Next Blush Installment: Nars Lovejoy

So to continue my blush installments, I have decided to head this one with a classic. Just don't be scared by the shimmer you see in the pic as I'm also wearing a highlighter over it (NARS Albatross to be exact). In case you didn't know, I'm something of a highlighter-addict.

Lovejoy on its own, without the added highlighter, is a very versatile rosey bronze colour with slight golden shimmer. Slight shimmer mind you that is very natural looking when worn. The colour itself veers a bit more towards a brown tinted bronze on my skin and the rose undertones help the colour from not making me look like I was dipped in some liquid metal.

The blush is a great neutral that has great pigmentation and stays pretty much all day. It is also a very versatile shade that I keep reaching for when I do a various number of looks. On my skin I found that I didn't need to use a special brush for application and a regular blush brush would do. If you're fairer and want a sheerer application, then I think a stipling/skunk brush might be the way.

The beautiful thing about this blush is that I can imagine it flattering wide range of skintones, especially ones that have warm undertones. As I am practically green/olive undertoned this blush helps chase away the sallowness I can get if I haven't slept or am tired. For an added pop you can always add a brighter colour on the apple of your cheek. However, I think this blush is quite near perfect on its own (can you tell it's one of my favourites).

If you find this pic irritating (the albatross is really gorgeous and much more subtle in real life) let me know and I will put up a better pic. On a side note, I am deathly in love with NARS Albatross.


Sarah said...

Now I really want to pick up NARS Albatross. It looks great layered on top of Lovejoy! Have you ever tried using it to highlight the inner corner of your eyes? I'm wondering if that would be a good use for it as well.

12:14 PM
Anonymous said...

Lovely website, keep up the good work :)
Im so confused with all the highlighters out there, and dont know which one to buy, was wondering if u could suggest a good one, was considering either NARS Albatross, NARS Copacabana, Bobbi Brown Pink Quartz or Beige ShimmerBrick. I have NC30 skin.
I also loved Deepika Padukone's (the 60s-70s actress) makeup in Om Shanti Om, was wondering if you could find out what sort of highlighter she used???

11:57 AM
Black cat said...

I vote for seeing Lovejoy on its own!!!! Albatross is so wonderful that it makes almost anything look good!!! LOL!

And anonymous, go, RUN, buy the Albatross. No other highlighter compares to it. It's bloody perfect.

Sarah, yes, you can use it to highlight the inner corner of your eyes. I asked the same question and ranjani and Anu gave extra tips. Look at the Albatross opst.

8:17 AM
Black cat said...

P.S: Anu, fess up girl, how MANY NARS blushes do you have???

8:21 AM
Ranjani said...

Fabulous:) I've had a love affair with Lovejoy for a while too.
You face looks so glowy and radiant!

6:33 PM
Mehia said...

Hi it me the makeupalley girl. I've just bougth this blush and its coming soon we are about the same skin tone i hope it looks as beautiful on me as it does on you

1:37 AM
Miss O. said...

the blush/highlighter looks great on u!

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6:38 PM
yummy411 said...

this is my fav blush by NARS!!!! looks great on you!

5:24 PM
Red lips, Black hair said...

LOVE that blush/highlighter combo on you! Gorgeous!

2:47 PM
Anonymous said...

I just bought that blush, I love it too. I'm a medium-light skinned black woman with olive toned skin.

11:19 PM

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