Your Guess Is As Good As Mine: Kareena Kapoor's Lipstick

I was browsing around for the dirt on Bollywood make-up yet again and found a site with snippets from Kareena Kapoor's various interviews. She states the following about her favourite products:

  • "The only make-up item she uses is kaajal! "I'm very possessive about my Revlon Kaajal (kohl) pencil and cannot enter any place without knowing I have it where I can reach it easily!"
  • "For rare occasions like a premiere or a wedding there's a lipstick she's extremely secretive about. "All I'll say that it's a basic pink Mac lipstick… I'm not revealing anymore even if you think I'm cheap!"
My guess is she uses MAC's Viva Glam V lipstick. It looks a lot like what she wears/describes. What do you ladies think?



IxLovexMAC said...

I've read this interview somewhere too. Viva Glam 5 came out wayyyyy after this interview, so I'm thinking one of the older "pink" lippies.. and she's darn right about being cheap that way LOL.

4:40 AM
Selina said...

I think it may be something older and not obvious like Cosmo, Fast Play? Perhaps Midimauve which looks like VGV?

5:32 PM
IxLovexMAC said...

I agree Selina

2:24 AM
Lolita said...

Hey Anu!
Thanx dear for all the advice. The zits have subsided it's the spots now but I guess it won't go away in just a few days, I'd prob be heading down to the dermatologist tis weekend. Such a coincidence... my mumz watching tis Saregama (on Zee TV) haha and I just caught a glimpse of Kareena Kapoor (she's guest star) before she went on stage. Yes I think kajjal's her favourite they showed her aplying it (she actually applied it to the rims of her lowerlid) before she went on stage. I saw her applying lipstick too but it didn't look like a MAC lipstick tube at all, it was a pink colour I cldn't really tell the shade a very light almost nude pink, but the tube was gold black (it did look like a Chanel lipstick tube) and MAC lipstick tubes come in silver black rite. Maybe I'd catch the repeat show just to take a closer look at the kajjal and lipstick she was applying hehe. What do u think of her eyebrows? I don't she plucks them at all.

But she lost so much weight huh! Not that she was ever very plum or anything but she keeps pulling up her tube dress.

Anu after all that trying to treat my zits, felt my skin really flaky and dull so I tried ur yummy honey facial. I usually tend to get lazy and get off the counter peels. But the homemade honey face mask did give my skin a glow would try it again next week. I did put in more than 1 tsp honey cause felt that the honey become too watery when I added 3 tsp of milk.

P.S. Blackcat if I am not wrong was talking about dark circles right. I've got the same problem!Probably genetics so I kinda gave up of getting rid of them but I haven't given up moisturising them regulary and dabbing on creamy concealer to make them look bright. I haven't found any cream that gets rid of them. Though I have heard of this product by Hylexin (for serious dark circles)here's the webbie
Here in Singapore it cost 200 bux! (Gosh!) But I've heard raising your pillow prevents capillaries depositing blood around the eye area so oxidation doesn't take place, so reducing the eye dark circles.

8:46 AM
Black cat said...

Hi Lolita, the black circle lady . Don't waste your money on hylexin. It does NOT work. I know they have amazing before and after pics but really they aren't going to show "real" before and after with the after worse off cos you're worrying about your CC bill! ;-) I have tried it, similar creams with the active ingredients, the active ingredients in DIY etc... I ahven't lost hope yet but so far ziltch. Not much luck with concealers either. However, since I'm using highlghter and blush these days, I look "healthier".

So, Kareena Kapoor just uses kohl and lipstick huh???

6:40 PM
Anu said...

I have no clue when this interview was taken but thanks so much for the suggestions. I do wish she had said what colour she was using. and saniya, ita, she was being very idiotic not telling everyone. Slina, i think midimauve does remind me of kareena a lot :P.

I hope the derm comes to the rescue. I love my derm. she helped me out when i burned half my face from an awful product i tried (long, traumatic story). and the tube does sound very chanel-ish. It could also be bobbi brown though. *prods* did you catch any logo on the tube?

Black cat, i agree with you. Hylexin is such a scam. i got a sample tube and it did NOTHING. EVER. just broke my heart since i had some hope something would happen. :(.

11:49 PM

Anita Krishnan said...

I just got myself the Viva Glam lipglass! :D

6:44 AM
Chic Mommy said...

I can't believe Kareena would be so secretive about revealing her lipstick shade, what a snot, does she think if we found out, we'd go out and buy it and finish up the supply?

I'm guessing it's actually Hug Me. That shade has been around for a while, and Mickey Contractor is known to love this one for clients.

1:46 PM
ranjani said...

Hi Blackcat,
I think Sephora's trying hard to sell Albatross lately:) I do agree with you though its ttly gorgeous, I've been wearing it on a regular basis, and its fabulous!! Not shimmery, just a subtle glow!

6:11 PM
Black cat said...

Hi ranjani,

I didn't realize it was so popular. Somebody mentionned it to me. I tried it and WOW! Nice to look "healthy". Our little secret - he-he-he.

5:32 PM
Anu said...

Hey anita!
i hope you like it. viva glam v is one of my favs :). such a great colour.

hey chic mommy!
love the new blog and I so agree, what was gemma ward doing on the cover of vogue india? wouldnt hug me be a bit too dark and not frosty enough? either way, hug me is one of my favs too. maybe mickey contractor and i can bond over this and he can give me some insider info :P. i can wish i suppose.

Hey ranjani/blackcat!
O-M-G (like janice used to say on frieds. I think i just dated myself lol), albatross is AMAZING! seriously gorgeous sheen and so versatile.

11:08 PM

princess052091 said...

it is very true that these days she is using viva glam 5 because that is what i read in some website,but when this interview was taken, she was talking about some other mac lipstick. i also read in her latest interview that she uses lakme and chanel kohl pencil these days.

4:19 PM
princess052091 said...

it is very true that these days she is using viva glam 5 because that is what i read in some website,but when this interview was taken, she was talking about some other mac lipstick. i also read in her latest interview that she uses lakme and chanel kohl pencil these days.

4:19 PM
Ritika said...

kareena kapoor is getting better but look wise i feel she lacks grace completly and over acts most of the times , i liked her in jab we met though coz the role needed over acting . As for looks thank god she finally lost weight i used to find her so fat, her face is too big.
she's beautiful, no doubt and her acting has been improved, before that she had an overrated acting which I disliked, but now she improved.


4:01 AM
Anonymous said...

I've read somewhere that she likes MAC Cherish and half n half.

12:38 PM

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