Great Make-up: Madhuri Dixit's New Look

I think studying has made me not able to sleep at night. I feel sleepy at the weirdest times. That issue aside, I adore Madhuri's look in her new movie so I figured let's start with her make-up breakdown.

Moisturize your skin with a light moisturizer according to your skin type. To make make-up last and not make it settle into pores and fine/expression lines, I'd recommend using a primer for this look. However, feel free to skip this step. Apply a satin finish medium coverage foundation to your skin in light layers. Conceal under the eyes if needed and set your make-up with translucent powder.

Recommendations: Dior Forever Foundation, Revlon Botafirm Foundation, Make-up Forever Lift Concealor, NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder in Translucent. I would really recommend using MAC's 188 brush to apply the foundation as it gives a flawless finish and deposits light/thin layers of foundation.

This look has a slight glow to it and if you want to enhance that you can always add a touch of a pink-beige highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, and on top of your cupid's bow.

Recommendation: MAC Strobe Cream, LORAC Oil Free Luminizer in Pearl L1

As always, I recommend using a good primer to keep shadows from creasing or fading.

Recommendation: Ueban Decay Primer Potion, MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Don't overpluck the eyebrows for this one and keep them groomed as as full as possible. Fill in brows with a brow pencil.

Recommendation: Milani Easy Brow Pencil

If you're using Urban Decay Primer Potion as your shadow primer, I really recommend dusting a sheer veil of translucent powder over it. This really helps with blending which is otherwise difficult to do with this product. Apply a shimmery, peachy-gold shadow from lash line to crease.

Recommendation: MAC All That Glitters

Apply a dark shimmery brown from the outer corner of the crease to just short of the inner corner. Line your lower lash line from the outer corner to the inner corner of the iris with the same shadow.

Recommendation: MAC Mulch

Apply a shimmery, very light beige gold shadow on the brow bone and blend slightly into the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Shroom

Apply a thin line of black gel or liquid liner on the top lash line. Don't thicken the line too much as you go outward and always maintain a thin line as close to the lashes as possible. With a black pencil liner, line the lower lash line to the outer edge of the iris. Use a q-tip or smudge brush to blend the liner into the brown shadow.

Recommendation: MAC Blacktrack, Wet 'n' Wild H20 Proof Felt-Tip Liquid Liner, Revlon Colorstay Pencil Liner

Apply a generous coat of a thickening mascara on top and bottom lashes to give you as much volume as possible. If you want, apply an extra coat at the outer edges. Brush with a lash comb if necessary to get rid of clumps.

Recommendation: Cover Girl Lash Blast (I love this stuff. I know, I know, so much hype, but I got asked three times already if I was wearing fake lashes), L'Oreal Voluminous

Apply a medium duty rose blush with slight shimmer lightly on the apple of your cheek and blend towards the temple.

Recommendation: LORAC blush in Soul

Fill in lips with a a creamy medium brown-nude lip liner. Top it off with a pigmented mauve lip gloss with brown undertones.

Recommendation: Sephora Lip Pencil #115, Laura Geller Parfait Lipgloss in Chilled Maple


Lolita said...

Hey Anu!!!
Glad to see you back hope you had a relaxing break. I love her no make up kinda look too it's very au natural so healthy. You know how u always recommend to prime the eyes, does that mean therez no need for a concealer for the lids if the lids r darker than my natural skin tone since you said the eyeshadow colour comes out nicely?

Btw CASTOR OIL works wonders. I had this mishap with waxing just last Friday. I normally thread but I switched to waxing a few months ago for my upper lip n eyebrows cauz I heard threading causes wrinkles cauz of the tugging of the skin...been going to the same salon same waxist but this time she used something new to remove fine hair on my upper lip. When I got home I had these brown red marks!!-Horroorrr- I was freaking out then I just kept staring at the marks it hurt a bit it looked a bit like burns or maybe part of my skin came off I wasn't sure so I just put on castor oil on the area overnight and this morning (monday) the brown red marks were like patches of dead skin that peeled off -phew-

5:12 AM
Preeti said...

Hi Anu,

It's Preeti here. Thank you for answering my a question a while back about the difference between LRP anthelios xl and dermo pediatrics. I'm currently using the anthelios and I love how light it is and how it disappears on my skin.

Madhuri Dixit looks gorgeous in this movie (at least from what I can see from the previews). She really is a class above the rest. Her smile is exquisite.

I was hoping you could answer another question for me. I wanted to know if you think there is much of a difference between Nars Catus Flower blush and Bobbi Brown Apricot blush aside from the fact that one is a cream blush and the other is a powder blush? I've had the Apricot blush for a few years now and I really like it but I've read many great reviews of Cactus Flower and was thinking I might want that too. However, after reading your reviews and seeing your pictures of both blushes, I was concerned that they may be duplicates of each other because they look pretty similar on you (at least based on the pics). I have skin coloring similar to you (i.e. around NC42). Do you think these two blushes are similar and do you think it would be redundant for me to get Cactus Flower if I already have Apricot. I'm dying to try a Nars cream blush and this one consistently gets great reviews on MUA. Thanks!

9:20 AM
Black cat said...

Welcome back Anu. What primer do you use? I may have missed it but I don't rcofnize any of the names as a foundation primer.

5:39 PM
Aarthi said...

Hey Anu!!

I was checking out Nars Mounia the other day! I see great reviews on makeup alley...waiting for a review from you :)
The color looks quite post one on Mounia...please...pretty please!

1:07 PM
Aarthi said...

Also, like black cat...I too would like to know what primer you use? I am averse to silicone primers(major acne prone skin)...any suggestions on what else I could use?

1:08 PM
Anonymous said...

I waz not able 2 find covergirl lash blast... I live in US... does it hav a different name here?

12:54 PM
MaCherieCoco said...

I really like Madhuri! She is one of my fave Bollywood actresses! Thanks for the post.

7:55 AM
Angela said...

Hi Anu,

I use MAC liquid foundation and concealer ( both NC42), but I still don't manage to get that flawless look. I apply 3-4 layers of my concealer using a brush but my dark circles are still visible.

I don't know which step I'm missing. Can you please let me know the step by step procedure to completely hide dark circles.


5:23 AM
Anonymous said...

i really love madhuri dixit she is only my dream girl,
she is very great attress i love her face and her soul beauty.

3:35 PM
Anonymous said...

i use all the makeup products from MAC they give me a glowing skin i used nearly four years fully they didnt give any side effects you should try it.

1:36 AM

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