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Black cat said...

Thanks Anu. I was thinking of the Pout Coral Nymph/ Bronze thing but then remembered that it's cream based and a big no-no for me. Did you have another recommendation for similar products? TA!

6:39 AM
Tatva said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Anu you're the best!!!!

8:32 AM
Leolina said...

Thanks Anu! God bless ya!

11:39 PM
Anu said...

hey ladies, hope you get some great make-up.

Hey black cat,
I am going to make a post on the coral nymph bronze siren duo in a bit. I like it but it was a bit overhyped i think.

9:05 PM

Black cat said...

he-he-he, thanks Anu!!! Look forward to your post.

Can you please recommend a good powder combo to use as blush and bronzer for everyday wear? Right now I am using the BB Apricot and my Guerlain terracota bronzer underneath but the Guerlain doesn't show. I also tried MAC format underneath but the result was kinda intense.

Anyway, I'm using a lot of MAC harmony with the albatross on top these days.

Anu, I love your blog sooo much. There are many make-up blogs out there and I really like yours. You're so honest, funny and smart. It's a real pleasure reading your posts. Keep up the good work.

7:15 AM

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