Little Tiny (Personal) Rant While I Get the Pics for The Tutorials Ready: Rude Sales Assistants at Counters

I know I promised to put tutorials up, and I will in a couple of days. School and work are killing me rather quickly I might add. I will also comment back to you wonderful ladies tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I have to get this off my chest or I'm afraid I might line my lips with a black lip liner and fill it in with a frosted light lilac lipstick (for all those who are not in the know, this the make-up world's equivalent of the phrase "if I don't rant about this, I think I might kill someone"). Why am I this mad you ask? Well, here goes.

I was at a make-up counter recently (it shall remain unnamed) and I encountered very rude and pushy behaviour that just really repulsed me. Let me add that some sales assistants are gifts showered onto the make-up obsessed subspecies of the Human race. The ones that listen to your concerns and help you look for things you love pretty much occupy the role of priests and priestesses that lead us to our destined shimmery mauve blush. When this is not the case, however, it becomes a problem.

At the fateful counter, a woman in her mid 20s happened to come by looking for skin care and make-up ideas. I, in my ever-present curiosity, happened to catch their conversation. The sales assistant bullied the woman by telling her that her face crinkled when she laughed and that good skin doesn't "scrunch up the way hers did" when people laughed. She then proceeded to point out that if her skin looked this bad at the age of 26, she had no hope of looking halfway decent ten years into the future. Charming, and this is just the condensed milk version of it (that would mean short and sweet). The poor woman was flustered and intimidated and I don't know what she ended up buying, but she didn't leave the counter a happier or more confident person. In fact, her face just looked dejected when she left the store.

I will just say that it is such a shame that this sales assistant was such a jerk (there are other words that come to mind, but you will no longer want to read my blog if I said them). She was such a disservice to all the great sales assistants I have met in the past (one of whom I trust so blindly that I might as well worship her divine speech, and let me also add that I am not being sarcastic here just bluntly honest).


Tatva said...


I totally agree with you. I have actually been at the receiving end of this kind of 'advice' from sales assistants in the past.

This one time I was in a store and this SA was promoting some new wrinkle reducing lotion, when I happened to pass by, and she just asked to have a word with me. I obliged, and was horrified to hear what she had to say. "How old are you?" - I did not answer specifically just that I was in my 20's. That was followed by "You have to start using anti-wrinkle creams already, as I can see from your skin, you look older than your age!"

I proceeded to let her know that she would not get ANY business from me - EVER!

9:22 AM
Black cat said...

I wish upon that SA a terrible bout of skincare woes. I too have been on the receiving end of such crap and slunk away feeling like Quasimodo. At the same time, I feel a little bit of pity for them. It's so sad that they feel they have to ruin someone's day to make a sales.

4:47 PM
Black cat said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

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10:54 AM
Leyla. said...

So where's your tutorial?

2:00 PM
Dr Anthony said...

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