SkincareRX Coupon for 10% off

I just thought I'd share a 10% off coupon for I get my Dermalogica face masks and some La Roche Posay stuff so they are a safe place to order from. Here's the coupon code:

Coupon Code:

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I like your blog and have been reading for a while. I have a suggestion--you should try Dior Ultra Shine lipstick in 352 Shiniest Coral. It looks super scary in the tube but is soo nice on our skin tones.

9:20 PM
Anonymous said...

Since I believe it will be appropriate to leave the comment here: has great products and generous offers for spa quality cosmetics and skin care, it is worth to check.

12:17 AM
Anu said...

Hey anonymous
Thanks for the info on the Dior lippie. I will put this on my list of lippies to try.

Thanks anonymous for the skin site info :)

9:04 PM

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