Make-up For Attending a Wedding: Day

In honour of Closet Diva and anyone else who might find this helpful, I'm making a post on what to wear when attending a wedding. This is more geared to a day look and you're free to tweak it as you want. Also, Let me know what you ladies think of this. I will post more about the subject, just point me in the direction of your concerns.

Some general guidelines:

  • What I really like doing is looking around for inspiration before any big event. I scour magazines and looks on celebs or from make-up lines. You can get tons of ideas this way and maybe decide on elements from particular looks and mesh them to create something unique of your own.

  • Try not to be too matchy-matchy with your make-up. I don't go for make-up colours that clash too much with my outfit, but try thinking of your make-up as needing to suit your face. You want to flatter your face, not necessarily your outfit. I know this sounds weird, but if you subtly enhance your features you stand out. If you coordinate you make-up with your make-up, you're enhancing your clothes.

  • Don't try out any new skincare things less than two to three weeks before the big event. Just imagine, you have two weeks to go, everything is finalized, and you try a new facial and you break out. Give your skin enough time to heal if heaven forbid you react badly to the new skin-care addition.

  • Get a friend who will give you an honest opinion. Sounds so basic, but sometimes you just need someone to say "that does NOT look good, don't go with it.
Some make-up tips:
  • Find a primer that works for you. By this I mean a foundation primer and an eyeshadow primer. A good foundation primer will make your make-up glide on better and help it stay on longer. A good eyeshadow primer will help bring out the shadow and liner colours and it will make them last.

  • Find your foundation-concealor-powder combination. More than anything you want your skin to look good, so finding a combination of the products will really go a long way in fulfilling this goal. Some foundations contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and these give a whitish cast under flash light. Also, foundations and powders that have a dewy finish will look oily. Look at the ingredients and look for a satiny to matte finish rather than other finishes.

  • I tend to make my eyes the focal point for a big event. Why? Because talking, eating, drinking, and eating again makes me lazy and I don't reapply my lipstick/gloss as much as I should. Make sure your eye make-up wears like steel. I adore Urban Decay's Primer Potion as it makes my shadows so vibrant and wear for a long time. If you have trouble blending shadows on it, try powdering your lids after applying the primer potion. I also like MAC's Fluidlines instead of traditional liners. For mascara, waterproof is a good choice. Another step I take if the occasion calls for it is Ben Nye Final Seal. I do have to make sure this doesn't go into my eyes but it is industrial strength when it comes to making my eye-make-up last.

  • For blush, I want it to last but at the same time look natural. I like to layer blush so that it lasts longer. I look for a cheek stain and powder blush that compliment each other. A sheer cheek stain lasts for a long time and gives depth to the powder blush. This way, you will still have a hint of colour at the end of the day if the powder blush ever fades away. It is important to not overdo the blush. TheBalm has great cheekstains. I recently got TheBalm's Stainiac in Prom Queen. It is more of a gel than a liquid. It doesn't set the instant you put it on your skin so you have enough time to blend. After it sets, it holds really well until I wash it off at night.

  • Stay away from shimmer. Shimmer is really exaggerated in pictures. If you want to add shimmer, take some pictures with your digital camera so you can calibrate the amount needed. However, less really is more.

  • For lips, my biggest guidelines are to test drive the lipstick/gloss combo. What I mean here is that some lipsticks really dry out my lips eve if they're not long lasting formulations. For example, some MAC lipsticks kill my lips and I end up with ugly flakes. My lips can get so dry that not even gloss or balm can make the flakes disappear. Some really comfortable lipsticks are Clinique's Buttershines. I also really like lipsticks by Prescriptives and Origins because I find them so comfortable to wear.

  • Don't go overboard on the gloss. Too shiny lips can break a look so just be careful with this.


[a} said...

Great article! Attending weddings definitely takes a huge chunk of every desi girl's week :)

And it's true that eye make-up is more..practical..for a wedding.

But I disagree about the shimmer thing...if you've ever attended an Arabian wedding, you'll know that sometimes "more" really can be more!...Some people just make it work somehow :S

8:53 AM
Sarah said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for starting it! I've been shopping for new makeup and was on the verge of chucking everything out the window and screaming screw it because nothing looked right on me. Most other make up sites are geared towards Medium and Fair girls (more like white and whiter) and the dark skin tone advice is for people who are super dark with pink undertones. And then I somehow managed to stumble on this site from google and feel as if I've just arrived at makeup nirvana! I just went out and bought Dollymix and Bobbi Brown's Apricot after seeing them on you and both look FABULOUS! I would have never even tried them before coming here because the colors looked so scary in the pan.

I owe you big time for saving me from makeup hell! Finally there's someone giving makeup advice to Indian girls!!

