep me up at night. What does keep me up at night is the obviously plastered make-up and the plastic-y feel that results from Celina's blue contacts.

This is one woman who would benefit greatly from a make-under. I don't think I remember seeing one, just one, picture of her where her she doesn't have her blue contacts in and her face is plastered with heavy make-up. She looks like a doll, and not the doll I wish I looked like when I was a four-year-old. She looks like the doll I saw in a nightmare once, where the plastic her face was made of melted slowly to form pools of skin-coloured puddles. Yes, that horrific. The coloured contacts seem to make her eyes completely devoid of life and emotion and the mask-like make-up really seems to be stopping her natural looks to shine through. So yes, I say "Boo!" to her stylist. And that's the best bullying I can do.

Sorry for the late blogging

I haven't been able to update my blog because I've been really, really sick. Yes, two reallys. However, Thursday I'll have start updating like crazy again. I will put up a tutorial on how to thread your own hair (excluding eyebrows. I have no clue how to thread my own eyebrows), a review of sunscreens, an explanation of sunscreens, and some lipstick reviews. I am open to suggestions, so let me know if there's anything you'd like me to address. I am having another "really, really sick" moment so I will get some rest right now.

Looking Back at Great Make-Up: Madhuri Dixit

I thought some semi-retro glamour, in Bollywood terms, was in order and thought I'd do a breakdown of Madhuri Dixit. This clean and dramatic look is so soft and feminine to me.

This look requires you skin to look flawless (don't they all), and properly moisturized skin forms a great base for foundation. If necessary, use a gentle scrub to exfoliate before moisturizing or applying make-up.

Eyebrows play a prominent role in this look. Pluck any stray hairs so that your eyebrows are neat and if necessary groom them with a spoolie brush.

With a make-up sponge or foundation brush, apply a satin finish foundation with the coverage you desire. You can sheer out your foundation by using a wet sponge to apply it. If necessary, cover up any problematic areas with concealer. The final step is to blend the foundation and concealer together and into the jawline, sides of your face, neck etc.

Although this look doesn't require intricate shading, a primer will help make the eyeshadow stand out and last as long as possible.

Apply a matte, medium taupe-brown eyeshadow from lash line to slightly above the crease.

Apply a satin cream-coloured eyeshadow on the brow bone. Blend both the taupe-brown and highlight so that there are no harsh demarcations.

With a steady hand, apply liquid liner starting from the inner corner. As you approach the outer corner, start thickening the line and stop at the end of the outer corner of the eye.

Dramatic lashes are essential to this look, so if you feel comfortable you can apply a full strip of false lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Apply one coat of a lengthening mascara to mesh your own lashes to the false lashes. Be sure to also apply mascara to the lower lashes. If you did not apply any false lashes, curl your lashes and then apply a volumizing mascara generously on both upper and lower lashes. Be careful that you don't get clumps when applying the mascara.

Apply an orange toned blush on the apple of your cheeks with a very, very light hand. Extend the blush away from the apple of the cheeks with an ever lighter touch. I know an orange blush might seem frightening, but a blush such as NARS Taj Mahal could help you achieve a similar look with an incredibly light touch.


Line lips with a warm red lip liner that has golden undertones. Finish off the look with a creamy, lipstick with a satin sheen in the same shade.

Fairness Creams: Equal Opportunity Prey

As you might have read, I tend to rant and splutter incomprehensibly until I foam at the mouth when it comes to the ridiculousness of fairness creams. After seeing this commercial I can't help but snicker. I'm glad the Indian companies that make fairness creams view men and women as equal opportunity prey. It's like a starved tiger pouncing on a deer. The tiger doesn't care if the deer is male or female, and neither do the makers of fairness creams. Ooh! That was vicious.

FYI: Skin Lightening Creams and Hydroquinone

In the light of my ranting on fair and lovely, I thought I’d start my come-back to blogging about hydroquinone. This chemical is often found in fairness creams or any cream that can actually lighten skintone. I’m not trying to make you hyperventilate in panic and hysterical paranoia, but just to inform you on the effects hydroquinone can have.

What is Hydoquinone?
Hydroquinone is a type of phenol (if that means anything to you at all) that is found in many topical creams that bleaches skin discolouration gradually.

Where can it be found?
This is found at a strength of 2% in over the counter cream and at 3-4% in prescription creams that claim to lighten skin tone and discoloration.

What are the side effects?
Since you probably feel I’m being all preachy, let me get right to it. Hydroquinone has been known to cause blood cancers such as leukemia and kidney damage in animal studies. What happens when hydroquinone is applied to the skin is that it gets absorbed into the blood stream and excreted via the kidneys but at a slower rate. Essentially, this means that that hydroquinone accumulates in the body and is broken down in the bone marrow to p-benzoquinone. This is where long term damage may originate. Several countries, such as France, have banned the use of hydroquinone for fear of cancer risks.

