Cream Blush Staple: NARS Montenegro

I know a lot of you like powder blushes, but I wanted to dedicate a moment of worship to a classic berry shade of cream blush that just does so much to make me look happy and not sallow (I once got asked if I had jaundice by a friend. In my defense, I hadn’t slept all night and was highly dependent on Dayquil to stay alive). I am also very much washed out in this pic as it was taken in natural sunlight, without flash, and at around 2:30 pm. However, the blush is still visible, and I hope, pretty,

NARS Montenegro glides on like a dream and blends even better. I can pat it on with my fingers, use a small stipling brush, or a foundation brush to add thin layers of colour. The blush looks like an uneventful cold purple in the pan but on my cheeks it transforms to a happy, delightful, flattering berry shade. One huge plus is that it really brings a sparkle to my eyes. Madness? Maybe. However, I will swear on the casing of my first lipstick that this blush can lift the tiredness and sallowness from my face ad make my eyes look so bright. It’s a gorgeous colour that is so underrated and would look stunning on desi skin.

Since the colour is so buildable, this blush would flatter a wide range of skintones, even if you happen to be darker than nc45 (my shade). It would look equally pretty on lighter skintones. Really, I don’t think this blush is meant specifically for lighter or darker skintones. It’s a great staple in my stash that I always fall back on to make me look human (again, I blame Dayquil for this partly).

I know that the clogging of pores is always an issue with cream blush, so I would really advise you to try it out in a store and see if you react unfavourably to it. However, I have no problems with NARS cream blushes although I break out immensely from MAC blushcremes. If it turns out to not break you out, you have a great prettifying staple here.


Anonymous said...

your lips are stunning!

7:14 AM
Mehia said...

hi I'm not indian but i look it so I'm a worshiper of this blog but I keep seeing the word desi and I have no idea what it means could you explain please?

7:36 AM
Anu said...

Hey anonymous!
Thanks for the kind words :). Sadly, my nose more than ruins all that is good :(.

Hey Mehia,
Thanks for reading hun. Desi means anyone of south asian origin. and i do hope you like the blog :)

1:29 PM

mehia said...

Thanks for clarifying and I think you have a really nice nose actually :)

5:52 PM
Anonymous said...

haha no its cute! are you gujju?
i totally want a nose job and bigger lips but oh well..!

11:56 AM
SARAH said...


8:32 PM
Arabesque said...

Hi Anu!

I got the blush today after reading your blog. It does look fabulous, and it gives you this fresh glow.

The boxed purple did make me think twice, but as you said, after applying it, it didn't look that bad.

Thanks for the wonderful blog. Two thumbs up!

5:45 AM
Anonymous said...

Please could you suggest a good light pink eyeshadow that doesnt look frosty that i can wear during the day and that suits my nc42 skin tone. Thanks in advance x

11:29 AM
Anu said...

hey mehia,
i love you for saying that. you know the exact same sentence uttered by others got me get my nose pierced. twice. those are powerful words and i like hearing them :P. thanks hun *hugs*

hey anonymous,
no, i'm telugu and quite stereotypical looking i think :).

hey sarah,
i can line my eyes with blacktrack fine i have no problems with it. i use it on my clients too. if you are sensitive to it, try lining with a pencil liner :).

hey arabesque,
i'm glad you like the blush. it is one of my most cherished blushes and i have to tell you, i have many. it prettifies me instantly. my other blushes need to work extra hard to make me look alive, but montenegro is a classic.

hey anonymous,
you could try mac girlie shadow which i think would suit you well :)

7:13 PM

ThisIsKia said...

I love your blog, you have turned me into a total blush addict! My newest conquest is L'Oreal HIP blendable blushing creme in tickled it's my HG!!! Its a warm, shimmery, coppery color w/ no smell that I can notice. Have you tried it?

5:46 PM
Anu said...

Hi thisiskia!
I'm glad I have another person to join the shameful club of blush addicts. I have to go check out the HIP blush. I love a lot of their lipsticks (the hip line only) and am waiting eagerly for a BOGO sale.

9:43 PM

sassychix said...

u have THE most hottest lips! ;)

7:02 AM

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