9:56 AM
Anu said...

hey [a},
thanks for responding :) the reason i said no shimmer, is because with heat (lots of people in the room), perspiration, and skin producing oil the shimmer will be extra emphasized esp with flash. so what starts off as subtle shimmer comes off as hotspots on photos. also, you can blot but i didn't think that there would be that much time for blotting, but i absolutely agree, subtle shimmer is always great.

hey sarah
i'm so glad you enjoy the site. you know a lot of stuff looks scary but properly applied looks so great compared to the same old colours (not that they aren't good but a bit of colour always looks lovely).
so glad to have you as a reader :)

3:50 PM

Black cat said...

What a great post!!! Thank you.

As for the shimmer, I think that something subtle like albatross would be lovely.

Anu, I hope you have time to do the cranberry and gold tutorial.

I recently tried some Cargo blushes and they were great.

I'm on the hunt for an everyday lipstick that doesn't look too bright and is long lasting. I sually use Clinique's Black honey but it's kinda dark for me. I bought an Aveda one and the brown was browner than my lips.

5:29 PM
Black cat said...

P.S: REALLY random question but would it be bad to wear black (LBD) at a desi wedding?

5:30 PM
Aarthi said...

Hi! Thanks a bunch for posting this article.
One other question - I plan to wear Chanel Pro lumiere professional finish (it agrees with my acne prone skin). Do you know if this particular foundation will have the dreaded "white cast" in photos (under artifical light). It does have SPF 15, but am not sure if its the kind that leaves the white tint. Thanks!

6:11 PM
I♥M·A·C said...


ur post inspired me to post makeup trends for diff wedding days.. the engagement, sangeet, and wedding...check it out ok??? Let me know what u think...


11:43 PM
Lolita said...

Hey Anu!!!
Nice article!I like how you go into the details. I was hunting for looks too, I am thinking of trying this Deepika look I found on the (scroll down) Is it too subtle for attending a wedding but I like the natural glow. How do I pull it off? Are the eyes not made up enough or should I do something different?

P.S. I wore Chanel Pro Lumiere Proffesional Finish for clubbing once it did have a bit of "white cast" when I looked at their loo mirrors but it didn't appear in the pics.

7:49 PM
Closet Diva said...

Hey Anu..
Thank you sooo much!!! i am printing out the post for future use!!
Do add in your bit for an evening look as well.
Thanks again!!

8:26 PM
Closet Diva said...

Hi anu,
Here is a suggestion for your site. Why don't you ask fellow bloggers to write in the contents of their make up kits and you can provide them with an analysis of what to add and junk based on age/ skin type and the looks they prefer?
You can start with me...!!

8:34 PM
Lolita said...

P.P.S I got mixed up with Chanel Pro Lumiere Proffesional Finish and Body Shop Oil-Free Foundation. Chanelz didn't cauz any "white cast" effect but the Body Shop one did.

10:13 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu
Thanks again. I totally agree with shimmer thing. Here iam posting you my inspiration the loo i am very keen to recreate.
If you help i will appreciate.

1:22 PM
Sarah said...

Hi Anu! I was wondering if you could tell me what your favorite MAC lipglasses are? I was looking for something for fall since all my current lipglasses are kind of light and summery!

5:43 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

I use Mac NC40 foundation. Yesterday I tried VGV 5 lipstick. I thought it was too light for my color. Do u girls use this lipstick? I tried VGV 6 and it was gr8.
I tried the Nylon eyeshadow too. ( as a highlight for the browbone) . I think I want something more natural looking. Would u suggest some colors in MAC?
Thanks in advance...

7:11 AM
Black cat said...

Hi anonymous,

I am NC 42ish and I also prefer VGV1 although I gave VGV another shot the other day and it looks very subtle and pretty - kinda no lipstick, lipstick look. Julie Hewitt has something in between these two shades called Nude Noir, which is very classy. It has a bit of shimmer in it.

7:04 AM
annie said...

" Why don't you ask fellow bloggers to write in the contents of their make up kits and you can provide them with an analysis of what to add and junk based on age/ skin type and the looks they prefer?You can start with me...!!"
Are you serious? She already does a huge favor to us by suggesting all the wonderful makeup for the desi skin tones. Incase, you are in doubt about the choice of colors and products, may I suggest going to a salon. Many salons offer makeup tips/ techniques and recommendations for a fee.

11:29 PM
Anonymous said...

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6:28 PM
Kristina - New Haven CT Wedding DJ said...

The topic is really something that would interest most women. I loved reading it. I even wrote down some of the tips that would really make me wonderful when I attend weddings! Nice post!

10:18 PM

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