Nars Albatross: The Elusive, Perfect Glow

Once in a while, when the planets are aligned properly and after you've completed a make-up dance (it's like a rain dance, but for make-up), you come across a product that does everything you want it to. I love highlighters, however, I don't want to look oily or sweaty. I can just pretend to exercise for that (you cannot begin to imagine how much I hate exercizing). It's been a while since I've been in love with a product the way I am smitten with NARS Albatross.

Albatross is a deceptively boring white in the pan, but when worn it's a beautiful warm shimmer with a hint of gold. When I say hint of gold, I mean it's such a subtle warm colour that adapts to the yellow undertoned in my skin. I have a hard time wearing highlighters that don't have a warm undertone. This is when I begin to look sweaty.

Shimmer is such a tricky thing. You wouldn't think it but sometimes companies mistake shimmer with a chunky, glittery texture(Kevyn Aucoin, I'm looking at you) and the essence of the subtle glow is lost and you have teeny bopperish party make-up. Albatross has no chunky elements in to it at all. It's very fine and its shimmer is a soft, grown up candle-it glow. Simply perfect if you're searching for a youthful glow that is subtle and gives your a lit-from-within look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

Love this blush on you... Wish I would get some discount on NARS cosmetics ;)..

7:56 AM
Anu said...

just wait until mid november. sephora will have a 20% off code that i will post here.

8:19 AM

quest said...

Cool. I will look for them here. Does MAC have discounts anytime?

10:45 AM
Anu said...

sadly no, but what you can do, what i love to do, is to go to the cosmetics company can get stuff at around 30% off. for example, you can get a mac or stila eyeshadow for roughly $10. you can also find great deals on bobbi brown, estee lauder, clinique, origins etc. all estee lauder owned brands.

12:00 PM

Anonymous said...


I just stumbled across your blog and i LOVE it! There are nt that many sites where Indian women can get good information about make up suited for their skin!

This is definatley a good cause!!!

3:53 PM
Anu said...

thanks for reading! always nice to know someone enjoys reading my blog. I hope you keep liking it :)

11:28 PM

Ranjani said...

Hi Anu,
I LOVE albatross just as much! Do you ever use it to highlight your brow bone too?
You're doing an AWESOME job with all the recent blush posts!!

7:12 AM
Black cat said...

Hey Anu and ranjani,

I am deeply in love with NARS albatross. How else can one use it? I dust it on top of my cheekbones/over eye area.

Anu, I can't get on the forum anymore. Did you take it down?


5:41 PM
ranjani said...

Hi Blackcat,
you can use albatross on your brow bone, over your cupid's bow(to highlight your pout), and even on your decolletage if you are going to be wearing something slinky in the evening!I like mixing albatross with Mac's mineralize skin finish and using it as highlight too.
Hope that helps:)
Happy primping!

6:18 PM
Anonymous said...

what brush do y'all use for this?

5:31 PM
ranjani said...

Hi anonymous,
I use my Mac 109 for highlighting, contouring and putting on blush

6:42 PM
Anonymous said...

Thanks ranjani.

9:03 PM
reema said...

Hi, Anu
Just congratulating you on wonderful job you are doing. I for long was looking for makeup related stuff for indian women.
I have gone through your blog and you do wonderful makeup breakdowns. So here's a request i recently went see Laga chunri me daag and i am in love with Rani's makeup. What do you think.

2:15 AM
Anu said...

hey black cat,
i agree with ranjani, just dust it everywhere really. i use albatross on the bridge of my nose, on my browbones, as an eyeshadow on its own, on the inner corners of my eyes, on my cupid's bow, on my collar bones and if i want to be very dressed up, on my decollete or my arms (my arms look much better after that). i use smashbox's fan brush which i really love. it's so soft and seems to put powder on so easily.

i just have to say one thing ****hugs ranjani***

hey reema
thanks for reading :) i will post a breakdown of rani's make-up soon.

6:18 PM

purity mineral makeup said...
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farah said...

Hi anu!I tried the Nars Albatross as a highlighter on my cheeks,btw I'm NC43,but then I've no idea y it leaves a whitish cast of my cheeks?I was truly suprised as it did turned into very faint goldish colour when I applied, even the SA at the Sephora commented its too whitish for me :S
DO u wear it light handed?

3:05 AM
Dr Anthony said...

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