Headstart for Next Week: A Request from Me

Hey Ladies,

I have been wanting to make a post on what works for you guys. Just email me if you'd like to make a post on what products you live by etc. (yes I truly have been reading feedback and don't just say this). I would love to start a weekly guest-blogging post about what works for all of you. Just let me know and we'll go on from there. My email is anu@indianmakeupdiva.com. Meanwhile, wish me luck. Another 3 more days of no sleep, lots of research, and stressing out.


Closet Diva said...

Hurray!! I am writing in...

4:29 AM
Closet Diva said...

Since I am not able to locate your email id on your site, am writing my query here. In case you are not able to read it very well, pls tell me your email id and I'll cut paste the info from here into an e mail.
Here goes.
Am wheatish/ mid 30s/ Never wore much makeup until a year ago.
Major skin issues are enlarged pores around the nose, fine lines on forehead. Am prone to undereye puffiness more than dark circles. In the past two to three years my skin has turned from combination to mostly dry. Am very acne prone, have to be very careful with product choices as a result.

Everyday makeup essentials:
Start with Clarins anti aging eye cream and face cream.
BB spf 50 make up base(have wondered if this makes my acne worse?)
-Undereye colour corrector BB Bisque ( just to brighten eye area)
-Concealer - Guerlain Issima precious light illuminator. ( under eyes and to cover redness and spots)
-BB sheer finish loose powder in warm natural.
-BB eye shadow -neutral colour like banana or taupe
-eyeliner- chanel kohl pencil (black)
NARS blush- madly
Lipstick- chanticale/MAC light colours.

evening/ special ocassion wear:
Add Laura Mercier foundation primer , (hydrating formulation) /
and Giorgio Armani Designer Foundation spf 20 #9 and Estee Lauder Magna Scopic mascara to the above routine.
I like to experiment with eyeshadow lipstick and blush colours ocassionaly. All within BB/MAC/NARS/LOLA fly. Have tried bronze/gel eye liner (BB Ivy shimmer ink) with varying results, how do I add a little more glamour to my look ocassionaly?

Tried mineral makeup (Laura Mercier mineral powder in spf 15 once) I broke out hugely, four months down am still reeling. The skin around my nose has reddened and become extra sensitive too.

typically use a Am

4:55 AM
a-hem said...

Oooh good luck! I'm drowning in a vast mess that's otherwise known as senior year. :)

Hope you do well!

12:17 PM
i♥make-up said...

Good Luck with everything Anu!♥

5:20 AM
Anonymous said...

Hey! I hope your exams went well.

I just started wearing makeup - really recently. Can you give me the low down of lip liners?

As a (new) make up user, I need serious advice! I am an Indian and this is what I think I'm doing: I use a moisturizer, MAC concealer (NW35 - Studio Finish), MAC foundation (NW40- Studio Fix) and Bronzer (Refined Deeper Bronz MAC) as a blush, in that order. At least this is what the MAC people told me.

All right. So.. now what? Am I using these products right? Are they right? Sephora confuses me!

7:39 PM
Anu said...

hey closet diva, i will post your information tomorrow :).

hey a-hem,
good luck. senior year is so tough. it's like life is teasing you with the idea of graduation but it feels like you'll never get there. it's my last sem now (hopefully i'll be done in may)

hey saniya,
thanks hun. i just about died lol.

hey anonymous,
lipliners: well i dont use them too often. i mostly use them for longevity of lip colour or if i have an awful gloss or lipstick and i need to make the colour more flattering. they're great for salvaging colours like that which otherwise would look bad on me :)

and you sound like you're using everything just fine :). change up the products here and here (add a different shadow etc) if you'd like. otherwise i think you're fine :)

10:18 PM

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