Best Body Moisturizer and Overall Multi-tasker: Jojoba Oil

I started off trying Jojoba oil as a night time moisturizer. It was not a huge success. Yes, it made my skin look and feel like a baby's bottom but soon I started getting bumps and my skin looked like a baby's bottom when the diaper needed changing. I was crying not only because it made my skin bumpy, but because I didn't know any other product that made my skin so incredibly soft, smooth, and hydrated. My skin was radiant every morning. I had a huge tub of Jojoba oil, but since I couldn't use it for my face I was determined to find some use for it. Well let me tell you, I've found that use.
The skin on my body is extremely dry and can looked like the parched, cracked desert earth if I don't moisturize properly daily. I have been using jojoba oil for the past four weeks and I cannot believe the difference in how my skin feels. I know jojoba is a wax and all and closely resembles the sebum of your own skin, but I never expected it to work wonders on those rough patches I had.

I have very rough, thick, ashy skin on my elbows, knees, and ankles (you know, that bone that jutts out on your foot near the ankle, I have no clue what it's called). I also am prone to eczema if the air is very dry and air conditioning is death to comfortable skin. Jojoba oil moisturized my rough patches, got rid of the white and ashy look and feel of my skin, thoroughly kept my skin comfortable so I had no eczema flare-up. The best thing about it is that it doesn't feel the least bit oily or heavy like you'd expect it to. I can slather it on and I don't have to worry that it gets absorbed right away. Just the other day, I looked at my elbows and couldn't believe how smooth it felt.

Jojoba oil is also very versatile. It's an amazing and cheap make-up remover that gets rid of every smidgen of make-up on your face. It's also a great hair oil and I use a tiny droplet to get rid of fly-aways after I blow-dry my hair. Also, jojoba oil is such a great cuticle oil that helps keep my nail beds moisturized and without any raggedy skin.

I might not have found the best option for a facial moisturizer, but jojoba oil has proven to be liquid gold as a body moisturizer. It's such a worthwhile purchase and I know that my search has ended for a good body moisturizer.

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Leolina said...

Hi Anu!

Where do you get the jojoba oil from?

12:20 AM
Anu said...

hey Leolina,
I got mine from whole foods for about $6. it lasts forever and, at risk of disclosing too much about myself, my ashy feet look so pretty because of this.

6:13 PM

Aarti said...

Jojoba oil is the BEST!! Fortunately it is working as a night-time moisturizer too for me. so far no clogged pores (i have used it 5-6 times) and it is fantastic on feet and hands too.
This along with fish oil supplements has transformed my skin. I dont need a body lotion anymore!!! Its THAT good!

10:49 AM
Jackie said...

I've been using a Desert Essence jojoba facial moisturizer (Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer) which has the wonderful jojoba oil, but mellowed out with aloe vera and water. It's never clogged up my skin at all. If you're still looking for a facial moisturizer, I really recommend it, it is just amazing!

8:55 AM
nywele said...

i love jojoba oil! It makes the best hot oil treatment and it is so nourishing!

it is also great as a massage oil spiked with essentials oils :) great post:)

8:13 PM
Anonymous said...

If you haven't discovered 'Made from Earth' yet, their "Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer" cream is marvelous. It's worth every penny - a jar will last you forever since there's no water in it, it's a very concentrated and rich emulsion of natural ingredients. it heals uncomfortable dry patches anywhere on your body, it softens cuticles, it makes a great eye cream when my eyes are irritated by allergies.

It is a little rich and heavy for a regular face moisturizer for me (my skin is normal although it's a little dry in the winter), although from time to time if my face is feeling tight I will dab on a little at night.

8:19 PM

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