Great Make-up: Sonam Kapoor

I'm not sure whether it's her make-up or it's her huge smile, but I love the clean, young make-up on her. I tried the make-up out on myself and while it did look like hers, the young , girlie thing is all her own. Sad, but it's a personal grievance.

Good, healthy skin is essential to this look. I wouldn't recommend using a full-blown foundation for this look but a dewy tinted moisturizer should give you enough coverage, moisturize your skin, and let your own skin shine through. If needed, apply a bit of concealer on problem areas and blend into the foundation. Apply translucent powder to set the tinted moisturizer.

Recommendations: Aveda's Inner Light Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, Shiseido The Make-up Enriched Loose powder, NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder

Even though the shadow is very subtle, I would recommend using a good primer to make the shadows last.

Recommendation: MAC Paints in Bare Canvas

The brows are very natural looking for this look. Brush your brows with a spoolie brush and set them with some lash gel.

Recommendation: Maybelline

Apply a shimmery peachy gold shadow on the entire lid till the crease.

Recommendation: MAC All That Glitters

Crease/Outer Shade:
Apply a shimmery coppery rose shadow on the crease and on the outer third of the lid. Extend the colour to slightly above the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Falling Star, Milani Flare

Apply a light, shimmery beige shadow that has a hint of gold for warmth onto the browbone and blend into the crease.

Recommendation: MAC Ricepaper

The liner for this look is very clean so I recommend using either a liquid or gel liner. Alternatively you could dip a wet brush into a black shadow and use that to line the eyes. Start from the inner corner of the eyes on the top lid, staying as close to the lashes as possible and thickening the line slightly as you get to the outer edge. Extend the liner slightly past the outer edge. Line the lower lash line and connect it with the extended liner.

Recommendations: Wet 'n' Wild H20 Proof Felt-Tip Liquid Liner, Mac Blacktrack (gel liner)

Apply two coats of a thickening mascara on top and bottom lashes. Comb lashes with a lash comb if necessary.

Recommendation: L'oreal Voluminous

Apply a soft slightly coral pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend towards your temples.

Recommendation: NARS Portofino Multiple

Apply a rich pink lipstick that has a coral note (to warm it up of course) and top it off with a mauvey pink gloss that has warm shimmer.

Recommendations: MAC Fresco, MAC Viva Glam V lipglass.


Closet Diva said...

Hi Anu!!

am going to be in India for a wedding in a few weeks. Have not updated my makeup in years. am wheatish with yellowish undertones. (BB foundation in Honey is a good match with my skin) What make up should I pick up before I pack my bags? Also what about evening and day makeup. How do they have to differ. What about a post on make up must haves for weddings. morning and evening looks. ( See I already wrote the title for you. Will you please please post something!)

9:19 AM
saadia said...


I was going to ask a skin related question but didn't see where else I could post it so I am posting it here. I have 2 problems: 1) I thread the hair from my upper lip and right before my period I always end up with a huge painful pimple on my upper lip. It's the kind that you can feel is a big bump but can't see and it takes a while for it to become white. I use this Patricia Wexler M.D.
Overnight Acne Repair Lotion from bath and body works. Is there anything you can suggest for this problem? Also my other question is in the past 2 years or so I have started getting freckles/sun spots on my cheeks and nose, I use about 30 spf everyday, what can you suggest for that? Thank you for any help you can provide.

2:11 PM
Aarti said...

Hi Anu!!
I checkout your blog from time to time and I love it for all the wonderful tips and suggestions. As someone above has suggested, could you please post an article on Wedding makeup must-haves (morning and evening looks). I am getting married too in a couple of months and would love some help/ideas.

Thanks a bunch!!

10:08 AM
Lolita said...

Hey Anu!!!
Happy Diwali! WOW you've got so much up! Just got lots to catch up on. I must compliment your site is getting LOVELIER by the day!!!
P.S. Sonam's got that innocent good two shoes girlie look doesn't she hehe.

6:44 PM
Anu said...

Hey closet diva!

I actually just posted on wedding make-up and will post more soon. Just push me in the right direction with this one since I'm not too sure what would help you most. Would it help if I got a friend of mine to pose and did her make-up? The make-up would be wedding themed of course.

Hey saadia!
for question no 1: if it's a hormonal zit, try putting some neosporin on it overnight. If you're not sensitive, you could try benzoyl perozide on it too. Also, i find that an aspirin face mask really helps with this. it won't make it go away, but it does speed the healing time.

Question no 2: I really recommend using a vitamin c product under your sunscreen. Make sure your sunscreen is broad spectrum and photostable. A stable vitamin c product really helps boost the effectiveness of your sunscreen. I like La roche poay's active c serum. I tried aox 10% vitamin c serum but it gave me awful bumps. You could give that too a try though as I've heard it's very good.

Hey aarti!
I posted about wedding make-up but please steer me by telling me what exactly you'd like me to address. the subject is so broad I could go on forever.

Hey Lolita!
Happy diwali to you too! Did you do anything special? I wanted to, but of course school kind of killed all that. *hugs*

9:13 PM

Leolina said...

Hey Anu!

Love this post! and love her lip color! but am just a little wary of lip glosses (although i really love them) as i have two toned lips and anything sheer is not enough coverage. any suggestions on how i can combat this? would wearing a nude lipstick under the gloss help?

11:06 AM
princess052091 said...

i have a question that instead of the pink blush, can i replace it with peach as i think pink won't go with my complexion. can u recommend me a mac blush plz.

7:41 PM
Anonymous said...

Would u pl. recommend some inexpensive makeup brushes( if such a thing exists)?

7:16 AM
Black cat said...

Hi anonymous,

Not Anu but I recently started investigating my local artist store, inspired by Anu's recommendation for an agled brush .... and I discovered a gold mine!!! I bought a number of great brushes for peanuts, including a fan brush. Windsor and Newton is a good brand and I personally prefer goat or sable hair.

7:07 AM
Anonymous said...

Hi Anu and blackcat,

Blackcat thanks for the brushes suggestion.
Gilrs, would u mind if i ask you both which color foundation in Alima do you gals use?????

Thanks in advance

8:29 PM
Black cat said...

Hi anonymous,

It varies. I have been a W6. In the summer I am B3 (bronze) and now in the winter I am Beige 6. Sometimes I mix a bit of G6 in it. Alima usually recommends the Gs for MAC NC 40s but, my experience, is that it's not quite it. HTH.


4:53 PM
Khamila said...

I'm not Anu, but I'm just gonna offer some help. for affordable brushes I use Mark, ELF (eyes lips and face cosmetics) and I actually got a great H.I.P. brush from the 99cent store!

also you can even your lips out with a nude lipstick or some use concealer

7:05 PM
Anonymous said...

thanks a lot black cat and Khamila.
I will try the elf brushes.

8:00 PM
Anonymous said...

Hi!! ur jusso wndrfl make-up tips n skin care tips r gr8!!! even on havn a gr8 skin,lustrous hair, shiny nails n a curvy height creates a gr8 trouble fr me...i'am abt 152 cm and 16 yrs can i fight ma problem??.......plz temme how to increase it!!!!! i wanna b a model so temme can i increase in height that much so that i can bcum a model??.........plzz help!

4:50 AM
purity mineral makeup said...
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