Tutorial: Easy Threading

I know a girl who threads her own eyebrows by using her feet to hold the thread. That's how she described it to me. Ever since then, I've been experimenting and although I haven't actually threaded my own eyebrows, I've become fascinated at how I can mummify my own foot with thread alone. However, I can thread my own upper lip and other such densely forested areas. Forgive the pictures, lighting was not my friend. Lots of excessive shadows and a bit dim if you ask me, but otherwise I can't get the thread to show up in the pics.

What I used:

  • Pure cotton thread.
Step 1:Cut off some thread. Try seeing how much thread you are comfortable handling beforehand. Try lassoing your hand with the thread so to speak, so that you have the thread around your hands and have enough thread in between your hands that you can keep them at a comfortable distance. I don't like to have the length of the thread be too long since it becomes hard to maneuver,.

Step 2:Tie the ends of the thread together.

Step 3:Place the ring of thread around your the thumb and the rest of the fingers of each hand and twist it a few times. I like to do that around 5 or 6 times. Too few twists won't get rid of hair properly and too many makes it hard to thread as well.

Step 4:
Place the thread on the spot you want to thread and do not lengthen your index fingers on either hand. Keep them bent and the thread taut. For your upper lip, you can keep the area taut bu pushing your tongue against the area inside of your mouth.

Step 5:
Lengthen your index finger on one of the hands in a swift motion. You're pushing the twists in the thread to pick up the hairs in the scope of the stroke and pulling them out.

Step 6:
Alternate between lengthening the fingers of each hand and make your way around the area you want to thread.


Khamila said...

I think your blog is amazing! I go to Ziba beauty store to get my brows threaded, but this is great to be able to do! I also love all your tuts and your recs! I am darker than you, about nw 40 in mac makeup, but alot of the things you recommend work well for my skin too.
keep up the good work hun
♥ mila

1:42 PM
yummy411 said...

great blog! i love it! i love reading about makeup on other women of color, not just african americans. thanks for showing this tut as i've been intrigued by how it's done for the great results!!

6:55 AM
Anu said...

thanks ladies :)
i love reading blogs by/for women of colour too. my newestobsession is finding keisha whitaker's make-up so if either one of you know what she wears i'd really appreciate it. i looked online and i can only find stuff about the lipgloss she's formulated. she looked RIDICULOUSLY pretty on oprah the other day. i am so inspired by her make-up lol

6:15 PM

Khamila said...

I actually just saw her in Essence the other day. it did mention the lip gloss that you were talking about, Kissable Couture. She's also the spokesmodel for maven cosmetics as well.

That's funy, I've been on a hunt to find Aishwarya Rai's lip colors , they always look so great!

8:12 PM
Anu said...

Thanks so much. I think her make-up would look amazing on darker indian skintones :).

i LOVE mac hug me or mac spirit to get the aishwarya look. i tried aishwarya's beige is very pretty but quite sheer. i actually like it a lot. :)

9:12 PM

Khamila said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 9:15 PM
Khamila said...

just updating you that i did find the aishwarya beige at target. i LOVE IT! i actually put it on in the car then I got to see the color when I went in the restaurant. It was a pleasant surprise. I love that I didn't have to apply using a mirror (in fear that you apply too much) because it's quite sheer but shows up enough ! i have the kerry washington but it's quite gritty and actually looks just like glitter on my lips.It looks nothing like the ads on me at least. ok, im off to watch raincoat haha
thanks hun!!

9:23 PM
Anu said...

Hey Khamila!
I love Aishwarya's beige too. Can you believe I've finished two tubes of it already! I thought the same thing about Kerry Washington's. I was Intruiged by Eva's and Penelope's but I think i like Aishwarya's beige the most.

8:59 PM

Anonymous said...

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6:43 AM
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