Teamine Eye-Cream: Not Quite the Miracle In a Jar

I got the Teamine eye-cream last year after asking my derm for something against my dark circles. A lot of people had told me how good it was for under-eye circles. I forked over the cash, and let me tell you the price hurt (especially after I found out has it at little more than half the price), and I went home expecting the answer to my dark circles to be magically contained in the jar. First off, let me say I've been using the eye-cream every single day for more than a year so I think I'm giving you a pretty balanced idea of what it does.Of all the eye creams I've tried, I feel as if this did the best job in moisturizing my under-eyes. It was light, sunk in very quickly, did not feel heavy or greasy, did not sit on top of my skin, and moisturized my skin very well. I often stay up late studying and it does a fabulous job of destressing my under-eyes the next day. It keeps my under-eyes looking as happy as they can under the circumstances. Now here's the million dollar question: was the hype true and does it really get rid of dark circles?

I have no noticed my under-eyes getting any lighter. They are not noticeably lighter, and they haven't disappeared magically. However, I will say it's one heck of an eye-cream and in doing its job, my under-eyes look brighter simply because they are well moisturized. I didn't expect my dark circles to disappear and I don't think the hype is true. It doesn't make them go away so don't fall for that one (I fell for it again, I really ought to know not to hope by now). But if you need an eye cream that will moisturize your under-eyes, get rid of ashiness, brighten the region as much as possible, then this could be a worthy investment.


Black cat said...

Thanks for the review Anu. It's one of the few eyecreams against dark circles that I haven't tried yet. You did a fab job reviewing it. I keep hoping something will work against those ^%$#!! circles!

5:59 AM
sarah said...

hey i just saw this clinique cream eyeliner and i really liked it. i had a question if we could apply cream eyeliner in the inner rim of eye as its difficult to apply liquid eyeliner. thanx

6:35 PM
Black cat said...

Hey Sarah,

I do. As long as it doesn't irritate your eyes, I don't see why not. ATB, BC

6:42 AM
sarah said...

thanks for replying
i had one more question about concealer
first of all which is the best brand for us and is it okay to only apply concealer i have a feeling that i should stop applying foundation

4:49 PM
Black cat said...

Hey Sarah, sorry for the delay. Well, which concealer is a million dollar question, specially for the undereye area. I haven't found a good one and lord knows I've tried... But MAC has a good range as does Lancome. I also think that it's fine to just use concealer as long as there no strong demarcation line. You can always dust a little bit of powder on top to even things out. Why do you think you should stop using foundation? I use Mineral foundation from Alima and I really like it - my skin seems to have fewer breakouts since I started using Alima.

7:20 AM
Anonymous said...

I have been using the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer (from Made from Earth) and after one month of daily use, here is my verdict: This stuff works. It's not magic, it's not a miracle, it doesn't transform every wrinkle and age spot. But it makes your skin look BETTER than before, which is all we can really hope for, isn't it?

I've noticed a somewhat dramatic change in the fine lines around my eyes (no, I don't use a separate eye cream). They are smoother and much less noticeable. The few age spots I've developed seem to be lighter. Overall, looking at my face in the mirror now, I sometimes have to do a double-take because my skin looks so much better and brighter. The permanent dark circles under my eyes are even lighter.

I have acne prone skin and I was nervous about using a new moisturizer, but quickly found that my skin actually CLEARED UP while using this product. Likely, it was due to my regimented focus on skin care in general, but this did NOT contribute to any breakouts at all. Highly recommend the Made from Earth line if you are looking for solutions.

10:22 AM
Anonymous said...

What about smile lines under the eyes. What would you recommend? One derm said there is nothing that can be done about the smile lines. Another derm gave day and night cream, I didn't notice any difference the lines were still visible.

12:54 PM
Anonymous said...

MY derm suggested the teamine cream for my dark circles. In the beginning i actually noticed a slight change in the darkness. But I have noticed them getting darker than before the use of the cream.

11:50 AM
Anonymous said...

i was told about teamine from a skin consultant at london harley street.she did say however in order to receive maximum benefits of the product i was to use another product of their own brand in conjunction with the teamine in order to notice a significant it true that you have to use another product on top of the teamine eye complex cream?

10:11 AM
Divadebzs said...

what was the other product?

7:32 PM
Unknown said...

i want to buy this cream. What i do????

8:37 PM

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