Second Powder Blush Installment: NARS Taj Mahal, Scary in the Pan, Perfect on the Cheek

I have a thing for pigmented blushes because they suit such a wide variety of skintones, last forever, and really show up on my skintone. There are two NARS gems that I think feel make me glow and they are Exhibit A and Taj Mahal. This is a review of the latter.

Taj Mahal is a bright burnt pumpkin shade with gold shimmer. And with that description alone I'm sure you're ready to write me off as the sister of the with in Hansel and Gretel who regularly bullies little kids into giving her their candy (the last part might actually be true, but I'm not sure I was to own up to it yet). However, let me assure you that this blush just needs to be applied sheerly and it gives the most amazing warm glow on my deep olive skin. The shimmer in this blush is not overwhelming and when worn, it's very subtle.

The blush itself glides on flawlessly and a little goes a very, very, very long way. It also lasts through an entire day without budging so that is always a plus. The trick with this blush is to apply it sheerly and I can easily (actually very often) overdo it when I use a regular blush brush. I use a stipling/skunk brush and so the application in general is very sheer and helps me get a glow using this blush rather than looking burnt.

This blush is really gorgeous in the summer and autumn because it compliments my deep olive skintone very well during this time but I see no reason to not wear it year round (for me, it's because I have far too many blushes). One thing I'd like to add is that it looks fabulous with desi clothes and jewelry. The gold in the clothe and jewelry seem to enhance the colour of this blush.

All in all, this is such a unique, pigmented shade that when worn is one of the most flattering, warm blushes. It might take a minute to digest the colour but don't pass up trying it because it looks intimidating.


Ranjani said...

Hi Anu,
Love that color, looks peachy and and a sort of demured gold, I saw it in the pan at Sephora and was TOTALLY hesitant to try it on, guess I shouldn't judge a blush by its looks!!
Thanks for the asprin tip:)
Sigh! what would I do without your blog...
You're the best

1:04 PM
IxLovexM·A·C said...

Taj Mahal is my favorite NARS Blush ever!!! NARS Taj Mahal + MAC Gold Deposit = GORGEOUS CHEEKS...

10:38 PM
Black cat said...

Oh I like this.

How about having a side-by side comparison of your blushes. I know it's a bit tricky as the pics are taken at different times/ligting but it would be interesting to se how they differ.

Now that I use blush (thanks to anu), I am confused which to use when and how to coordinate lip gloss/lipstick if any.

5:59 AM
Anonymous said...

what lipgloss r u wearing in this pic?

1:51 PM

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