What precautions should be taken?
If you are using a skin lightening cream containing hydroquinone, it is best to avoid exposure to sunlight or artificial UV rays. Also, always use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF15.

If you feel strongly about this nformation, please let me know. I'm not trying to say that skin lightning creams are made of innocent puppies and kittens, but I just want to highlight the potential danger in using them.


All Important Eye Enhancer: Good Brows

My newest post will start off with a rant leading into much more relevant information. I wanted to grow out my eyebrows and reshape them. Since I don't trust myself with my eyebrows and like to get them threaded, I waited a full three weeks before getting my eyebrows threaded. You know the myth about desi women being hairy? This might be a myth to many, but to this desi woman, it's an unfortunate truth. My eyebrows hairs grow constantly and nature has blessed me with yet another asymmetrical feature. My eyebrows are different in length and thickness naturally. Instead of correcting them, I usually get them threaded as close to their natural length and as thick as possible without looking like I drew on one of my brows but not the other. Back to the matter at hand, walked out of the salon with incredibly thin and shortened brows. It looks like half my eyebrows are missing. In my world, that's not yet enough reason for me to put out a hit on the lady who threaded my eyebrows but it is enough to post about eyebrows.

Growing Out Eyebrows
Growing out eyebrows is always difficult, and after years of tweezing it might be a long process. If you want to accelerate the growth, you have a few options:

  • Men's Rogaine. I tried this after reading about it in a magazine and did experience a slight increase in the growth. If you want to try this, moisten a q-tip with Rogain and gently apply it to your eyebrows. Do not by any means try this on your lashes as it could cause damage to your eyesight.
  • Ardell lash Accelerator. I haven't tried this yet, but I have heard great things about its performance. It's cheap and reportedly very effective in promoting eyebrow growth. However, it can be hard to track as I still cannot find it. Your best bet would probably be to order this online.
  • Castor oil. This I actually use every night, you might be able to tell form my constant obsession, and it definitely speeds up the growth of my eyebrows. My lashes are conditioned and my eyebrows grow back thick and strong. It won't grow back everything, but it definitely promotes hair growth.
Grooming Eyebrows
Growing out my eyebrows makes me crazy as I sprout "antennae" and my eyebrows become bushy and unruly. To groom them while growing out:
  • Brush the brow hairs upward with a spoolie brush.
  • Cut the portion of the hairs that rise above the top of the eyebrow with a small pair of grooming scissors.
  • Apply a lash gel to hold the eyebrows in place.
Shaping Eyebrows
If you are shaping eyebrows yourself, it can help to use stencils. The following websites carry a great variety of eyebrow stencils:
  • You can find Ardell stencils here.
  • You can find Anastasia brow kits/stencils here.


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At last! The Exact Make-Up Used On a Celeb: Diya Mirza

I am always happy to hear from readers, mainly because it proves that there is one soul out there actually reading my blog. I got the list of products used on Diya Mirza for this photo from Saniya, who, for this reason alone, is on my list of people whom I want to construct a lip gloss-like shrine to. All products used are from MAC and I added instructions below to take the guess-work out.

Products Used

Foundation and Concealer:
Studio Stick

Coppertone powder blush


Not mentioned, but Diya seems to be wearing a soft black eyeliner.

Not mentioned, but a volumizing formula will give you thick lashes.

Lip Liner:

Lip Gloss:

This skin for this look is radiant and flawless. To get the best results when using foundation, use a moisturizer and an eye cream according to the needs of your skin.

The brows for this look are very defined and neat so pluck any stray hairs so that your eyebrows.

With a make-up sponge or foundation brush, apply the foundation as evenly as possible. If necessary, cover up any problematic areas with concealer. Thoroughly blend the foundation into your skin

I am not going to break out of the mold this time and as always am going to recommend using a primer to make the colours last and stand out.

This look doesn't have a crease and lid colour per se, but a blended mix of two colours. Apply Meadowland from lash line to slightly above the crease. Top it off with applying Freshwater over Meadowland and blend the two colours together.

Although there was no highlight colour mentioned, apply soft shimmery champagne coloured eyeshadow from crease to brow bone.

This look requires a thin, soft line. With a soft black pencil, dot along the upper and lower lash line to create a thin but defined line around the eyes. With a q-tip, gently smudge the liner.

Curl your lashes to really open up your eyes and apply a volumizing mascara generously on upper and lower lashes. To get rid of clumps, comb through the lashes with a lash comb.

Apply the Coppertone blush with a very light hand right under the cheekbones all the way to the temple, decreasing intensity as you go towards the temple. This look doesn't require intense blush, rather it is soft and natural looking.


Line lips with the Plum lip liner. Apply the Beaux Lustreglass and the C-Thru to blend in both colours on the lips.