Wow! Koena Mitra Made it to Awfulplasticsurgery

I know this is not completely make-up related and I don't want to turn this into a celeb-bashing blog at all. I was browsing the net and I saw that Koena Mitra made it to Desi news and sites, fine, but I do believe Koena's plastic surgery got her at least some of what she wanted: lots of fame. I do feel very bad for her. The pressure must be very tough to deal with.
My slightly perverse sense of humour is celebrating that a desi woman made it to (I used to visit this site often, gave it a break, and now am reading it again thanks to koena).
No, its not a long lost member of Jackson member, its Koena Mitra


I♥M·A·C said...

I dont know what she's done, she really looks like MJ's long lost sister. Ugh

10:53 AM
Dennis Davis said...

Looks likes mad :D I totally agree with this gorgeous article and also will keep share this to my friends! Also i would recommend to write more!

11:32 PM

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